purifying demons

Lawlicht headcanons 2

here’s some more~

-Hyde gets jealous of Licht’s fangirls

-There’s a little spot under Hyde’s chin where when Licht just gently scratches there with one finger he will thump his foot in hedgehog form and melt in human form

-Licht mentally does angel/demon roleplay in bed, whether he’s a captured angel being ‘tainted’, or if he’s on top, an angel with a captured demon being 'purified’

-Hyde is capable of purring even though he’s a hedgehog, and it doesn’t take much

-Hyde loves hugging Licht’s slim waist from behind and resting his chin on Licht’s shoulder while he’s practicing the piano and just watching and listening in comfortable silence

-Sometimes they wrestle to see who is going to be the big spoon that night

-Licht secretly loves getting kisses from Hedgehog Hyde. The little soft mouth on his and letting out the tiniest squeaks as he does so is super endearing to him

  • Hyde: Mahiru-chan, you’ve gotta order a piece of this pie~.
  • Kuro: Yeah. It's good..
  • Mahiru: I did. You guys immediately ate it!


I know there is a translation of this song already. But since I think the meaning I have here differs a lot from that version, I’m redoing one of my own. I can’t trust anyone’s work but myself after all.

Rated G for gay. Very gay. Licht’s is in bold and Lawless’ is in italics. Normal text is both. 

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The old photos made her conscious of her age, of how much time had passed and of the different lives she could have lived. But instead she took up the old family business of slaying demons and purifying angels.

so i just learnt there’s a theory that kurts demonic appearance freaked out a small religious community and cut the symbols into his skin to seal the demon and “purify” him.