whenever i try to explain to my dad and stepmom that soopernatural doesn’t treat LGBT people very well, my stepmom says, “yeah but dean was really gay in purgatory. like, he and benny were definitely gay” while my dad nods in agreement 


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Ten Scenes: [4/10] Dean reunites with Castiel in Purgatory (8x02: What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?) 

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One day we will wake up side by side and then all those little things you do during the day (getting ready for work, going to the shops, making dinner, taking walks, doing laundry) you will never have to do those things alone ever again.  I will be by your side and you will be by mine and everything will be right with the world.

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You look at his eyes, so honest, and find yourself unable to hold back any longer. You close your eyes and lean in, just a sweet press of lips. His hands reach up to cup your jaw, and you smile against his soft lips, moving softly against yours. Your arms, one around his waist and the other resting on his hip, work to pull him closer, to press your body against his. To be closer. You break apart and your foreheads rest together, his breath ghosting over your cheek. "I love you too, Jensen."

Oh my god thank you anon!