Hagoromo, you nailed it

that Filler….. i take it like this :v

SP stahp , i thought im going to see the epic battle but …

also Indra Mangekyo why isnt like in the manga, ah ok stop ranting, bye, also sorry for my english -_-

if donald trump is elected because ideological purists would rather stay home than vote for a less than ideal democratic ticket i will spend the next eight years hunting down and personally fighting every privileged self-righteous asshole that would rather allow a fascist to be elected than allow their precious idealism to be tarnished 

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okkkk unpopular opinions here we go: i headcanon clary fray as a lesbian and i actually really enjoyed the hobbit movies even though they were Different™ from the book~

thanks <3


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I’m also totally up for bi!Clary or pan!Clary (or ace!Clary for that matter) but lesbian!Clary *sobs a bit* I love it

Hobbit movies being enjoyable despite being  Different™ from the books:

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unpopular opinion: I actually liked the movies better than the book (waiting for angry gatekeeping book purists send me anon hate lol)

like of course I like the book, but let’s face it, no one besides Bilbo has any sort of character development, Dwarves are only a little more than a list of funny names, LotR contradicts a lot of stuff, and don’t get me started on the tralalalalally Elves (WHY TOLKIEN)

send me unpopular opinions maybe?

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so far, how have you and your husband's opinions and plans with regards to parenting changed since actually having a child?

Quite a lot. We’re not the parenting purists we were before we actually had a child. Rather than adhering to a philosophy, we’ve done things because they have 1) seemed beneficial to our baby, and 2) have also been convenient for us.

This meant co-sleeping for six months because I got the most sleep that way and Leon liked it – until he started to nurse obsessively through the night/crawl all over me, then it was time for his own cot in his own room! Before having a baby I thought I’d never be able to endure sleep training, but I coped with our own version of controlled comforting fairly well (by staying away and letting my husband be the comforter) and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again with baby number two because Leon reacted surprisingly well to it. I thought I either wouldn’t use a dummy (pacifier) or I would ditch it by six months, but we still happily use it to soothe Leon to sleep and he’s nearly ten months old. I thought I’d throw a blanket over the TV and avoid introducing screens to Leon for the first three years, but sometimes in that hour before dinner when I’m exhausted, my husband is still at work, and Leon has entered the crazy zone, I lie down with him on my chest and watch ABC kids quietly for twenty minutes. Those are just a few examples. You never really know until you have a baby exactly how you’re going to parent them. Plus each baby is very unique and requires their own tailored approach. It’s so cliche, but you just have to do what works for you.

Persia design on Conical Bell sink
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Everybody loves Purist, and I mean everybody! (Except for Necrophos, but that’s for another story)

Everyone just wants to be friends with him, despite his huge and burly appearance. He’s just willing to help anyone in need, especially those bullied by the Magic club. He just loves breaking those wands.

Also, this was done live in my first ever twitch stream! Thanks for watching! :D