Commission? QuQ

First time taking commissions QuQ might need some guiding along Help spread the word if you may ♥

Will NOT do yaoi/yuri
MIGHTnot accept requests for furries
Excepts paypal ONLY
Currency in USD

Sketch (pencil):
waist up: $3 Sample
full body: $4 Sample 

chibis, profile: $3 Sample: Chibi | Profile
waist up: $4 Sample
full body: $6 Sample 

Additional characters: x number of characters (2 chars= x2; 3 chars = x3 etc..)
Complicated pose/perspective: +$2
Tone: +$1 (grayscale shadow)
Colour: +$3

Send me a message, or note on dA, and it’s content:
Your order
Your ref picture (min. of 2 pictures please, even for fan art)
Character details (like their personality and what they like/hate)
Your paypal email
Specific design? Other enquiries?
eg. Inked waist up

Likes a, b, and c. Is friendly

When I receive your note, I will reply with my paypal email and confirmation of your order. Once I’ve received payment, I will start on the drawing

So yea, that is all there is to it QuQ soooooo.. commission anyone? QuQ