circumnavigating a minefield of hurt feelings with lead boots filled with pin-less grenades while resting my laurels on a forehead scarred by the thorns of your adoration

I think we’re all cracking up.
Just a little.

Like bridges over desert gorges,
we ache.
The sun slowly drying
the concrete.

But instead of softening
with old age,
we become brittle.

The wind feels harsher
and solitude becomes
a burden.

The white noise crescendo
from a poet in purgatory
deafens the soul.

The universe is a hand

My fists are tired of
punching phantoms
I can’t connect with.

I tried to hold a séance
with our love but you
can’t speak with
something that isn’t

I think what we have
here is a failure
to communicate.

Let me explain it
in a language that
you’ll understand:


thanks! this feedback rocks...
purgatorypoetry replied to your post: “folk education meets modern medicine”:

Excellent piece. The comparison of the alarm clock’s beeping, the intervals of peace between demonic screeches. The passing of a demon which we try but still do not understand. Cancers and other deadly afflictions. Beautiful in its simplicity.

this is helpful because - woot! you got it. i had a long chat conversation with a young friend who said to me last night “I don’t really understand what cancer is or how treatment for it works…” I ended up typing this like… idk, fucking big long personal wiki on what i know about cancer and it disturbed my sleep and my waking up this morning. i keep thinking: where the fuck did I pick up all that info in the course of my life? how the hell do we come to understand such things, especially if the tragedy of it doesn’t directly affect our lives. i’ve never had to deal with cancer in any kind of personal way so…???  it felt disjointed and complex but i think i really was trying to simplify it for myself so – dead on. you *got* it. thanks for saying so. virulent-tuber replied to your post: “folk education meets modern medicine”:

Cripes I love this.

Cripes! I love that declaration. thanks, Zach

Taurus - Today's Horoscope

You wake up. It’s a Thursday.
You are hopeful that this new day
will be different.
You are wrong and oblivious
to the fact that the universe
has been trying to kill you.
You had successfully hidden
your uselessness until last Saturday
when you binge-watched
thirteen and a half hours of Spongebob
in your underwear.
The universe is done with you.
It is done with your stupid Patrick
the starfish boxer shorts.
It’s not even a fish,
it’s a god damned sea star.
The universe allows you to watch
Star Wars Episode Seven before
it terminates your life force
because the universe is an asshole
knowing you won’t see episodes
eight and nine where hopefully all the
new questions are answered
like why are there no Filipinos in space
in a galaxy far far away.
The universe allows you to choose
the manner of your demise…
by feline or by automobile.
The cute little kitten meows,
twinkle in its eye, murder in its heart.

Poetry Tag Statistics January 2014

I’d like to start of this month’s statistics with a few additional stats about myself. I’m trying to post a new sonnet every week now (Monday evening seems like a good time) and of my last 8 sonnets, 7 have been featured. So thank you whoever was responsible for that.

My longest feature streak was 5 and the current is 2 (unless some editor decides to feature Locked Away which would combine them to a streak of 8).

I have recently reached 400 followers and I thank you all for your support. If you want to further support me, recommend me, reblog me, , follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook. You know, those places that are not as cool and friendly as tumblr. I really don’t seem to get any exposure there at all.

So without further ado and rambling, here are the stats for which you’ve come here in the first place. (I hope you stay for my poetry though.)

Total number of featured posts: 1465

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  • 629 different contributors were featured.
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  1. viperslang, 20
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  6. esn13, 13
  7. vagabondkingpoetry, 13
  8. inkskinned, 12
  9. loqui, 11
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Poetry Tag Statistics March 2014

I have already posted my weekly sonnet, so I’ll use my Monday-evening-post to finally get the poetry tag stats for March done.

My weekly poem, which is totally meta and cool and also describes the process how I write sonnets, can and should be read here:

How To Sonnet (A Sonnet)

Seriously, check it out!

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And now let me present you March stats. A comparably slow month, judging from the total number of featured posts. Maybe I wasn’t the only one taking a vacation.

Total number of featured posts: 1028

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  • 437 different contributors were featured.
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  • 201 contributors have been featured multiple times, 236 only once.
  1. renebofene, 19
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  5. labelledamesansdice, 13
  6. wordrummager, 13
  7. mickeymichal, 12
  8. viperslang, 11
  9. victim-of-convenience, 9
  10. chucklingpecan, 9

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