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When Christmas was banned in Boston,

To the Puritans of the 17th century, Christmas was terrible thing.  Christmas was the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus by praying, being humble, and working hard, all with a spirit of self denial.  In the mid 17th century Christmas was banned in Britain by Oliver Cromwell’s Parliament. In America the Puritans wanted something similar.  The Rev. Increase Mather (pictured above), father of Cotton Mather, spearheaded the movement to ban Christmas with this denouncement,

“it is consumed in Compotations, in Interludes, in playing at Cards, in Revellings, in excess of Wine, in Mad Mirth.”

In 1659 the City of Boston banned Christmas, the law stating,

“It is therefore ordered by this court and the authority thereof that whosoever shall be found observing any such day as Christmas or the like, either by forbearing of labor, feasting, or any other way, upon any such account as aforesaid, every such person so offending shall pay for every such offence five shilling as a fine to the county.”

Boston’s ban on Christmas lasted 22 years.  In 1681 a royal governor named Sir Edmond Andros took control of governance of the colony and rolled back many Puritan laws, including Boston’s ban on Christmas.  However, Christmas was still de facto illegal by many other laws.  Civil servants could be removed from their posts, public school students could be expelled for skipping Christmas Day.  Celebrating Christmas was also highly looked down upon by Bostonians.  When Gov. Andros attended Christmas celebrations in 1686, he had to be guarded by a regiment of soldiers to fend off a mob of angry Puritans.  Christmas celebrations didn’t come back into fashion in Boston until after the American Civil War.


The Witch

Sundance winner, The Witch has an extremely creepy trailer. The movie is about a family of  Puritanical Christians who take their five kids and move them to a completely isolated patch of wilderness to live a simple and peaceful life. Of course that’s when all the creepy stuff starts to happen. The movie also does a great job with the gorgeous cinematography. It will be out in 2016.


asexual theory is literally just american christian puritanism morphing into ugly new insidious forms in retaliation against the LGBT and feminist-led sexual revolution. it is entirely antithetical to educated, informed, empowered and self-actualised concepts of sexual and gender identity and has no place in feminism, queer politics or the LGBT movement. it’s toxic in every way and all it succeeds in achieving is finding new ways of making young LGBT people afraid and ashamed of their normal, healthy sexual desire.

The most bizarre argument used by antis is that “you can’t produce this content, because a minor might see it and think this is okay!”. This is bullshit in so many ways.
First of all, if I tag my content correctly and it triggers someone, because they didn’t have the tag blacklisted, that is not on me.
Second, this whole “protect the children uwu” argument is frighteningly reminiscent of puritan Christian rhetoric.
Third, young adult and even books for kids age 10 and over include protagonists who regularly use violence in a positive light. Do these kids, after reading say skulduggery pleasant, think that shooting people is okay? Of course they don’t! This is because they have a fucking moral compass and they can tell that even if this fanart depicts a 30 and 13 year old, that is not safe for them.
Finally, tumblr has age restrictions for a reason. The entire site is 13+ and the app is 17+ for a fucking reason. I’m not going to pretend that people are going to adhere to these rules forevermore. However. If you disobey these restrictions, you must understand that you may see content that is not suitable for your age group. Tumblr has a minor userbase of around 15-20%. Minors, people who only want to be constantly consuming only morally pure content 24/7, are not their intended audience and it is futile to expect an entire website and the culture of this website to bend to your personal demands.

Tldr, antis use puritan rhetoric, tumblr is not for minors, parents are responsible for minors online, kids have morals and the only thing Internet strangers owe you is tagging correctly.


May 27th 1564: Calvin dies

On this day in 1564, the French theologian John Calvin died in Geneva aged 54. Calvin, born in France in 1509, is best known for his formulation of the Protestant doctrine known as Calvinism. Calvinism advocates the view of predestination - that God chooses who will be saved and who will be damned even before their birth; there is thus nothing one can do in this life to alter their fate in the next. Whilst there is nothing one can do to alter their fate, Calvinists hold that those who live a godly life show evidence of being one of God’s elect, and so there is a point to living righteously. The elect had to prove their status by giving a narrative of their conversion before the church (which at this point meant the congregation of the elect). It was these views that provided the foundation of Puritan belief in Britain and colonial America. Calvin’s views made him a controversial figure in his lifetime, and he was an early supporter of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation. In the last years of his life, Calvin was the ruler of Geneva where he relentlessly promoted Protestantism, even resorting to executing and exiling religious dissenters.

“We call predestination God’s eternal decree, by which He determined what He willed to become of each man. For all are not created in equal condition; rather, eternal life is ordained for some, eternal damnation for others.”
- John Calvin

westerners here are so wild and so blind to their own ignorance. you really think growing up in a white english speaking country that imposes morals based on puritan versions of christianity is going to give you the same values as people raised in, say, asian islamic countries? do you really think that things considered ‘bad’ in one culture aren’t considered something different in another? you all bang on and play sanctimonious holier than thou games, but when you’re confronted with a REAL difference in cultural or societal values and living, you’ll do whatever you can do demonize and attack that person over transgressions of a standard based on your own country.

I finally realized why anti/tumblr “problematic” culture bothers me so much, why i fucking hate the “what if someone sees it and thinks it’s real and it’s all your fault for mentioning this thing, even if it exists in the real world, we shouldn’t talk about it because that’s “romanticizing” it”.

It’s because it is verbatim the puritan/evangelical christian “PROTECT THE CHILDREN” mentality that got made book burnings and censoring.

I feel like I’m turning into a assbro dude, but seriously, what’s the difference between “if we show a married couple sleeping in bed together; it implies sex and then children will be confused” and “you can’t ship that because what if a kid who doesn’t understand that’s not how relationships work in real life sees it?” 

Censoring what people do and what people (SIGH) ship because it’s not 100% ~pure~ is just fucking that: censoring. 

You know what isn’t going to help this kid? Protecting them from every bad thing ever, every bad thing in the world, every shitty relationship, every shitty thing. Kids NEED, not should, not can be, NEED to be exposed to bad things and sexuality…..in a controlled fashion. (Exp.: movies, fanfiction, cartoons, shows, etc). The world isn’t going to protect them forever, and I don’t mean in the “WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD GET TRIGGERED” rhetoric, I mean: people are gonna die, people are going to get hurt, nature is going to happen. Not just by other humans, but they’re gonna see and experience things that hurt because bad things happen, you can’t fucking shield kids from that forever and you shouldn’t.

Kids need to be hit over the head with [figurative] shit and YOU ~protecting~ them from seeing it ISN’T FUCKING HELPING. 

Y’all sound like fucking suburban moms ripping Harry Potter out of their kids hands: “No you can’t ship that because it’s the devil’s ship! Even though it’s fictitious and not real at all if you ship it, that makes it real and you’ll go to hell and become abusers”

anonymous asked:

I had to learn more about the banana story so I fell down the internet rabbit hole. Apparently there were also convos between him & a lady friend about his kinks? Spanking, bondage & biting?!?!?

Yes, I’ve heard that.  I have three two things to say about it:

1. Not surprised.  I mean really, he leaves us hints constantly.  Song of the day I Told You I Was Freaky (Flight of the Conchords).  Uh, “I’d take the month of August off just to get you off?"  The song goes on.  And the "Good boy in some situations, bad boy in others…”, the liked bondage!Loki photo on Twitter (which has since been removed, poor baby, he can’t even be open about it now) I mean he just throws reference after reference (IMHO).

2. I’m GLAD he feels comfortable (or did at one time) speaking about his kinks. Especially as a younger guy in a culture that I think is fairly repressive emotions-wise, Brits, am I right?  I mean, he is a young, gorgeous, virile man who is well aware of the effects he has on women and who knows he could have a good majority of whichever ones he wants.   Sex is, at least in the US, too stigmatized and taboo (I blame our puritan roots and “Christian” emphasis, yes I quoted that on purpose), and as a result too many of us have no idea who we are sexually. Heck, I have been married for 11.5 years and didn’t even know that for myself until recently (thanks, fanfic and the ‘embrace who you are sexually’ attitude of people like elementarydata and skadi-again-again from whom I have learned SO much) because of the sexually repressive religion from which I hail. ANYWAY point is, YAY KINKS, embrace yours, and I will never judge you for them unless they involve animals or kids in which case I will judge the heck out of you.