listen to me i know dean and cas are already disgustingly in love but do you ever think of all the implied canon scenes we didn’t get to see

hear me out

  • dean explaining personal space to cas
  • dean taking a pic of cas to put on his fake badge
  • all their phone calls when it’s probably late at night but cas doesn’t realise dean is probably asleep and dean still picks up with his voice all sleepy and cute
  • cas showing up naked and covered in bees while dean drives
  • the ride home after they get the impala back in season 7 and dean has told cas he’d rather have him
  • dean praying to cas in purgatory (every night)
  • dean bringing cas all bruised into the bunker after he finds him in 8x21
  • “where to cas?” SUDDENLY IT’S MORNING GUESS WHERE WE’VE BEEN ALL NIGHT OH OH OH WHO KNOWS aka the fanfiction gap of “heaven can wait”
  • dean calling cas after kevin’s death and asking him to come to the bunker
  • what happened after their cute date at the restaurant?????
  • shopping at hot topic

come cry with me children


Dean can sense Cas’ body next to his, just a silhouette in the dark, warm and alive. Lighting a fire is not a good idea in purgatory, where every fucking monster is hunting you. Benny is on watch a few steps away, sitting on the ground, his back against a tree and a weapon in his hands.
«Ehi, Cas.»
Dean should shut up and sleep and keep the stupid words under his tongue, behind his teeth. Instead, he says Cas’ name as if it’s impossible to fight that need.
Truth is, before all that story about being God, before everything fell to pieces, he and Cas had “something”. Without explanations nor definitions for all the intense staring and the searching hands and the unspoken words.
Then they met again, Cas a mere shell of himself. Cas, with a pretty partner and a quiet life. Cas, with no memories of Dean. And it was like being hit and not fight back, bleeding to death. Because, under the resentment for what happened, under the pain of the betrayal that refused to disappear, there was still that inexplicable “something”.
Cas remembered, eventually, and decided to take responsibility for Sam madness. In that moment, Dean forgave him and, by doing so, he came to terms with the important and undeniable “something” he and Cas shared.
«Yes, Dean?»
And Dean is not ready with a lie, so he goes for the truth.
«I was worried, man.»
«I know, Dean.»
«You left me there, alone, and I had to kill everything that moved just to find you,» he whispers, like they didn’t talk about this as soon as Dean found him.
«I told you, I did it because…»
«I know, I know.“ Dean goes silent for an instant to collect his thoughts. "Damn it, Cas.»
He reaches out for Cas with a trembling hand. His usual worries - the one about what he likes and what he feels he shouldn’t like - are not there. There’s nothing sexual in his movement, just the old need to feel Cas, to reach out and find him close. His fingers run on the trench coat, feeling the solid presence of Cas’ arm and then the skin stretched on his wrist and then his palm. Dean is holding his breath but manages to exhale when Cas answer to his grip without hesitation, like he was waiting for it. Like he’s always been waiting.
That simple, stupid, act becomes a confession. A deep and absolute declaration, bigger than all the others Dean couldn’t make.
"We’re gonna get out of here.»
Dean can almost see the future, he can taste it with the tip of his mind: them, outside of purgatory, exploring the boundaries of their absurd bond, together. Maybe he’s getting naive, maybe he was spending too much time with his brother before purgatory, but he feels some kind of… hope.
Cas moves, pulling him off his thoughts. Dean perceives him moving, leaving his hand and hug him, his head on Dean’s chest. A deep, short sound of satisfaction leaves the hunter’s mouth, a little more than just a breath. Because this is better. This is so much better: Cas is near, warm against his side, sharing the same air.
«We’re gonna get out of here,» Dean says again.
And he’s already sleeping when Cas lets out a resigned sigh.

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Can you imagine if Sleepy Hollow actually became successful and was written the way it should and got a crossover episode(s) with Supernatural. All I can imagine is

Dean flirting with Abbie

Crane getting jealous that Dean is flirting with Abbie

Dean making a reference and Abbie laughing at it but both Crane and Cas dont get it

Sam getting annoyed that Dean is flirting with Abbie

Dean: [Asking Abbie too many questions about Abbie’s love life]


Dean and Abbie hunting together and Dean being very impressed and turned on by Abbie’s sassyness and badassness

Abbie and Dean calling Sam and Crane giants

Dean and Abbie both having a moment where Dean talks about loosing his dad and Bobby and Abbie talks about loosing Corbin

Abbie having to convince Danny that Dean is an FBI agent

Dean: So how come you wont admit to me that Crane is your boyfriend?

Abbie: I will admit Crane is my boyfriend when you admit Cas is yours


Abbie saving Deans ass

Dean saving Abbie’s ass

Dean and Abbie both psycho laughing when Dean mentions how he made a deal with a demon to bring Sam back and Abbie saying how she hopped through time to stop Cranes crazy ex-wife from murdering him.

Dean telling Crane that he got lucky

Dean suggesting that they go undercover as a couple

Abbie and Dean talking about their roles as older siblings

Dean: [Shows Abbie all of his fake FBI ID’s]


Dean and Abbie both realizing that they were both at one point trapped in Purgatory

Dean and Abbie talk about their experience time jumping

Something bad happening to Sam and Dean is about to fall apart but Abbie wont let him

Abbie walking to a crime scene after hearing that there already is an FBI agent with a dumb name and she already knows its Dean

Abbie tells Dean to wait in the car cause she doesnt want him embarrassing her while she questions a suspect and Abbie goes into the house and looks out the window to see Dean doing whatever he can to embarrass her :

Dean trying to trap Abbie to protect her so he can go after a creature on his own but then gets attacked by it until Abbie comes and saves him

Really I just want to see Dean and Abbie having to put up with Dean and Abbie

slytherinpotionsprincess  asked:

Your six favorite memories and then your six favorite Destiel moments!!!!!!1!!!!


Don’t worry, we’ve all been there -pats sympathetically-


  • Walking to town with a friend in the rain, and then drawing together in the library
  • Going to the Armageddon Expo in Wellington a few months ago and meeting so many people *u*
  • In Middle school with my old group of friends, rushing to finish the school work in ten minutes and then spending the rest of the time writing/planning stories together. 
  • Any SPN seasonal marathon I’ve had with Aiden and Gabrielle
  • Livestreaming the Korra finale at 3am with Gabrielle and freaking out together
  • Skype chats with Francis where we stream movies/shows together and then go on paintchat
Destiel moments:
  • The Purgatory reunion scene in 8x02
  • Pretty much the whole of episode 8x07
  • The first meeting in 4x01
  • The crypt scene (as painful as it is)
  • Cas going against Zachariah’s orders in the season 4 finale
  • The bar scene in 8x23