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Relationship Status: Got a bf

Favorite color: that pastel purple lilac color

Pets: None atm

Last song I listened to: The Sun Rises from the Okami OST

Favorite TV show: Off the top of my head, probably Gravity Falls

First fandom: Pokemon Ranger! (we do not talk about Pokemon Ranger 3 though…)

Hobbies: drawing animus and mangos, cooking terribly, researching mythology and folklore from around the world, writing the fantasy genre stuffs, trying to be funny while hiding my crippling depression

Books that I’m currently reading: Does reading a manual on how to install a vehicular gate operator count? e_e

Favorite book(s): Stiff by Mary Roach, Prey by Michael Crichton, Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: In recent memory, my mom made sushi with thousand island dressing and it was pretty bad

Favorite place: Anywhere with a flat surface where I can draw in peace ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Imma tag @doodleblah, @burstingrages, @kylink, @chipsncookies, @wervusindaart, @drakojana, @joythea, @purinjin, @rockyroller and if you wanna do this anyways, feel free to and say I tagged you~

//drum roll please

Artists List! 

This was so, so, so hard to do! Picking is such a hard task, my heart hurt a while ;-; But it was also fun looking through everyone’s applications, idea, and all the beautiful art! Honestly, it was unexpected to get such a large number of applications. After a lot, a lot of deliberation, it’s eventually come down to this list. You should be receiving emails starting today, regardless of whether or not you have been accepted.
Thank you so, so much for applying and signal boosting and supporting the blog! Of course, I hope everyone still follows for updates! Preorders will begin in February, and I’ll try to keep the blog active in the meantime. Without further ado….

Note: not all of these artists mainly post works on tumblr.