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Hi! One of my friends found out she's lactose intolerant and she's kinda bummed about it so I was wondering if you could come up with any headcanons on Enjolras being lactose intolerant I could show her to cheer her up? Thanks :)

Okay so welcome to the French culture corner and let me introduce:

La Raclette.

You’ve heard of the fondue, now get ready for another cheese fest that basically raises melted cheese to the rank of deity. It’s the ultimate winter French (and Swiss) dish, no matter what the fondue purists may say. It’s basically: cheese, cheese, cheese, ham if you want to include it, cheese, various pork products, potatoes, pickles, cheese, and green salad, but you’ll need +50 in confidence to bring a salad to a raclette event, because people will most likely glare at you.

So les Amis won’t deter from the raclette tradition, especially when the temperature drops. Vegetarians Jehan and Joly basically load on cheese for the occasion  because 1) cheese and 2) it’s hard to find a traditional French dish that hasn’t been compromised by meat somehow. So cheese orgy it is.

So that’s all well and good except for Enjolras who can’t indulge, because he’s lactose intolerant. He’s the only one who cant bring a salad and won’t be glared at.

Grantaire once brought vegan raclette cheese, because he wants his boyfriend to enjoy himself and “Eating salad during raclette night is just sad, mon ange.”

Grantaire: “Is your lactose intolerance going to act up if I do something cheesy?”

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Hiya, your follower here 🙌 what's a good starting read for a marvel newbie who wants to start reading x-men comics? I know you're probably into batman *cough cough* dami comics more, but I had no idea who else to ask

Hi follower!!!

You know what, it makes me so happy to be Known as a Damian Wayne stan, because honestly I love that kid so much. Can’t apologize for lovin’ somebody a lot.

CJ’s Guide to Reading the X-Men

I do have some suggestions for you. So, comic book purists will probably tell you to go all the way back to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s stuff but…. like that’s not me. I’m not a fan of the art, I’m not a fan of some of the stories/undertones, and I think it’s ridiculous to expect new readers to delve through decades of comics to try to understand what’s happening now. So if you’re looking for that kind of advice, I’m not your girl.

My recommendation for a place to start is X-Men Season One by Dennis Hopeless and Jamie McKelvie and X-Men First Class by Jeff Parker and Roger Cruz. In these series you’ll get the basic plots of the old series with the original main cast at the helm, the five original X-Men: Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Ice Man, and Marvel Girl. I think they give a great origin story that actually fleshes out some of the gaps and inconsistencies of the original pilot runs. 

Next, I’d say you have to check out Grant Morrison’s New X-Men  which is now in  o m n i b u s  form and is a fantastic read. Unlike the previous versions, this X-Men focuses heavily on the school aspect of the X-Men, making Xavier’s seem both at once like the home base for the super-powered X-Men, but also a safe haven for mutant students and kids. If you know anything about me, you know I love Morrison, and I think he just does great work.

If you really want to pound in the familiarity of the major members of the team is Astonishing X-Men, which, despite being helmed by Joss Whedon is a surprisingly good jumping point for the X-Men. What’s good about it, is that there’s no real basis on past issues or continuity, so you won’t get lost in references you don’t understand.

After that, X-Men kind of gets wonky with a lot of crossovers and events and crazy plot holes and it can be tricky to navigate. I think your best bet is going to Mike Carey’s Supernovas, and then skipping all that crossover stuff and going straight to X-Men Legacy. The Messiah Complex and Endangered Species are not required reading, and I honestly think you should just skip them. The story picks right back up in Legacy.

After that, I’d recommend Schism, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Uncanny X-Men. And that’s all I’ve read of the X-Men, I’m not up to date on the most recent runs, but I know the All New X-Men and All New Wolverine are still going.


If this all seems overwhelming or too much, too expensive, or just not worth it, have no fear. I HIGHLY recommend Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men.  It’s a podcast that does a fantastic job at explaining what the heck is happening in all these runs, who’s who and what’s what, who’s dead and who’s back and all the comic shenanigans the writers can throw at you. I would even recommend it as a supplemental way of enjoying the X-Men, even if you read  the comics. It’s also a great resource if you just want to get your feet wet, or maybe decide if you want to invest in the X-Men at all.

There you have it! Happy reading! 

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How does the "master's voice" phenomenon for the vectors translate to gameplay. Because it's a very interesting subject to say that the vectors have little to no protection from the phenomenon...

In it’s basic form, it’s primarily a novelty and a distraction. It’s not terribly difficult to shake yourself out of, and it’s mostly a curiosity to the public. It’s even fun, and a little euphoric. recreational use of this effect is known as a sort of “clean high,” because no chemicals or messes are involved. It’s also not nearly as profound as an actual drug, so it’s not particularly popular, but there are purists and whatnot who like to wind down for the evening with it. A lot of music came back from earth. A lot of it is now devoid of context or associated era, but it’s still there, and can be transcribed into a physical form by specialists. It’s a very niche product though, you won’t find physical media for analog sound in most areas.

It also has a more profound, more forceful ability. If you’d like to see this actually used in-game, check out the Eon adventure contract. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but that particular subject plays a prominent role.

DCEU Superman: *Offers to leave earth to save mankind*

DCEU Superman: *Has been saving people since childhood despite being constantly afraid of being discovered as an alien*

DCEU Superman: *Stands up for women who are being harassed*

DCEU Superman: *Chooses his adopted home planet over his birth planet*

DCEU Superman: *Uses his position as a journalist and Superman to stand up for people he sees as being mistreated*

DCEU Superman: *Worries constantly that he’s doing more harm than good to the world*

DCEU Superman: *Tries to reason with Bruce and deliberately avoids hurting him too badly in Their fight*

DCEU Superman: *Has very good reasons to hate the world but never shows anger towards it and still tries to help it at every opportunity*

DCEU Superman: *Saves Lex Luthor from Doomsday despite hating him*

DCEU Superman: *Dies to save the world*

Superman purists: “But…he doesn’t smile so therefore he can’t be the REAL Superman, not like the one from my childhood. Not My Superman”

types of eddsworld fans

The Newbie

  • joined the fandom like one month before “the end” was released
  • doesn’t know who tord is
  • “why is there so much drama all the time???”
  • favorite eddisode is “fun dead”
  • ships paul/pat
  • really likes the neighbors
  • makes cloudburg memes

The Egdelord

  • favorite character is tom
  • ships tomtord
  • made an oc who wears a black hoodie
  • writes angsty fanfiction
  • ghostwrote “dear starboy”
  • monster tom

The Purist

  • everything after “space face part 1″ is Bad and you should Feel Bad
  • probably runs or follows an eddsworld cringe blog
  • yells at children on the internet for fun
  • secretly likes “poweredd”
  • actually started watching in 2015, but won’t tell anyone
  • owns a fedora

The Elder

  • has been watching eddsworld for 8+ years
  • hates all ships except toredd
  • wants the fandom drama to stop, but understands that it wil never stop
  • favorite character is matt
  • will actually kick your ass is you insult their favorite eddisode
  • knows all the words to “trick or threat”

The Tord Fangirl

  • loves tord
  • ships everyone with tord
  • uses the pre-legacy red leader fan design (tan coat, red cape)
  • listens to twenty one pilots
  • writes angsty post-”the end” fanfiction
  • favorite eddisode is “spares”

Omg that “Supergirl gets something Zack Snyder doesn’t” post has taken 15 years off my life. I’m gobsmacked that the arrogant, preachy, violent “Hero” the CW gave us is apparently a better adaption and deserves so much praise. The Superman Snyder gave us in the DCEU is kind, empathetic, thoughtful, and passionate. In MOS and BvS we see he is introverted and soft spoken. In BvS we see his fear and depression in light of people arguing his very existence. To me this Clark isn’t just a character, he feels like a real person. Do you know how disappointed and angry it makes me to see people dismiss this as grimdark and gritty over and over again? (Not to mention the extremely ableist undertones of disliking someone who isn’t happy or sociable 24/7). I’m also so disappointed in the CW for propagating this anti DCEU/anti DCEU superman mentality, when they can’t even pay proper respect to Lois Lane, a key character in the Superman mythos.


Hagoromo, you nailed it

that Filler….. i take it like this :v

SP stahp , i thought im going to see the epic battle but …

also Indra Mangekyo why isnt like in the manga, ah ok stop ranting, bye, also sorry for my english -_-

Some people just don’t get it.

*sees an article on BuddyTV titled “3 Possible Characters ‘The Flash’ Might Kill Off – Because It Won’t Be Iris”*

Uh-huh, sure, just like it won’t be Laurel that dies on Arrow, right? Because comic book canon is so sacred to the Arrowverse, right?

Where’s a GIF of Harry Wells saying “NOT!” when you need it?