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Today marks this blog as 1 year old! (i’ve had my other blog for like 3 years though) Also because I’m nearly up to my next goal in followers I decided to do a follow forever! These people are hella cool and I’d love to make more friends! (so ya know talk to me please or not i sound so desperate for friends hAHHAhaa

IRL homies 




Marvel blogs 

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Ok I’m not good at narrowing down my favourites and I’m sorry if I missed anybody! 


Finally, as promised, I have made the AC1 Q/A gameplay! It is more answering questions thing than playing but anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy it and have a laugh! (I do apologize for being the worst gamer ever)

On another note, as I mentioned in the vid, I have hit 4.000+ followers, so I thought it is time to make a post to call out some people and thank them for being around and having great blogs. It’s like a follow forever, but I don’t believe in forever. [And I will mention some people that I don’t even follow]

The first shout out goes to my friends and those that I have known for quite a long time and you know… I am really lucky to know you:

imaginehamsters / officialedwardkenway / purified-blackstar /  undercastielswing / deanharrisackles / impalallama / madkiingryan /

The second shout out goes to another bunch of amazing people with great blogs:

thisgirlgames / ssophoo / darkymoony / youreverydaygentleman / crisssaegrim

dantesbooty armourofaltair / notevenwinded / masterthiefmadeeha / ranthonyaketon / art-of-swords / doingstuffthings / yesterdaywastuesday / coporolight / haythuum / neko-marble / whitewolverine /   the-stray-liger / prototypevirus / kaldtwins / missboxhead / delsinsfire / haythamsama / esteljune / aydenpearce / insertdiversion

Annnd the last shout out goes to those who I might or might not follow but they always pay attention to my ramblings and leave likes and comments very often that I really appreciate:

sokunsan / jeaninnevale / ummiehummie / rekkusu-chan / letsrook / raisin3rd /  sorridosunekusatemualudantesebbyaltairconner / parti-hardi-arti / shirayuki-san

I am sorry if I missed some of you, do know that I really appreciate each and every one who reblogs my weird stuff and by doing that puts a smile on my face. You are all wonderful people, never forget that!

I would also like to thank those who sent me questions for the video, I had lots of fun answering them, I hope I didn’t let you down!


Thank you everyone for thinking I am worthy of that ‘follow’ click and I hope we’ll have many apocalypses and weird things in the future. Cheers!

Yes, hello, this is me, Agne, and welcome to my long post with lots of urls.

- Why the ef did you do this?

- Well, Satan, I have got 5k+ followers and everyone is doing it so why the ef not

~ So, on this special occasion I’d like to mention some people that made my experience here on tumblr a great one. ~

Special mentions because very special people:

▲ officialedwardkenway - My partner in crime, my worse half, my big mess and most importantly my best friend Al. One day we’ll rule the world, by which I mean, we’ll go to RTX, and we’ll get rich and be happy. Just gotta work on our bank robbing plan.

▲ imaginehamsters - My cute little hamster. You give me joy and you make me happy. Ahh so many memories with the bunnypocalypse, the creepy fanfics and your cutest drawings ever, which I still need to frame… uhuhu. You are so important to me and I love you very much.

▲ purified-blackstar - I don’t even know how we started talking or anything but you’re such a great person and you’ve been so kind to me and helped me so much. I’m so happy to call you my friend, you deserve everything you wish in your life. 

▲ crashdelt4 - I am still speechless of how you managed to drop everything and fly over to me for no reason. You’re an amazing person and a friend. I hope one day I’ll see you run your video game company. You deserve at least that.

Some more special mentions of the people with big hearts and beautiful souls, people who make my life better and I’m happy I had a chance to know them:

undercastielswing ▲ impalallama ▲ madkiingryan ▲ deanharrisackles ▲ ssophoo ▲ darkymoony ▲ lady-lamplight  ▲  youreverydaygentleman  ▲ arnoscrotch ▲ pergisana

Third batch of lovely and very talented lads with quality blogs and cute personalities, a must-follow:

troybakerz ▲ solidsunekus ▲ infamous-second-daughter ▲  mrsattano aydenpearce ▲ insertdiversion ▲ thisgirlgames ▲ dantesbooty  r-aymondkenney ▲  crisssaegrim ▲  notevenwinded  ▲  ranthonyaketon   ▲ haythuum ▲ captainpearce ▲ claralillez ▲ melankolikko ▲  prototypevirus ▲ delsinsfire ▲ jackattillo 

Some more blogs I like and they deserve a shout out:

aidensbutt ▲ bekenstein ▲ jordichins▲ lasergirlfetch ▲ lorddaedra ▲ infamousecondson ▲ theholymother ▲ esteljune ▲ arno-duu-fromage ▲ bannteagans ▲ assassiino  ▲ terribleshotgun   ▲ evescontroller ▲ haythamsama ▲ firstlights ▲ armourofaltair ▲ itsaltair ▲ art-of-swords ▲ hiddenbl4des ▲ renew-leverage ▲ ms-macky ▲ mcavoymad ▲ neko-marble ▲ thevigilantea  yesterdaywastuesday

And finally I am breaking the ff rules to mention the people that I may not follow but I still want to mention because they are great and I recognize each and every one of them:

sokunsan ▲ parti-hardi-arti ▲ the-stray-liger ▲ damienbrenks  ▲ valiar  ▲ vigilantepearce ▲  littleblackwing ▲  rekkusu-chan ▲ damnyouwontmindit  ▲ desmondsleftnostril ▲  navyhuskie ▲ ramdom-letters-for-a-url ▲ e-r-u-d-i-t-o ▲ jeaninnevale and probably much more…

So, that’s it, folks. If you feel cheated and cannot find your name in here, I sincerely apologize. I may have overseen some of you, I’m just human, for now, so please, forgive me. If you ever talked to me, just said hi or liked my idiotic post, just know that I saw everything and I smiled and appreciated anything you’ve done. Thank you.