Our #86FEST Toronto family member @Jover introduced us to @docbangerrr from the #DriftPosse crew, who always takes his #4AGE engine to the limit at the racetrack! Mad respect to #4AG purists that make do with 130 (or less) screaming horses under the hood! #AE86 📸: @antoniosureshot #86FEST
#TDot #The6ix #filipinoslikethis #sinigangsta #🇨🇦 (at Max’s Toronto)

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Finally Watching Slayers

I love 90′s anime, but somehow I just never got around to watching Slayers more than a couple episodes here and there.  But my question is, since I’m not a sub or dub purist which one do people prefer?

I’ve listened to both for episode one and while I like the performances better in the Sub, I’d like to have this on while working so Dub would do. BUT if there’s a big different in re-writing for the dub (which happens sometimes with older anime) I’d prefer the sub…you see my quandry. 

So what’s the call here?

Persia design on Conical Bell sink
Purist Tall faucet

Decorative architecture and Moorish style define the distinctive Persia pattern. Striking open linework contrasts with geometric patterns, giving this Conical Bell sink its finely detailed look. A white background emphasizes the pattern yet is neutral enough to complement different fixture styles. This sink makes a dramatic, artistic statement.

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the magic begins |

favorite book - prisoner of azkaban

“Believe me,” croaked Black. “Believe me, Harry. I never betrayed James and Lily. I would have died before I betrayed them.”

And at long last, Harry believed him. Throat too tight to speak, he nodded.

Everybody loves Purist, and I mean everybody! (Except for Necrophos, but that’s for another story)

Everyone just wants to be friends with him, despite his huge and burly appearance. He’s just willing to help anyone in need, especially those bullied by the Magic club. He just loves breaking those wands.

Also, this was done live in my first ever twitch stream! Thanks for watching! :D