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A snorting laugh escapes her, looking at the sight before her. “Hey there, girlie. Seems you got yourself a friend following ya’.” Sunny moves forward, scooping the cat up in her arms. It doesn’t protest, even seems content. The kitty’s eyes, however, don’t look away from the smaller girl it had been trailing. “He yours perhaps? Or are you just carrying catnip.

        he had been looking at his pudding cup with such intensity that it would have scared anyone who walked by. Gaze sweeps up once, then back down, then up, then down. It’s almost startling, he thinks, how much the stranger’s hair was a SPITTING image of the purin pudding he had in his hands. Was it an aesthetic taste, perhaps? Or maybe they were just too poor to afford proper hair dye and hair maintenance? HOW TRAGIC!

        They must use that cheap, dollar-brand hair bleach and dye! Oh. Maybe not even a brand name! A generic formula? Eyes widen in shock and Xerxes nearly drops his pudding in the realization. He simply places his spoon inside of the pudding cup, digging through his pockets before producing a few bills to offer to the stranger. “May you be blessed, you poor … poor child.

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w-welcome–oh, it’s callie !
She’s trying her best in such a quaint
tea shop, ambience soft
& warm like
her smile.
what brings you here… ?

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             pickles puffs her cheeks, delicately twirling the flaxen locks 
             between her nimble fingers. hopefully callie wasn’t bothered
             by it. pickles was violating her personal space…

           have you ever braided your hair..? you’d look really pretty with braided hair..  

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                    she froze as she felt that her wallet wasn’t
               in her pocket. marika let out a tiny chuckle, lo-
               oking up at the girl across the counter. “ so, i 
               might have left my wallet at home? “
she was
               scared of callie’s response, but she didn’t know
               what else to do. “ do you think i could pay later? “