So I really hate this episode of Pretty Cure

I’m re-watching the very girly anime Yes! Pretty Cure 5 for the… I lost count. Whatever. I’m currently at episode nine, which turned out to be the one episode I absolutely hate.

So this really annoying wanna-be reporter who writes the school news paper writes a few articles about Urara, who happens to be an actress. While doing that, she thinks something along the lines of “The intelligent student council president, a member of the library commité, an all-sports star, and an idol… and then we have Nozomi Yumehara. Why is she with them?" 

Um, excuse me? EXCUSE ME? What, so the four of them happen to be really good at something and sort of school celebs, and just because Nozomi isn’t, she can’t hang out with them without another reason? SHE NEEDS A REASON TO BE THEIR FRIEND?! That’s bullshit. Bull. SHIT.

And then she makes a huge deal out of pointing out the fact that she’s got no talent and doesn’t have a reason to be with those great people and nobody thinks anything wrong of it?!

It’s not really a big deal, I mean, it’s just an episode in a silly anime… But for some reason, it just pisses me off sooooo much, ugh.