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Native.zip {

A collaboration between Gabi Lardies and Henry Christian-Slane, Native.zip is a way to distribute native New Zealand seeds while informing people about the benefits of each plant and how to grow it;

Seeds included: Kowhai, Nikau, Harakeke, Tea-tree,Puriri;
Harvested freshly : Auckland area;

It is also an attempt at re-branding environmentalism;
Rather than the usual green-washed / recycled / DIY aesthetics associated with activism around climate and ecological activism, we have created an over-saturated, technological look. Playing with contemporary lifestyles and trends, each of the plants is represented as a pixel art icon on the cover-slip. Additionally; each seed section is divided with a botanical pixel art printed on a glossy slip;

In the same line of thought, the .zip in the title relates to a thought that seeds are equivalent to zip files of plants : they contain all the biological data to create a full-sized plant, compressed. The typography is pixelated and content has been crafted into a html/css code like structure


We will be selling these, other zines and some art prints at Auckland Zinefest this Saturday 21st feb.