purna dead island

Dead Island (2011)
Techland / Square-Enix

1. Is she a main character? YES.

2. Does this character fall in love with a white man? NO.

3. Does this character end up raped or murdered at any point during the story? NO / NO 

Purna Jackson from Dead Island passes The Aila Test

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anonymous asked:

Countess are there any other games aside from assassin's creed with indigenous protagonists

As playable protagonists off the top of my head there’s 

Joeseph Turok from the Turok series

Tommy Tawodi from Prey 

Delsin Rowe from Infamous Second Son

And Purna Jackson from Dead Island she’s Australian Aboriginal: 

Then of course Connor, but other than the stereotypical types you see in fighting games these folks are the only ones I’m aware of.