purikura booth


New illustrations for a NAMCO store collaboration. These illustrations will be on a bunch of new merchandise and are inspired by the various entertainment consoles NAMCO makes.

Choukei are playing arcade game shooters!
Cyber are taking a photo in a purikura booth!
Suuji have won prizes from a claw machine!

Chocobros with their s/o in a photo booth

Ever since I saw this print I’ve wanted to write a little drabble of the bros with their s/o in those purikura/photo booths! ^^ I haven’t been able to write this much cuz of summer classes, but since today was my last day I class I had time to write this! 

To be honest you kinda have to drag Noct into the photo booth yourself. Not that he doesn’t want to though, the occasional photo by Prompto is fine, but especially taking photos with you he gets super nervous and shy (this poor baby). He’s not he most photogenic, and he head is running a mile a minute with thoughts like “where do I put my hands!?” “ugh why is she so cute posing??” and “aaahhh what do I dooo?!” You guys might actually get a lot of pictures of him looking like a dork or just staring at you in awe and adoration, which you love, but he gets so embarrassed over. Part of the reason why he was skeptical on taking photos with you, but you love and cherish them anyway. If the bros ever found or see the photos they would tease him to no end, but seeing you so happy he just might even want to do another one as a re-do.

Prompto, of course is gonna be ecstatic. He especially likes the part where you can decorate the photos with sparkles, and cute stickers! He loves putting chocobo stickers and moogles all over them. He might go a little overboard with them, but he always makes them work out in the end. He’ll do any cute, funny or cool pose with you, and you guys would have a blast! You guys get a lot of photos of you two laughing cuz you were so busy laughing at the poses you were doing to concentrate on the next photo. Once you guys get the photos Prompto is gonna want to make a million copies, so he can have the photos everywhere he goes. He’ll have one in his wallet, on the fridge, in his room, you name it, this boy loves you and wants to see your smiling face everyday.

Ignis doesn’t mind taking photos with you, but he always keeps the decorations to a minimum cuz he says it takes away from your natural beauty. He’ll love to do romantic poses with you like kisses, hugs, and nuzzles. He totally goes in to lovey-dovey mode when he sees how much you love taking photos with him. He gets embarrassed if the bros ever see your photos together, cuz they get so shocked at the loving look in his eyes. Later on he’ll start to like taking pictures with you in the photo booth, and he’ll even start a scrap book of all the photos you guys take. It’s your guys favorite thing to do when your bored; looking at all the photos you’ve taken together and wanting to take more!

Gladio same with Iggy he doesn’t mind taking photos with you if you really want to. He just wants you to be happy and he thinks you’re so cute when you’re excited. In one of the poses he might try to surprise you by carrying you! Most of the poses involve him doing something surprising, like a surprise kiss, tickling, and carrying you like a princess, so all your photos have your genuine reaction and smile to his antics. He’ll leave most of the decorating of the pictures to you, but he’ll watch if you try to make him look cute. He doesn’t want any of the bros seeing him with a pink bow on his head, but if you beg him enough he’ll give in. Even though he’ll let you keep the photo, he always smiles when he sees it in your room, and maybe asks for a copy so he can keep one for himself too!


The girls squad took a purikura together!  They used a booth which Sadamomo had modeled for in the past (Salon Air).  Ami writes that she used to do purikura all the time with her friends back in high school but not so much in college.  So now that the three of them have done this together, she feels like a high schooler again!

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So I went to Namja Town today!
Had Katsudon Piroshki, Victuri cake and A Makkachin crepe! All came with their own postcard!

They also have a really cute Makkachin stuffed doll, purikura (photo booth) and ichiban kuji (lottery).

I won some really cute things from the lottery and got a cute Yuri!!! on Ice themed photograph of myself hehe
If you’re in Tokyo before May, I really recommend going!!



  • Stutters out an invitation and blushes like a mad idiot
  • Is so fucking surprised (but happy) when he gets a yes he forgets to breathe for a second
  • Plans the perfect date forever then realizes he had the wrong day in mind
  • Is super upset about it but in the end takes his crush out to see a movie, which turns out to be even more fun
  • Definitely takes a fuckton of photos in purikura booths and laughs at how silly they are
  • Somehow manages to hold hands and breathe at the same time
  • He’s so afraid his quirk is going to magically activate itself and break his date’s fingers as well as his own
  • Doesn’t kiss on his first date but gathers the courage to ask them out again
  • Basically, he’s cute and manages to relax and be himself which definitely gets him a second date too
  • The cutest little blushing ball ever


  • “I don’t really care if you’re going but it’s gonna be fucking epic, just saying”
  • He totally fucking does care and stares at them until they say yes
  • Takes them to a metal concert, I can’t see it any other way
  • They both end up having a lot of fun but of course they both lose their voices from screaming that much and their necks are sore
  • It’s super late when they get out of the venue and they’re starving
  • What do you do after a metal concert? Get some fast food
  • They’re laughing and this is the perfect moment for a kiss
  • If Kacchan wasn’t so oblivious of course. He needs a direct hint for stuff like that
  • “Katsuki, you have ketchup on your face-” “Fuck, thanks.” And he wipes it off
  • He acts like this wasn’t even a date because it wasn’t but he’d gladly ‘hang out with them again’
  • Basically he’s a mess but he’s a hot mess


  • What are dates?
  • Doesn’t like to plan things too much, just kind of wants everything to evolve naturally
  • You know, a walk in the park, ice cream and relaxed chatter
  • It’s the best way to get to know someone after all
  • He has many of those moments where he just sees them smile and it makes his heart skip a beat
  • ‘I can’t do this’
  • Looks chill but is actually nervous af
  • A walk in the park turns into stargazing and unintentional hand brushing, shoulders bumping
  • Is worried about them being home late and getting in trouble so he escorts them home just in case
  • Gets a kiss on the cheek right before they part and a subtle invitation to go out again
  • He got this


  • He’s not even subtle about it, he straight out comes to his crush and asks them out
  • Doesn’t hide his excitement when he sees them and immediately tells them how beautiful they look
  • Basically showering them with compliments, but they are all 100% honest
  • He hasn’t planned any of this date so he just goes with the flow
  • You like cotton candy, we’ll get some. Wanna go to karaoke? Sounds fun!
  • His dates are 100% spontaneous and 150% fun, really, he’s a natural at this
  • If it gets cold, he’ll give them his jacket without thinking, they can’t even try to object
  • Takes a photo or two for memories
  • Is not afraid to make a fool of himself, which is also why he looks so cool doing everything
  • It’s really hard not to fall for him even after only 1 date
  • “You know, I feel like I could kiss you right now”
  • And so he does, if they agree of course
  • The only right thing to do of course is to walk them home and make sure they’re feeling well
  • He doesn’t even need to ask for a second date. The question is when
  • That’s it. He’s the master of dating


  • Oh boy, this cute little mess needs half an hour of mental preparations to ask them out
  • When he does, though, it turns out alright but he’s not sure if they understand what kind of date this is
  • He has no idea what to wear
  • 15 minutes early, you know, just in case
  • Struggles with staying 100% relaxed so he helps himself out with his quirk
  • This turns into an exchange of tricks with their quirks and a conversation about them
  • Once he relaxes, he can pretty much open any topic and find mutual interests
  • Takes them to a nice café and insists on paying
  • Blurts out something like ‘you’re so pretty’ and blushes like mad after saying it
  • Constantly reassuring himself that he will be fine
  • Date ends with a smile and a wave
  • Texts them that evening and continues their lively conversation late into the night, receiving a ‘we should repeat this’ before they say goodnight
  • Basically, he’s cute and he got this

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A scenario where Hanamiya is super sweet to his s/o (like having photo booth pictures in his locker or something) and his teammates see the picture and are like what.

Hara stared, the little corner piece of a paper catching his attention as it peeked out from the sides of Hanamiya’s locker. It wasn’t like the captain to have his notes messily shoved into the cramped space, unlike a certain shooting guard on their team. Hara reached out, taking hold of the corner and tugging on it harshly. He could just shove the notes back into the locker through the little holes at the top.

He heard the tear before he actually felt the paper give way.

Gulping, Hara looked around to see if Hanamiya was anywhere nearby yet. He wasn’t, thankfully, so Hara had time to get rid of the evidence before anything bad could happen. But… Was that the corner of a picture he was looking at?

Scrutinizing the scrap in his hand closely, Hara recognized all the cute fonts and sparkly glitter decoration that he would associate with a girly photo booth. He also definitely recognized the plain corner of a jacket he knew for a fact that Hanamiya wore all the time. From the piece he’d torn off, Hara could tell that a feminine arm was strung around Hanamiya’s waist.

Was this a purikura picture?

Now he was trying to hold back a fit of snorting laughter. Hara shoved the scrap piece of photograph back into the locker, super curious about how the rest of the photo looked. He’d have to corner Hanamiya on another day just to get a glimpse at what he was sure would be the most prissy thing he’d ever get to see his captain do.

Hanamiya made a barely audible noise as you let go of his arm so he could grab his things from his locker. Swinging it open, he would have never guessed anything was out of place. That is, if a small fluttering piece of paper hadn’t caught his attention. Stooping to pick it up, he quickly noticed the girly scribbles. Glancing at the inside of his locker door confirmed his suspicion.

“Oh, are those our pictures?” You cooed in awe as you took a closer look at the collection of stickers Hanamiya had pasted to the inside of his locker. “I didn’t know you kept these.”

As you took a trip down memory lane, absentmindedly telling Hanamiya that the two of you should go to another purikura booth soon, Hanamiya swore under his breath. He wondered if he could find a way to get the fingerprints off this scrap and find out who it was that had ruined the picture.

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Finally a Ken mood from you !! I've been waiting for this day lol, what would kenny be like when his s.o is visiting him in japan for the first time ?

I think it was that Q&A where he seemed so genuinely happy after seeing him so lost looking for such a long time.

- He’d be waiting at the airport for your with a sign with your name on… that he wrote on a napkin that he’d stuffed in his pocket from when he bought his coffee. It might not be as grand or as exciting he’d hoped but he tried his best.

- Jumping into his arms and him dramatically spinning your round and then kissing you over and over again before breaking away to chuckle and saying “This is super cheesy isn’t it?”

- Being so excited to show you his apartment and all the things he’s bought for it. Including all the prizes he’s won in vending machines and all the geeky gaming trophies, he’s won. 

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Trip to Japan recap! (Part 4 - Otaku and miscellaneous, Food and Drink and Lychee)

Last recap post!

Part 1 (Shoujo Stuff):


Part 2 (Kyoto and Nara): 


Part 3 (Himeji, Hakone, Tokyo):


In this post I’ll just put the remaining interesting miscellaneous pictures (food and drink, non-shoujo otaku/pop culture, and lychee stuff - my favourite fruit ^^).

Otaku/pop culture stuff:

Haikyuu! standees on sale! 8D

Wall ad for the Haikyuu! stage play in Shibuya station.

Apparently they had a Hanasaku Iroha train tie-in and even made a model for it.

For all you Persona 5 lovers out there, our airbnb apartment was in Sangen-jaya, the real-life neighborhood on which Persona 5′s Yangen-jaya is based on (san meaning 3 in Japanese and yon meaning 4 lol). 8D

There was an event in Ikebukuro’s Animate (manga/anime/otaku-stuff chain store) celebrating Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary. Here’s a large Tonberry plush:


Instant Mabo Curry pack from the Tales of Series ^^

Still in Ikebukuro, my sister and I booked a time slot for the Swallowtail butler cafe. I was the only male client in the cafe for almost the whole duration of our stay (you have to book a timeslot in advance and the 2 person ones go out fast). I personally find Akihabara’s maid cafes tacky, but the Swallowtail butler cafe had more an atmosphere of a fancy restaurant. The food and decor are European-style. The service is excellent (you ring a bell to call your waiter to refill your cup of tea!? and the waiters come to the side of the table and bow after every time they service your needs). Alas, no pictures are allowed once inside the cafe proper.

We went to a Pokemon Center (Pokemon merch store) in Sunshine City (a skyscraper complex in Ikebukuro with a shopping mall, a small museum, a planetarium, an aquarium, a hotel, a theatre, and a theme park - Namja Town) situated in Ikebukuro (again) and there was some sort of event with a gigantic inflated Exeggutor.

We also went to arcades (in Ikebukuro). Taiko games are fun. I really enjoyed drumming to Koi by Hoshino Gen, a hugely popular Japanese song (as of writing). It’s also the theme song for the drama adaptatio of Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu, an ongoing Josei manga series by Umino Tsunami.

Crane-games at the arcade. These are hard. The cranes are so weak they have a hard time picking anything heavier than a tiny plush. 

They had meat chunk plushies LOL! This totally reminded me of Shibata from Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai xD

I then went and took purikura (photo booth stickers photos, you can’t possibly not know this if you’ve read shoujo manga for any amount of time lol) with my sister (solo guys weren’t allowed lol). xD

I found it pretty fun (even if I look horrible with the filters as a guy); definitely go try it out if you’re ever in Japan~


Bento box sold at Shinagawa station (pics taken in the Shinkansen). Major train stations all have stores selling bento box meals for Japanese businessmen short on time.

I looove Japanese-style pork cutlet. *_*

Steak Doria (Japanese-style rice gratin) in a restaurant near Futako-tamagawa station, Tokyo.

. (so that users on mobile can see the second picture)

Matcha tea and accompanying sweet in a small shop near the exit of Kinkaku-ji temple.

A Kyoto-style set meal in a restaurant in Kyoto station.

Bento box sold in a supermarket we ate for breakfast. While not obviously high-end cuisine, I was surprise to find out how good these tasted for the price paid.

And the meal wouldn’t be complete without soy sauce, here in a cute little fish disposable container.

Delicious tonkatsu pork cutlet set meal.

Sweets offered to us by the hotel staff at Hakone.

With green tea~

I don’t understand why there’s no “seaweed” flavour potato chips sold overseas (where I live). These are sooo good and tasty .>.<

Here’s the washoku (traditional Japanese cuisine) dinner we were served in our room by our Hakone hotel.

The menu. 8D

We also had a traditional breakfast in the morning.

Back in Tokyo we went to Genki sushi in Shibuya, a conveyor sushi restaurant but with a twist: instead of having a selection of fresh sushi rolling around up for grabs, each seat has a tablet on which you can select the fish you want. And then the sushi plate would come up to you on any of 3 rail levels. Other than that perk, it was very tasty and cheap (~1000 to 1500 yen can easily fill you).


No trip to Japan would be complete without a ramen meal. So here’s one of the two I had, with a side of nice gyoza dumplings.

Another cheap tonkatsu meal from a restaurant in sangen-jaya. 

The restaurant featured a ticket vending machine more commonly seen in ramen restaurant in which you order what you want on the machine and hand it over to the staff once you take a seat. Very convenient if you don’t know the language (if there is an English option on the machine, that is).

Kiwi Fanta (with added vitamin E) from a vending machine. This has a pretty snazzy taste, I think I prefer it to the classic orange Fanta. But you know, it’s not available where I live. :/

Now THIS drink is special. It’s basically your ubiquitous Japanese melon soda, but you have to shake it (very counter-intuitive for a drink in a can lol) or else it’s just some weird-tasting slime. The drink has a very fuzzy flavour.

I thought I had more pictures of vending machine drinks (vending machines in Japan have a very large variety of drinks and it’s well-known that Japan has a diverse selection of flavours when it comes to drinks), but apparently not.


Typical lychee drink xD

Raspberry-lychee ice cream. Absolutely heavenly ^o^

Lychee detergent ^^

This actually tastes better than it sounds lol :3

Creamy lychee ice cream. I preferred the other one to this. :D

Salty lychee gummy. ;D

And the best for last, the lychee lipstick. I wonder how a lychee-flavoured kiss tastes like *_*

And that’s all folks! ^^

Hope you all enjoyed these posts (I know I did writing them lol). Writing these posts from home make me want to go back already :s

I might do a final (very short) post of the shoujo-related loot I got from Japan…