How long have you been a vegan?

A year and a month (as of two days ago actually)

Is your family also Vegan/Vegetarian? Regardless of the answer, how does this impact you?

My older sister has been a vegetarian for like eight / nine years or so now, and for most of my life I made fun of her for it (eeyeah I feel pretty bad about that now) but in the last two or three years leading up to my becoming a vegan, even though I still ate animal products, I started to respect her for it. I still do since she’s been at this way longer than I have

If you had to persuade someone to become vegan / vegetarian in one short paragraph, what would you say?

One of my mother’s coworkers a while back sent me an email asking about veganism / arguing for carnism and this is the basic jist of what I said:

Do you like being alive? Other animals like being alive. If whether or not you got to live depended on someone else’s enjoyment / convenience and you had no say in this system you would probably be upset right

  1. pureveganimagination said: That’s why I deleted my FB account months ago! :) Couldn’t deal with the ignorance of some people.

I don’t blame you for deleting it. I keep it to keep in touch with family and friends back home but I have people suddenly making really bigoted comments and I have to delete them. If I had a go at everyone who made these comments I’d have worn my fingers down to nubs from tapping the keyboard :p

pureveganimagination replied to your post: One of my flatmates asked to use my pot to cook…

And THIS is why I will not live with a roommate who eats meat. I feel so fortunate that my roomy is veg, buys soy milk, and doesn’t like eggs. The only thing in our fridge is dairy cheese. I’m sorry you have to deal with that…it must be so tough :/

I have no choice in the matter - it’s university owned and allocated accommodation.

It’s not tough at all considering I’ve only just moved out of home, where all the cooking equipment was used with animal products at some point. My main issue is that these were brand new pots that were meant to be mine, and he should have asked. Also, I don’t want dead persons in my cooking equipment no matter how nicely someone asks, and he’s already fucked that up for me now.

So I’m pretty pissed :/