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Kobresia ❦ A Trahearne Mix

One. Pureora Forest Tower 2014 ❦ Nature Sounds of NZ
Two. Kobresia ❦ Biosphere
Three. Sun and the sounds Veljo Runnel
Four. Odessa Essay
Five. Water ❦ Aaron Holm
Six. Tendrils Le Moors
Seven. Longhorn Beetle Larvae Veljo Runnel
Eight. A Stutter (feat. Arnor Dan) Olafur Arnalds
Nine. finches pregnant pause

We seem so small in twilight. Tell me, Atlas, are you resting now?

This is an organic, ambient mix that is both a narrative and a memorial. It is best listened to in a quiet space with headphones on. Some of the tracks contain field recordings of insects and birds (wing rustling, chirping, etc).