Just a wee rant.

I don’t really believe in ONE otp. Just as I don’t believe that you have to stick to one ship and can’t experiment/enjoy them with other characters.
I ship Sux. I ship Nuxable too. Hell, I just read an amazing fic with Slit/The Dag and it was AWESOME. My point is - let’s stop with this whole ‘omg why would you ship THEM?’ hate that people throw around in fandom. Purists annoy me - life is all about diversity and fandom should be too.

Second and final crackship offspring. My tablet is starting to lag and I’m feeling the effects of 5 bottles of ale.

This is Icarus, the spawn of Memoranda and Major Ironbeak who were selected as parents by otteroflore solely because they’re my two most bigoted “racial purist” characters. As Otter correctly surmised, both parents would regard little Icarus as an abomination. Maybe that’s why he looks so sad.

I am a monster.

See you all next time I stream, folks. Happy Birthday to me! :P

Persia design on Conical Bell sink
Purist Tall faucet

Decorative architecture and Moorish style define the distinctive Persia pattern. Striking open linework contrasts with geometric patterns, giving this Conical Bell sink its finely detailed look. A white background emphasizes the pattern yet is neutral enough to complement different fixture styles. This sink makes a dramatic, artistic statement.

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Everybody loves Purist, and I mean everybody! (Except for Necrophos, but that’s for another story)

Everyone just wants to be friends with him, despite his huge and burly appearance. He’s just willing to help anyone in need, especially those bullied by the Magic club. He just loves breaking those wands.

Also, this was done live in my first ever twitch stream! Thanks for watching! :D