purelyyou  asked:

Hey so ive been into vesperteen ever since josh had them on his snap chat and i was going through the tag and you seemed to be the one who knew the most info. I saw that you talked about hoh and their side projects being copperlily and vesperteen and secret club and like i cant find anything about that so could you tell me about that? Also can you rec songs for those bands bc i wanna get into them. Sorry if this is bothering and i hope you have a good day!!

dont worry it isnt a bother!!! but yes AJ Babcock is the bassist of House of Heroes but he’s also the bassist, lyricist, and singer of Secret Club. Tim Skipper is the singer of House of Heroes and also write/sings/plays guitar in Copperlily. also you probably wouldnt really be able to find much about Copperlily or Secret Club because you basically have to follow the band (House of Heroes) closely to really know much.

But anyway, song recs!!! Secret Club only has one album (Apocalypse Meow) and my fave songs off of it are Why Can’t Friends Just Kiss on the Lips Sometimes?, Lost, Sucker, and I Do What I Want.

Copperlily has 2 albums (Love is a Legend and Copperlily) and 2 EP’s (The Beautiful Unseen and A Very Copperlily Christmas). My favorite songs by them are Color in You, Map to Your Heart, Love is a Legend, and Telephone.

House of Heroes has 5 albums (What You Want is Now, Say No More, The End is Not the End, Suburba, and Cold Hard Want), a B-sides album (The Knock-Down Drag-Outs), an EP (Smoke EP), and they are currently about to release their 6th album (Colors). My favorite songs by them Pulling Back the Skin, Code Name: Raven, Love is for the Middle Class, Your Wurlitzer, Bottle Rocket, and Angels of Night.

also Josh Dun is in this video bc he was in House of Heroes for a little bit!

I hope this helps!!!!! have a good day!