15 days/2 weeks into my goal of 50 days purge free! I’m so happy that I’ve been able to do this, as hard as it’s been, it was worth it. Today was difficult, we had to write our stories in Self Identity, which ended with me as a sobbing mess. Tomorrow is challenge day, oh lord help me, and apparently my weight isn’t moving, which totally backfired on the ED, who’s been telling me I’m far too close to a minimum BMI, which is totally untrue. #positivevibes #negvibez #soconfussed #emotionsregulateasapplease #relapse #recovery #edsoldiers #edrecovery #purgefree #happyhappyhappy #enoughtagskarlee #sorrynotsorry

January 2014

I remember the times when I couldn’t even go hours without doing it let alone days. I remember then to the days where if I got through the day without doing it, that was a huge accomplishment for me. small small steps through hell when it seemed to hard to go on. courage really is what it took. now look, two years purge free. two years. it’s amazing.

18 days B/P Free!!!

This is the longest I have gone without binging/purging for many years. I am super happy and excited to add more days to it. I don’t think I have ever gone this long disobeying my mental illnesses. Though I still feel a hell of a lot of guilt about eating, I am not taking it out in horrible and negative ways. GO ME!!!

So I decided to see my therapist every other week but with that came this book that I have to read. Umm did I forget to mention I HATE reading with a passion. Can I spark note this? #hate #reading #storytime #thehappinesstrap #edsoldiers #eatingdisorderrecovery #bulimiarecovery #anorexiarecovery #staystrong #purgefree #book (at Lora Land)

Was going to do more work today, but I am super sleepy!!

Thinking of starting at 2PM… this way, once my 2 hours of research is up, my last 2 hours of office work is done too and I can go home

Boyfriend does not have work tonight, which means I can finally cook for him and we can have a normal evening together since who even knows when.

On a really exciting note: haven’t binged/purged in a day and a half and I am feeling really great.

Days Binge/Purge Free


I was really quite upset after a big lunch. When dinner time rolled around, I realized I was not even hungry. Just bored. It’s pretty late now but after a 4 mile walk/run, my body is telling me to have a little snack. I do not like to eat late at night, but I might in order to sleep.