I drew Falanca for pureorangeness. I’m embarrassed to say this was supposed to be a birthday present… I forgot to factor in timezones, which came to… +5 months +9 hours I think. I guess I got discouraged when I realized that I missed the deadline, but as difficult as drawing is for me, I decided to keep going with it (ever so slowly). It’s important to me that I stop giving up on drawings so quickly (even if I end up being a little lazy), and it’s vital that I try to do what I can to show my appreciation towards artists that inspire me. Nesh has this really cool drawing style, y'see? And he’s got really cool characters, too. All around, he’s just a really cool guy. My words never do my feelings any justice, but believe me, if I’ve ever shown anyone any somewhat consistent amount of support in the least, I REALLY DO CARE. So I hope you like this weenie attempt at fan art. I should stop typing now. (๑′ᴗ‵๑)

hai guys I drew a gabbie of tychosexual. she’s cool. i like her. *ahem* and I like gabbie too. ANYWAY and then decided to draw a tyche as well. then all hell broke loose cuz I couldn’t find one damn picture of her for some reason (mu, if you’re reading this, you need a tyche tag bro) so I… just went extra-bold… and designed her myself. It’s not really that much of a DESIGN anyway but cut me a slack here, I mean… I do tell everybody that my art style is largely influenced by Penny Arcade but it’s the first time I EVER draw something of a Gabe or Tycho. hope didn’t suck too hard :C

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stay the fuck away from Nesh, it's too late for them. It's ironic because she's actually implying all women are weak and defenseless. The gifs had nothing to do with her gender, it was just someone being stupid. How sensitive can you get

Nesh is a dude, dude (though he does also make an attractive woman). And as much as I agree that his response was over-sensitive, he’s still a good friend, and I’m sticking by him.

It’s just the general Tumblr mentality to be massively offended by things and take everything as either a social injustice or an affront to something or other, regardless of how innocent or stupid its original intent. Staying around that mentality has a tendency to make us adopt it in order to feel more like we fit in. (Either that, or you make a vaguely social justice-related post, get lots of likes and notes, and the attention encourages you to keep on acting that way - though I’d never be so cynical as to make that assumption about Nesh)