Texting Those Three magical words
  • Hufflepuff : I love you
  • Slytherin: yeah me too.
  • Hufflepuff : no say it
  • Slytherin : ILY
  • Hufflepuff: I'm not talking to you until you say you love me
  • Slytherin: stop it!
  • Hufflepuff: stop what?????
  • Slytherin: stop fucking saying I L**E you!!!!!!
  • Hufflepuff : L-O-V-E
  • Slytherin: I swear I'll kill you if you say the L word again.
  • Hufflepuff: fine :(
  • Slytherin :
  • Hufflepuff:
  • Slytherin: hey ?
  • Hufflepuff: hmm
  • Slytherin: I Love you

Inktober | smoltober: Day 1 | costumes 

Even though I’m busy with my senior year, I’ve decided to do my own small inktober pun intended. I planned out a theme for each week (Costumes, beasts, fall fashion, movies/tv shows, and 3 free days) all circling around smols from vld. I know Inktober is for a lot of traditional work but I’m just using this for a break from senior year so the medium with depend on the day. 

today’s medium: digital