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Before the world ends I just need to say:

This is my family and I’ll follow you in all the adventures the apocalypse may throw our way. I love you all !!

Ada | Agne | AnnaClaudia | Hania | Isa | Kelsey | LisaSammie |  Seda

+ I love you from afar, so if you see a little shadow following you into the darkness, it’s me :

Anna | Caleigh | Chloe | Luiza

here are the names of wonderful people i met here, on tumblr, this year. 

some of them became my close friends and a part of my life. some i adore as amazing bloggers or/and artists. with some of them i barely talked once or twice and it’s a sheme because all of them are special and unique and it’s a pleasure knowing them.








p.s.: if you don’t follow some of these precious persons, you’d better do it from now on. they are so, so worth it. you’ll never regret it. <3


so, here’s the video!

sorry for taking so long, i hope you’ll enjoy it.

please excuse my english, my accent and all the weirdness, hahah.

thank all of you for your support and for being a part of it. 

thank you!

purgatorystories replied to your video: so, here’s the video! sorry for taking so long, i…

oh, Lisa, why are you so adorable?

aww, Ada, am i?

i made SO MANY MISTAKES in the video, but, oh, anyways.

bb, thank you <33

bad-cop-of-the-lord replied to your videoso, here’s the video! sorry for taking so long, i…

i like your accent actually! it was really understandable -wich is something does not happen to me a lot when it comes to listening english, haha. AND you should totally make a gif of your blue steel, you could use it as a reaction image.

why thank you! it very important to me because i talk really fast and always wonder if people understand what i say, hahah.

i’ll think about it, but, okay, my blue steel is not that good, hahah.

thehellgates replied to your videoso, here’s the video! sorry for taking so long, i…

I LOVE YOUR BLUE STEEL and your accent <3 Oh, and I love it when you speak Russian. I mean, I learn it at school, so I was like “пакa is not the official goodbye! It’s до свидания!”, but then I thought “She’s Russian, dumbass, she knows better” xD

wow, Marta, i didn’t know you study russian! i mean. wow! hahah, yeah, i thought of do svidania, but poka sounds easier, hahah, less frightening, i guess. thank you, honey!!

purgatorystories replied to your post:

Oh, i didnt know you like Anne! Are you going to see Les Miserables?c: someone has to get you those socks :3 how should they look like?

I adooooore her :) She’s awesome :D No I don’t think I will watch it but I would like to ^^hahahaha I want blue, warm and looooooooong socks :DD

purgatorystories replied to your post: purgatorystories replied to your post:…

hahah, thats nice, i like socks too. id like to have a pair of long, worm socks with raindeers, i only have a normal one, but 5 pairs in differnet shadows of grey xd theyre cute

i have like 10 of blue and grey and green ones xD other ones are just mixed ones ^^  unfortunetly they don’t live long with me cause I make holes in them very often xD