Persia design on Conical Bell sink
Purist Tall faucet

Decorative architecture and Moorish style define the distinctive Persia pattern. Striking open linework contrasts with geometric patterns, giving this Conical Bell sink its finely detailed look. A white background emphasizes the pattern yet is neutral enough to complement different fixture styles. This sink makes a dramatic, artistic statement.

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Everybody loves Purist, and I mean everybody! (Except for Necrophos, but that’s for another story)

Everyone just wants to be friends with him, despite his huge and burly appearance. He’s just willing to help anyone in need, especially those bullied by the Magic club. He just loves breaking those wands.

Also, this was done live in my first ever twitch stream! Thanks for watching! :D

Listen I love Harry Potter you all know that I sold my soul to those books a long time ago so listen to me when I say that y'all need to stop defending the canonical actions of Slytherin House
Stop it with these reaches of the century about how Slytherin “wasn’t founded on bigotry” and how “we don’t know if everyone in Slytherin in the books was a pureblood so how do we know they were all purists” and “they were traditionalists trying to preserve Wizard Culture uwu”

Slytherin House was founded by a man who wanted to exclude part of the wizarding community based on something they couldn’t control (heritage). I don’t care about his reasoning. He left a Murder Snake in a school knowing that his descendants would use it to kill all of the muggleborns in Hogwarts.

Yes. We know that not every Slytherin was Evil.
Andromeda Black married a muggleborn. Regulus Black became one of the most important heroes in the series. Horace Slughorn is one of the best examples of a morally grey character.
And there were probably others, but on the whole, the wizarding community saw Slytherin as the house of Voldemort and people who agreed with him.
Regulus Black still joined the Death Eaters before he graduated Hogwarts and no one knew that Regulus worked to defeat Voldemort until almost 2 decades after his death.
Andromeda was disowned after marrying Ted and her own sister wanted to brutally murder Nymphadora.
Snape was much more accepted by Slytherin when Harry was at Hogwarts than Slughorn was. Why? Maybe it was because he played favorites. Maybe it was because he had been a Death Eater.

And yes. We know for a fact that not everyone in Slytherin was a pureblood. Tom Marvolo Riddle had a muggle father and he was a Slytherin. If Lord Halfblood was a Slytherin and ended up creating a terrorist organization intent on committing genocide in the name of “finishing Salazar Slytherin’s noble work” then perhaps he wasn’t the only one.
Also you have to consider that during and after Voldemort’s rise to power (which according to the first chapter in the whole series was 11 years before his downfall) the fact that Blood Purist #1 was the heir of Slytherin had to influence people’s wishes when they were being sorted.
Kids who didn’t want to be associated with Slytherin for some reason or another (Sirius, Harry) were sorted elsewhere
Whereas anyone who had clear and mostly positive ties to Slytherin and wanted to be with like minded individuals (the Malfoys, Snape- another halfblood) were sorted accordingly
When a group of people all agree with each other they tend to become more radicalized because there’s no one to counter the group’s single-mindedness
So in the time between Voldemort’s first rise and Harry’s first year there had already been 20 years worth of sorting the like-minded (i.e. blatantly bigoted) kids together and sorting anyone who disagreed elsewhere
20 years worth of internal radicalization before Harry even got to Hogwarts
But sure Slytherin wasn’t labeled as the purist house at Hogwarts

I saw someone compare Canon Slytherins to the American Conservatives and I couldn’t believe it when some people literally started using Republican jargon to defend canon Slytherin values
“They were traditionalists trying to preserve wizard culture from outsiders!!”
Do you realize what you’re saying?!?
“We need to protect our country from outsiders!” “Protect traditional marriage!” “We can’t let them in here!”
Guys the kids in Slytherin House were a lot like the young republicans of today and if you can’t see that then maybe it’s time to reread the series

Anyway I get it
You’re sick and tired of being labeled as The Bad Guys
But consider: defending the actions of bad people doesn’t stop them from being bad people
It just means you’re defending bad actions
In the series, Slytherin House was full of radicalized elitists who spouted bigoted ideas. Many of whom joined a genocidal terrorist group before even graduating.
But just because it was that way in the books doesn’t mean all of you who identify as Slytherins are bigoted elitists
You’re a Slytherin because you value ambition and cunning and resourcefulness (and the color green)

It’s great that you’re a Slytherin
But that doesn’t mean you have to defend everything Slytherins did