purely made to show how cute they are

NCT 127 reaction to overhearing you talking about how cute they are to another member


Anon: If you are still accepting can you do a NCT 127 reaction to their S/O saying they are cute to other member and they overhear please? Sorry if that doesn’t make sense >.

Thank you for requesting! I love this request, but it was kind of hard to come up with loads of different reactions so a couple of these might be a little too similar to one another - sorry!❤️⭐️


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Standing behind the half-shut door, hand about to push open the door fully, he’d be able to hear your excited voice gushing to Doyoung about how cute he (Taeil) is. Your voice would get higher and you’d squeal a little bit, thrusting your phone into Doyoung’s face to show him a fancam of Taeil at one of their latest performances. “Look! Look, Doyoung! He’s so cute! So, so, so cute…ah look at his little smile!” You’d gasp every time he made eye contact with the camera, smiling fondly at your phone. Taeil wouldn’t be used to being complimented like that so genuinely and sincerely; it’d make him blush hearing your sweet words and pure excitement over him. Being too shy to tell you he had overheard you earlier, he’d still act a little bit different afterwards; although he had wanted to say thank you, he was too embarrassed to admit his eavesdropping, so would just be very affectionate and sweet toward you for the rest of the day. You wouldn’t think much of his oddly-mushy behaviour, but you would think he was even more adorable than before, and definitely wouldn’t turn his skinship down and taeil would probably never tell you or another member this lols


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Johnny would try to be sneaky and eavesdrop without you releasing - but that would just totally backfire on him. He had hoped that he’d be able to use your cute fangirling and gushing comments about him, against you in the future as a joke. But obviously, being the klutz he is, would’ve accidentally exposed himself. Leaning heavily against the door, he’d press his ear against it, trying to hear whatever you were telling Jaehyun about him, but his weight would only cause the door to fly open, Johnny suddenly falling forwards and onto the floor in front of you two. You’d immediately know what he was trying to do, the second the door flew open and revealed Johnny, and you’d turn to Jaehyun, the pair of you bursting into laughter. It’d be funny to see Johnny there, on his front with his limbs spread out, not to mention the intense, pink blush on his cheeks. Basically, it turns out the joke was on him. He’d be so embarrassed and mad at himself for not being more careful, but you’d just find him even more adorable, especially blushing like that; Johnny blushing would be a rare occurrence. Pinching his cheeks and ruffling his hair, you’d coo at your boyfriend, turning your head over your shoulder to a very cringed-out Jaehyun, and saying, “see what I mean? So cute!” Johnny’s obviously is going to hate you for this after lmao


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when i talk about tae squealing, this ^^^ is what i mean lol

Totally the type to squeal silently and flap his arms about with excitement. In your relationship, Taeyong would honestly just be in awe of you; he’d look at you with such fondness, show you so much affection and compliment you non-stop. However, you’d be quite shy about complimenting him back; he’d already have so many people tell him how cute or cool he looked, you’d just feel as if your words wouldn’t be that special to him; but, really, just one of your compliments could make his entire month, over a load from strangers. So, overhearing you babbling about him to Johnny, would melt his heart. He’d get all soft and fluffy, clasping his hands with excitement, and have to bound off to his bedroom to cool off and collect himself. Afterwards, he’d be shy around you, maybe showing you a little bit more affection than he usually gives you. It’d be more “chivalrous” and traditional affection, like kissing your hand or just being more polite and helpful around you. You’d have no clue why he was acting like this, not that you’d mind, until you complimented him again, this time to his face, and he started to squeal and waddle about with excitement, flapping his hands about again and thanking you for your words. 


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Yuta’s reaction would probably the most dramatic idk if that’s actually the right word but idk what else is lols out of all the members. Honestly, I don’t think he’d really want to be called cute, especially not by you; he just wouldn’t understand how he could possibly be cute or how anyone could see it in him. As you were sitting there on the sofa, showing WinWin some photos of you had taken of Yuta asleep, Yuta would overhear you gushing and fangirling over him, WinWin probably agreeing that he looks cute too lmFao yuwin sets sail. Smirking, he’d casually stride in, interrupting you mid-sentence as he heaves himself down beside you, an arm snaking round your shoulders. You and Sicheng would just gawp at him, just a bit embarrassed about being caught talking about him. “So”, Yuta would start. “I thought I was sexy? Not cute, hmm?” Your eyes would widen, remembering that you had only just called him that the other night aye aye ;))) if u know what i mean. WinWin would awkwardly excuse himself from the room, only just realising what Yuta meant by his words. Watching his member leave the room quietly, Yuta would quickly turn back to look at you, raising an eyebrow waiting for you to reply. Just as you start to open your mouth to stutter reply, Yuta would push you back onto the sofa, hovering your body with his, and automatically, attaching his lips to your neck. You’d gasp, surprised at his sudden action and at his hand that had slipped under your shirt to touch your skin if u want a better description on how he’d kiss u read this. Kissing your neck, jaw and lips attentively, Yuta would ask you between kisses, quiet pants for you, “still cute?” no yuta no stop it we get the memo


Originally posted by dimplesjae

Doyoung would honestly be shocked to hear you call him “cute and honestly, the best looking man on earth”, along with some other adorable compliments, to Mark. Your relationship would be quite playful and sarcastic; sure, you’d compliment one another but it’d always be about something stupid like “oh my god, Doyoung! You have such beautiful ears!” or “my favourite thing about you, Y/N? Your elbows, babe.” It’d rarely be about how cute or how good looking he is even though gdi he really is he’s so beautiful omg. Neither of you would mind not taking it seriously; skin ship and other ways of showing affection could make up for all those unsaid, sweet compliments. Not sure what to do or say, Doyoung would find himself smiling gratefully, blushing slightly and pressing his hands to his cheeks to cool himself down it. He’d push open the door, you stopping your little fangirl moment about him to Mark and smiling at your boyfriend, blissfully unaware that he had overheard. Acting like normal, smiling and greeting you, he’d sit beside you, jointing the conversation and occasionally slipping in the odd compliment towards you. You’d be a bit shook shocked at his words (just as he was) and would end up asking why he was so happy and sweet all of the sudden. He’d shrug his shoulders innocently, giggling at how you still hadn’t realised. From then on, compliments like that would become more common. 


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You’d probably never know that Jaehyun had overheard you, and to be frankly honest, you were thankful. You’d be in full-fangirl mode, squealing over Jaehyun’s fancams and jabbering on non-stop, as Yuta occasionally looked up from his phone beside you to give you a dirty look. Jaehyun, hearing your squeals and loud talking, would think that something had happened to you and would genuinely run to the room where you were to check up on you. Of course, the closer he got, the clearer your voice became and he quickly realised that it was just you fanning over him. He’d refrain from entering the room, probably leaning against the wall to hear more of your sweet comments. He’d have this small smile on his face, his heart warmed by your compliments and excitement. No one would ever find out about him overhearing, probably the reason why you never got to the root of why he suddenly became clingy with you the next day.


Originally posted by softlyqentle

Sicheng would probably be with another member at the time probably Yuta too gdi. Honestly? He wouldn’t hear you compliment him; your voice would be so quiet and his mind would wander off and think about other things very easily. He’d suddenly feel someone punching his arm excitedly and after flinching slightly, he’d questioningly watch Yuta get excited for him. Giving him a high five and being very proud of him, WinWin would have genuinely not heard you so would be confused as to why Yuta was doing this. Then again, WinWin probably wouldn’t bother asking what’s up and wouldn’t bring it up again. No doubt Yuta would get aggravated by this, completely missing the point so would bring it up later when you were around. You’d confidently confirm that you had told Haechan that about him. Feeling a little slow and dumb basically, he’d apologise and would start blushing and smiling cutely, being very affectionate with you.


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Mark, although he probably tries to kid himself that he’s “cool” and “hip”, would still manage to embarrass himself and blow his over in these kinds of situations. At first, he’d be doing a good job at listening in on your conversation with Taeyong; perched on his feet lightly, barely pressing his body to the door but just enough so he could hear your voice - he’d actually succeed in being quiet and secretive. But, it wouldn’t last for long. Upon hearing your compliments about his “cuteness”, Mark’s heart would start to race, just like a kid does with his school crush, just like the early month of your relationship. His Canadian politeness would kick in instinctively and he’d open his mouth, uttering an enthusiastic “thank you”. Bearing in mind, he’d still be behind the partially shut door, you and Taeyong sitting, what you originally had thought as, privately. Taeyong would laugh, expecting this kind of thing to happen to Mark anyway and immediately releasing what he was doing. You and Mark would both be incredibly shy and nervous around each other that, both of you stuttering an apology to one another (which would be graciously rejected), blushing furiously and basically contemplating your life decisions lmfao.


Originally posted by neotechs

Would probably be the most excited and flustered out of all the members. He wouldn’t dare to walk in and thank you, after hearing your sweet compliments about him to Taeil.  Although he would’ve loved to, his blushing cheeks and wide grin would just immediately give away that “cool guy” image he always tried note the word tried to upkeep around you. Instead as if this idea is any fucking better lmao, he’d literally skip throughout the dorms until he found another one of the members to tell them about you. He’d end up gushing to the oldest members, Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong and Yuta, feeling quite smug and proud of him selves that he had had that effect over you although really he’d prefer if you called him handsome but you probably call him that all the time anyway. Rolling their eyes and smirking as they enjoyed the show a flustered and flapping-hands Haechan was putting on for them, they’d actually refrain from telling you about his antics and wild reaction. Only if he kept talking about it and wouldn’t drop it ever, would they threaten him with it. He’d automatically turn shy, begging them not to tell you because he was embarrassed. In the end, they probably would, and you’d find it even more adorable, probably pinching his cheeks and cooing at him the next time you see him.

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Ok first off, holy fuck- FOR A NEW BLOG I LOVE IT HERE OMFG! And second, could you please write analogical first time? Logan wants to learn about sex first hand but doesnt feel comfortable with the other two. 💜💚💙❤

Omg thank you so much! And your prompt… that’s so.. cute?? And pure?.?? I am a maiden of darkness and sin, but I will do my best!

Warnings: For once, none? Maybe cavities from the fluff.


Logan had read plenty about sex, thank you very much. He knew how it worked, what responses it triggered in one’s anatomy. And under a daylight sun, that was enough for him. Yet, watching as the world shone this seemingly messy, animalistic practice in a spotlight, showing it as the ultimate act of love… it made him wonder.
So, with his normally icy heart beating quickly, he decided that maybe he should just partake in this activity.
To figure it out…. For science.

So, not wanting to be patronized by Patton, nor mocked by Princey, Logan moved to his last option’s room.
He lifted his fist to the door, ready to knock when suddenly-
The door was opened, revealing a significantly undressed Virgil. A violet band t-shirt lain over broad shoulders, and loosely tied sweatpants hung low from sharp hips, revealing tantalizing pale skin that trailed down, down, down, until-

“Uh, my eyes are up here,” Virgil snarked, and immediately, a flush coloring his sharp cheek bones, Logan’s head shot up to meet Virgil’s uncannily calm brown eyes.
Logan bristled.

“A-Ah, yes, sorry,” Logan apologized, “I was a little thrown by the lack of your usual attire.” Virgil nodded, running a lazy hand through his hair.

“Yeah, it’s whatever.” Virgil eyed him, brown and predatory in his gaze. “So, wha’d you want?” He asked, eyes finally connecting back to Logan’s like magnets, snapping together and connecting with such force that neither could tear away.

“I… um,” Logan’s usually limber lips clumsily formed around each of the words he couldn’t say.
What on earth was wrong with him?

‘It’s just sex, people do it all the time!’

Virgil’s eyes widened, a flush coming to his cheeks.
Shit, he’d spoken aloud, hadn’t he?

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50+ Followers & Karasuno Mistletoe Special!

AN: Happy Holidays, everyone! As a thank you for 50+ followers, I wanted to write Christmas scenarios of you under the mistletoe with our favorite Karasuno boys. They, uh, turned out to be quite long…. Daichi will be shown first and the rest of the boys will be under the cut. I hope you all enjoy!

DAICHI: School had been out for winter break for about a week now, and that meant that volleyball practice had been on hiatus due to the holiday season. It was quite relaxing for everyone, really, but the team had missed each other so much that Coach Ukai agreed to hold a small holiday get-together before everyone left on vacation (thanks to Takeda-sensei’s begging).

As one of the older managers, you helped Kiyoko and Hitoka decorate Coach Ukai’s home with tinsel, candy canes, and per Hitoka’s request, mistletoe.

“_____-chan, you know it won’t be Christmas without mistletoe!” Hitoka beamed, shoving the plastic plant to your chest.

You pouted. “What if you and Yamaguchi fell under the mistletoe!? Will you really kiss him?”

“_-____-chan!! You don’t have to actually kiss under the mistletoe!! T-that’s just tradition!!” her cheeks burned a bright red.

Knowing the boys, you knew that if you, Kiyoko, or Hitoka fell under the mistletoe with them, they would probably attempt to kiss either of you, without any hesitation at all. But you only wanted to kiss one person, and one person only.

The whole team had finally arrived around dinner time. Sugawara was the only one dressed appropriately with an ugly sweater. But your attention was focused on Daichi the entire night. He looked so good in green….

Your relationship with Daichi would not have existed without the volleyball team. You didn’t meet him until you and Kiyoko joined as managers, and you were so thankful for that. You fell for Daichi almost as soon as you met him. He was friendly, reliable, smart, and so much more. He was simply amazing.

You were chatting with Sugawara about his sweater when Daichi approached you two.

“Thank you for planning all of this, _____-san,” he smiled. Boy, did you love that smile.

“It wasn’t all me,” you messed with the hem of your sweater. “Kiyoko and Hitoka-chan helped, too.” You noticed that the his mug that was once filled with hot chocolate was empty. “Do you want more hot chocolate?”

Daichi gave you his signature smile that made your cheeks flush. “I’d like that.”

You grabbed his mug and he followed you into the kitchen.

“_____-san,” he said. You turned to look at him with curious eyes. God, you were so cute. “Can you do me a favor?”

“Of course. What do you need?”

“Can you look up?”

Confused, you looked up and your eyes widened. You saw one of the mistletoe hanging from the ceiling. Had you hung that there earlier…?

“M-mistletoe,” you stuttered.

“You know what people do under the mistletoe, right?” Daichi teased.

“Of course I do!”

“Then can I kiss you?”

You felt your face burn as hot as the stove. Had Sawamura Daichi really asked you to kiss him under the mistletoe? How could you decline?

Instead of answering verbally, you leaned into him slowly. He cupped your face with his hands and kissed you. His lips were so soft and boy, did he know how to kiss. You could feel every emotion he felt fo you. You felt like you were melting into him.

Christmas was your new favorite holiday.

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linathequeenhauchard-blog  asked:

The DR1 boys with a cold S/O who never laughed in front of them but one day they literally burst out laughing for something stupid the boys did

Had a lot of fun writing this one!

Makoto Naegi

  • He understood that it was your personality to be cold
  • But sometimes he just wants to see you smile or laugh
  • (Has actually spent some time trying to get you to laugh but has always failed)
  • Thankfully his luck helps him out with this
  • You two were walking down the stairs one day when he tripped
  • And when he tripped he means his while shoe came off of his foot as he fell
  • Thankfully someone was at at the bottom of the stairs to break his fall
  • Unfortunately it was Byakuya
  • So he’s at the bottom of the stairwell (hurt a bit but not really) laying on top of a confused and angry Byakuya
  • When he hears a wonderful noise
  • He looks up to see you laughing at him
  • (A cute puppy dog look sprawls itself across his face)
  • Doesn’t pay attention to Byakuya lecturing him at all and doesn’t mind getting shoved off
  • The only thing on his mind is trying to figure out a way to make you laugh again

Byakuya Togami

  • Doesn’t mind the fact that your cold since so is he
  • What he does mind is the fact that you have heard his laugh but he has never heard yours
  • Now that was unfair
  • He gets to hear you laugh on your birthday surprisingly enough
  • He heard (cough eavesdropped on) you talking with your friends about how you always wanted to be surprised with breakfast in bed one day
  • So why not do it on your birthday
  • Unfortunately because of his pride he does not ask any of his servants for help and instead tries to make it himself
  • Keyword tries
  • You walk in on him trying and failing miserably to make some pancakes
  • (Smoke fills the kitchen and you can see his servants nervously looking at him)
  • Seeing the Ultimate Affluent Progeny fail at such a simple task… you couldn’t help but laugh
  • He is shocked at hearing your laugh but quickly recovers
  • (You two decide to eat out for breakfast today instead)

Mondo Owada

  • It was weird for him that you didn’t laugh or smile much
  • But hey that was just you
  • He first hears your laugh one day when you he’s walking you home from a date.
  • You two were saying your goodbyes when your Pomeranian (Pom) heard your voice from behind the door and ran outside to greet you.
  • He audibly gasped as the small dog eagerly yipped at you
  • He knelt down and put his hand out in front of him
  • And when Pom licked him and went for pets he lost it
  • “Awww! Whose a good boy! Whoose a good doggy, you are! You are!”
  • Seeing a tough guy like Mondo use a cute baby voice and gush over a small dog like this
  • You burst out laughing (which caused Mondo to blush darkly)
  • From there on, he starts showing you more of his soft side (which in turn made you giggle)

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • Now he first heard your laugh before you two got together
  • He had no idea how to ask you out
  • So naturally he asked his classmates for help
  • Thankfully Leon and Junko gave him some full proof lines that were guarantee to get you to go out with him!
  • (God Ishimaru you pure bean never take those two advise!)
  • He waited until you two were alone
  • He pulled out his notebook and then told you
  • “It’s handy that I have my library card because I’m totally checking you out!”
  • …What..?
  • He blushed as you kept looking at him and decided to try to next one written
  • “Are you a musician vampire? Because my organ is filling up with blood.”
  • (Taka why)
  • Maybe the next one would work
  • That’s what broke you and you couldn’t help the laughter that escaped your mouth
  • (But Leon and Junko were very surprised when he told them that their lines worked and that you two were now dating)

Leon Kuwata

  • You two were such polar opposites
  • And though he has seen your smile, he wanted to see you laugh
  • Thus he tried everything he could think of to make you laugh
  • (Cute animal videos nothing, jokes nothing)
  • It seemed like nothing he could do would make you crack
  • Until finally he managed to it it (by complete accident no less)
  • He was dared by a couple friends of his to see how many baseballs he could juggle
  • And you just so happen to walk in to see Leon attempt to juggle 5 baseballs… only for them to fall on top of his head
  • As he groaned and held the top of his head in pain he heard it
  • The beautiful sound of your laughter
  • A goofy smile came across his face
  • (Then on he actually did try to learn to juggle… and with many failures he managed to it it eventually)

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • He was another one that found it a bit weird about how cold you ere
  • But when you reassured him that it was just your personality, he understood
  • He heard your laugh for the first time when he introduced you to Alter Ego
  • “Oh so your the Mistress that Master has told!”
  • He blushed so hard at that and tried to stammer to you that he didn’t tell Alter Ego to call you that
  • “But since you are my Master and she is dating you that makes her my Mistress correct!”
  • Alter Ego staph please
  • Watching his face get so red and seeing him trying to argue with his own A.I.
  • The giggle that escaped you made Chihiro go silent
  • God that was a cute noise
  • “Don’t worry Master I made sure to record that sound clip!”

Hifumi Yamada

  • He didn’t mind your personality much tbh
  • It was obvious you were a Kuudere after all!!
  • You were helping him at an anime convention when he first heard your laugh (You were dressed up as Kanade Tachibana while Hifumi was Yuzuru Otonashi) ((both are characters from Angel Beats!)
  • You two were working at a booth selling prints when you heard Hifumi a loud squeal
  • “Princess Piggles! May I take your photograph!”
  • He saw a Princess Piggles cosplayer and was instantly fanboying
  • Seeing Hifumi getting so excited over a cosplayer (who let Hifumi take several pictures and even gave him their card for their cosplay blog)
  • You couldn’t help the giggle that escaped you
  • Hifumi blushed hearing this
  • “So the rumors that a Kuudere’s laugh has magical properties are correct..”
  • (When you offer to cosplay Princess Piggles next year he instantly hugs you)

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • (When isn’t this man doing something silly)
  • You two were hanging out one day at your house
  • He went to get himself a glass of water when he threw himself into your lap crying
  • Confused you went into your kitchen and looked around
  • Everything seems normal..
  • “Mew..”
  • You look up to see your cat staring innocently at you from on top of the refrigerator which where the cereal is located.
  • Understanding the situation you burst out laughing.
  • Yasuhiro heard your laughter and hurried over to the kitchen
  • (“Yasuhiro meet your ghost.” “…. OH  MY GOD YOU HAVE A GHOST CAT”)
  • (Which leads to more laughter)

anonymous asked:

Imagine Kraglin falling for an artistic reader. She's technically part of the ravagers but she doesn't do anything hands on-she's kind of like a secretary! Anyways Kraglin always sees her drawing stuff but she never shows him what she made because "It's not done yet, Kraglin!" But one day he sneaks into her room and steals her sketchbook. Inside is drawings of the crew, Yondu, and even some of the Guardians! But none of him. He gets sad until he a journal full of drawings of just HIM💕


Watching Apéritif really reminds me of how different the show became in its later seasons and how much I adore everything about it

  • Will trembles so much (he needs to be cuddled asap)
  • Jack is like an overprotective mentor who probably refers to Will as ‘his baby’ in his head
  • On his airplane trip back home, Will probably bought the middle seat so he wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone
  • Will’s little ‘hello’ to stray!Winston made me cry
  • His ‘that’s right’ after correcting one of his dog’s misbehaviors and the dog listening to him was pure alpha male and I can’t stop imagining him saying that to Hannibal and Hannibal swooning
  • Will creeping out Team Science–CLASSIC
  • This show is so pretty gawd
  • Beverly not taking any of Zeller’s shit
  • Zeller not knowing how to react to this cute/creepy boy who Daddy Jack invited over 
  • Hannibal dining by himself and smiling not knowing he’s about to have his entire life fucked up by the rudest and more adorable man ever
  • And here is the appearance of my favorite Hannibal suit–the bight blue lovefest of fabric
  • Jack sucking up to Hannibal and Hannibal not buying it is great
  • Love at first sight–Will can’t stop staring and neither can Hannibal and I might be crying don’t look at me
  • Will is so rude to Hannibal and Hannibal is already ‘I want to take you to Paris and ruin you and get rug burn on my knees’
  • Will making a comic book joke–does this mean he’s watched all the MCU movies? does he read the comics? is he #teamsteve or #teamtony???
  • I love you Jimmy Price
  • Will’s hair is A++++
  • Oh yes, the sexy back scene that inspired so so much breast clutching
  • Will don’t be jealous that Uncle Jack found another boy he likes
  • Will naked and showering and imagining a stag leering at him–yes this show is for me
  • Will and Hannibal’s first date, it goes about as well as one could expect with a just-woken-up Will, like goddamn Will be nice jfc he’s your future husband
  • Will being sassy and Hannibal making him laugh is pretty much the best thing ever
  • Also, Will wasn’t wearing his glasses during his breakfast date with Hannibal *flails*
  • ‘What are you smiling at?’ Will says, teasing this strange man just a bit but unable to keep the hostility in check.
  • The woman at the construction site needs her own show, she is done with everything and everyone and she is perfect
  • Hannibal you lazy ass dick, pick those files up
  • Hannibal ‘Im gonna fuck the world up because I can’ Lecter
  • Will covered in blood does things to me and definitely to Hannibal
  • Hannibal take your time helping out, no rush, go get a latte, no worries here *Will has a breakdown and Abigail is running out of blood*
  • I wonder who drove Will home and if they tried to console him/start a conversation with him and did Will proceed to vomit all over their car
  • THE SONG, oh god this is the best song ever and I just want to listen to it for the rest of my life
  • Hannibal sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever
  • Will looking at Hannibal sleeping in the most uncomfortable position ever, wondering where they all fit in, how he fits in, to this odd little scene

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How do you think the suitors and mc's first kiss went? x3


Lol, I think we get an idea in their routes ;) I don’t remember them all though errr…

Leo - he kissed her on their trip to town, and maybe he tasted like caramel and honey candy, but I guess it wasn’t enough to stop him from getting slapped 😂 he’s tough tho, he didn’t let that deter him.

Louis - he kissed her when she’d been kidnapped (I think?), the first time he shows his true feelings, I picture him being all sweaty and breathless and just acting out of pure emotion…

Giles - ugh, I don’t remember… but what if she was truly naive and he gave her a kissing lesson? How cute would that be? He’d cup her chin and lay a soft kiss on her lips, he tastes like coffee, lol.

Sid - this was the craziest I think, when they kissed when he took her to visit her student. Sid doesn’t hold anything back, I think he was surprised at how the kiss made him feel, he thought it’d be another kiss- but it really tugged at his heart.

Nico - heeeh, another I’m not so good at remembering. They couldn’t have been tickling each other, playing around when his lips found hers, how cute and sweet. No matter what, Nico tastes like pink cotton candy 🍭 🍬

Byron - their first kiss was when the Princess asked about the story, the girl kissing the wolf. Byron asks her if she wants to kiss him and see. She’s embarrassed about it, he’s unemotional, but I think things are really starting to stir at this point.

Robert - I don’t remember this … ehhh… I think it may have been after she was kidnapped. I think Robert tried to hide his feelings for a long time because she had been his student.

Alyn - he kisses her first I believe, in her room and she’s shocked, but there’s something going on at that point between them. I think he’d just had enough, and he hadn’t always been great with words, so he wanted to show her how much she meant.

Albert - we haven’t seen this yet in his route, but I imagine him being nervous, but bold, and there’s a lot of emotion in it and it’s the first time he really shows vulnerability to the Princess :)


Wow ok Gene’s body is super hard to draw and finding his pallet colors were going to be impossible thank metallicartist you gave the colors. I pushed on  purely to show I love Gene and stone heart. Sorry I really love this comic and the other character Manic I swear that I made him before I saw stone heart I just laugh how similar they are. and they are talking how they got in this mess. Manic doesn’t look like this normally.

Look at this cute little guy! He’s adorable!!!!!! Gene loves to talk with new people.

The Starfire Solo from a First Generation American’s Point of View

Since the Starfire solo series came out, I’ve seen a considerable amount of criticism for the title. To me, this criticism makes sense because of the sheer amount of infantilism, slut shaming, and general OOC-ness Starfire endures. However, I’m not going to talk about that as you can probably guess from the title. @hellakoriandr wrote a great, all-encompassing post about that here, that pretty much covers all the bases, if you would like to know more.

I’m writing this post because there’s a common defense used for the solo that I would like to address: “Starfire isn’t dumb, she’s an immigrant ignorant of Earth’s culture. If you call out this characterization, you’re xenophobic and racist.”

I’m a first generation “American.” My parents were both born in Costa Rica, my entire family is from and lives in Costa Rica. My sister and I are the first in our family to be born in a different country and grow up here. American culture is so very different from our own; everyone in our family speaks Spanish as our first language, and English as our second.

This is where that defense of the solo is personally offensive to me and my family. Aside from RHaTO, Starfire has been increasingly portrayed as not just ignorant of Earth’s culture, but as dumb in general. Starfire’s characterization took a step back in the Teen Titans 2003 animated series. As much as I love the show, her TV portrayal only retains about 20 percent of Starfire’s original character.

Her style of speaking is way exaggerated, awkwardly saying “the” before nouns; repeatedly making language mistakes like “the mall of shopping” and so forth. However, at her core she was not stupid and displayed intelligence in episodes such as Troq and Bethrothed. She understood social cues and I think that’s one aspect of her the writers got right. Although she comes from a different culture, she understands social norms and doesn’t do anything over-the-top odd. It’s obvious the writers were just trying to make her seem more foreign, even if they do it in unimaginative and nonsensical ways.

Her characterization takes another big step backwards in the 2013 series Teen Titans Go!, a straightforward dumbed-down comedy version of the original show. TTG! focuses on slapstick humor rather than clever jokes, which makes sense, because its intended audience is comprised of 6-11 year olds. Every character is a caricature of their 2003 TV series self, so it’s not surprising that Starfire has been demoted to the role of pretty and dumb but naively, nice girl. All glimpses of Starfire’s intelligence are lost, and she mostly goes through the show being oblivious and “too nice” for this world. The other characters suffered this transition too. Robin is obsessive, painfully awkward, and tyrannical. Raven is secretly into Pretty Pretty Pegasus. So I don’t really see the harm. It’s not like a kids’ show is the reason DC is going to suddenly start portraying Dick Grayson as an emotionally unstable jerk in his comic iteration, right? It wouldn’t make any sense to translate a character that’s unrealistic, stereotypical, and aimed solely at young children to a comic book series marketed towards young women, right?

Starfire takes a final blow in the Starfire solo series, and it goes beyond Teen Titans Go!. She doesn’t understand cultural norms to the point where it’s unrealistic and awkward. Beyond cultural differences, Starfire simply acts dumb. It’s insulting to me and everyone living in a country with different cultural values than their own, that people are attributing Starfire’s sheer lack of intelligence to her foreignness. Ignorance does not equal lack of intelligence, and Starfire is exhibiting both.

(Starfire #3)

When Starfire shakes baking soda into her mouth, she’s not being ignorant of the fact that baking soda isn’t something you eat. She is acting illogically.

The fact that she didn’t read the warning on the side of the box which is made so plainly obvious to the reader, or that she didn’t maybe just dip her finger in the substance and sample it before flipping the box over her mouth, or maybe just think “hey, this isn’t a bubbling liquid like the other sodas” is illogical. I don’t know if anyone under the age of ten would do that in a foreign country, let alone a foreign world. The fact that people are labelling this behavior as one of immigrants is beyond insulting. The only reason this panel is in this series is so the audience thinks of Starfire as a naive, helpless girl that needs people to help guide her through life. This is infantilization and not a characteristic of immigrants.

I also see a lot of defenses of her speech patterns, which I would understand if she had not already learned the English language perfectly.

(Starfire #3)

This sounds like a joke to me. She asks, “Will I hurt it?” I’m not familiar with Tamaran, but I’m pretty sure that if you want to eat something you think is alive, you have to hurt it. Please, tell me again how this is pure cultural ignorance.

(Starfire #3)

It’s almost as if this panel was made to make me angry. These sparkling thought bubbles show up every issue and sure, it’s a cute idea. ‘Hey, let’s put pictures inside bubbles, that sounds good.’ But it comes off incredibly dumb; she has the thought bubbles because she doesn’t understand American sayings and idioms, which infuriates me.

Growing up knowing more English than my parents, I’ve had a lifetime of family members asking me to explain sayings and idioms. They’re probably what my parents struggle with the most, even after knowing English for over 20 years. Sayings and idioms are used more often than you’d think. You can know a language perfectly and still get tripped up on them because there’s no rules to them. But I’ll be damned if my parents or anyone who doesn’t know English as their first language ever thought that “have a drink and meal on me” for a second meant actually eating food off a person’s head.

There are several other instances that offend me if people are attributing all of Kory’s actions to cultural ignorance, but this post is long enough. This post is directed at people who think that Starfire’s cultural ignorance is an excuse for the lazy and demeaning writing that portrays Starfire this way. Your desperate attempts to defend this problematic title is offensive. My people, and immigrants in general, are not your way out. I don’t know if the writers use the same excuse, but I doubt they are going to admit they’re writing her as an idiot. Please stop portraying Starfire’s lack of intelligence as the behavior of all immigrants. It’s xenophobic on top of an already sexist title.

I was actually excited when I heard about the series. Starfire is one of my favorite characters and the series was originally described as following her journey as she learns about earth’s culture and finds her place in society. As a first generation American, that subject interests me greatly and I saw overwhelming potential for the series. Starfire’s ignorance of earth’s culture in New Teen Titans was the most I’ve ever related to a character in terms of cultural identity. People assumed she was dumb and she would prove them wrong. She learned to respect earth’s social norms while still staying true to her Tamaranean identity. Eventually, she even considered earth more of a home than Tamaran, despite its vastly different culture. She was an inspiration to me, especially since I never felt as though I belonged in neither Costa Rica nor the U.S. She was an incredible example of dealing with cultural discrepancies beyond language barriers for me and others like me.

(New Teen Titans v1 #31)

Long live New Teen Titans Starfire. She’s my hero.

Love At First Sight Pt 3

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3


Your POV

You wake up lifting your head off of Johnson’s chest. You start to remember what happened last night. You’re still curious as to how you were going to get home. You got up and walked to the bathroom ton wash your face and brush your teeth. You go to leave the bathroom but stop as you walk into Johnson. “Good morning” he said with a smile on his face. “Good morning” you say smiling back. You were nervous, but you are also excited to be with them. You walk and sit back on the bed you slept in. “Sorry about that last night” Gilinsky says to you. “Why are you sorry?” You ask. There was no reason for him to apologize. “I feel bad, maybe I should have went a little easier on her” he explains. “She shouldn’t have gone after someone with a girlfriend. If anything I should be apologizing.” You say. He laughs. “Thanks. You’re pretty cool you know?” He says before joining Johnson in the bathroom. You open up your suitcase and grab some clothes to change into. As soon as the Jack’s walk out of the bathroom you walk in to change. You stare in the mirror for a while, you still can’t believe what is happening. You’re four hours away from home completely alone with two, technically, strangers. You hear a knock on the door

“Hey we’re going to go check out the venue you want to come?” Johnson asks. You open the door. “Yeah sure I’d love to.” You say enthusiastically. Johnson is in a dead stare at you. Both of you are silent for a minute. “Is everything okay?” You ask breaking the silence. “Yeah, you just look amazing.” He says. “Thank you.” You respond. You walk out and head into the elevator. You notice the two Jacks fight over who pushes the button. You couldn’t help but laugh at how immature they were acting. But it was cute.  You get outside and they walk into the tour bus, you’re hesitant at first, but then follow. The bus was huge and the interior was gorgeous. You’ve never been on a tour bus before so it was exciting to finally see one. They’re almost like mini hotels. You sit down on a couch in the front of the bus and Johnson sits next to you. You look out the window and watch the buildings go by. You’ve never been to this city before, it was cool to experience new things.

When you got to the venue the bus parked in the back area. You guys start to walk inside and when you get through the door you feel Johnson grab your left hand in his. He looks at you and smiles. You follow his lead. Your head looks down to the floor and your cheeks start to cramp from smiling so hard. You get to the main part of the venue and look up. It was cool to see the venue empty before anybody got there. It was only you guys and the crew. All of the equipment was already set up so they decided to start practicing. You stood in the general admissions area and watched in awe. You never thought that you would have your own private show by the both of them. It was a dream come true. Your phone starts ringing halfway through the set list. It’s your mom. You pick it up. “Hey how is everything going?” She asks. You didn’t want to tell her about your friend lashing out and you being there alone with two guys yet. “Everything is going great!” You respond. “Awesome. Take lots of pictures for me!” She says. “Trust me. I will” you say. You finish up the call and hang up. “Who was that?” Johnson asks. “Just my mom checking in” you say. “You didn’t tell her about your friend did you?” He said laughing. You laugh back. “No and I don’t plan to” you say. “Don’t worry, one day I’ll meet her and she’ll be okay with us hanging out.” He responded winking. He shoots you smile before taking your hand and walking you around the venue. He takes you through the backstage area and in the green room. You can’t help but let your focus drift off to him. He was so excited to be around you. He wanted to tell and show you everything. It was amusing to see someone cares that much. Especially someone who you’ve devoted your life to buying all of their music and tickets to their concerts.

After a couple hours you guys decide to go get lunch. You walk outside and you notice about 10 fans out there. You get nervous. “Who is that?” One of them says. “Why is she holding hands with Johnson?” Johnson walks towards the fans and takes pictures. He signs a couple things as well. While he is doing all of that, you stand off on the sidewalk. A couple of the fans shoot you dirty looks when the boys aren’t looking. Johnson constantly turns his head back to you to make sure you’re still there and safe. He then said goodbye to all of them and proceeded to take your hand and walk away. “Why is Johnson with someone so ugly?” You heard someone scream. Your heart drops. Why would someone be so mean? You hold your head down to the ground. “She’s a lot prettier than you!” You hear Gilinsky yell, traveling not too far behind you guys. You laugh at his comment. It was nice to see him stick up for you. “Please don’t listen to them. They’re just jealous.” Johnson says. You guys eat lunch and then head back to the venue. Passing a group of about 40 fans this time. None made a comment. Just a bunch of dirty stares.

Johnson’s POV

During the meet and greet I kept looking over to Y/n. She would always laugh at the funny pictures some of the fans would make us take. It was cute to see how much she would support us. She never showed jealousy. It was pure confidence. But not in a cocky way. A laid back, chill way. Before the show started I got nervous. I know she saw the last one but this time I knew she was here. We did our regular prayer before heading onto stage. I gave y/n a tight hug before running out. The show went as per usual only I could not keep my mind off of what the fans said to y/n. I don’t want to scare her off, she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me even though I only met her a couple days ago. If we do date I do know that is going to come with it but I did not think that it would happen this soon. All’s I know is I will protect her from it as much as I can. Every once in a while I would look off the stage and see her jamming out. I wish I could have recorded it. It was priceless. She knew every word to every song. I knew in that moment I definitely chose the right person to be with.

Your POV


The concert ends and security walks you out onto the tour bus before the fans get outside. But it was too late. There was already 30-50 outside. “Hey there’s that bitch again.” “Leave them alone you whore!” The words echo through your mind. Not only are you stressed about just losing your best friend and being stranded four hours from home, but now the fans hate you. You walk to the back of the bus and cry. You wanted to get it out before the boys got back on, which didn’t take long. You hear them climb onto the bus and you quickly dry your face. You lay down and pretend to be half asleep. Both Jacks walk in. “Damn were we really that bad?” Gilinsky says. You can’t help but laugh. “She’s pretending” Johnson says sitting next to your head running his finger through your hair. You open your eyes. “You guys were unbelievable” You say. Gilinsky bends his head down to look at you. “Are you crying?” he exclaims. “Damn Johnson we must of really fucked up tonight we have to get back on our game.” He says jokingly. Johnson takes it seriously. He kneels down in front of you. “Is everything okay?” he asks. Making eye contact. “Yes I’m just stressed and home sick I promise.” You say. “Home sick? You just got here” he says. “Yeah but I’m out here alone with no way home.” You explain. “The fans didn’t say something to you again did they?” Gilinsky asks. Shooting you a ‘you better tell me look’. You go to say yes but then hesitate and shake your head no. Johnson catches on. “Don’t lie to me.” He says staring deep into your eyes. You finally nod yes. He pulls you into a hug. “Please don’t let them get to you. I know it’s easier said than done but, I need you out here with me.” He says. “My mom is expecting me home tomorrow she doesn’t even know my friend left what am I going to do?” You ask. The Jacks look at each other then look back at you. “Looks like you’re running away and coming with us.” Gilinsky says before laying down in his bunk. You give Johnson a distressed look showing you were being literal. “Come on let’s get some sleep. We’ll talk about it in the morning.” He says quietly. The bus ride back to the hotel was dark and quiet. You head up to your room and sit on your bed. You look around and feel empty. No one is there with you. Instead of being depressed and letting it take over you, you knock on Johnson’s door. “Do you think I can sleep on the other bed in your room tonight?” You ask him. “Of course” he says laughing. You lay down and you’re finally calm enough to fall asleep.

*This is not edited so I apologize a head of time for grammar/spelling mistakes*


Imagine Sam is stressed out, so you decide to show him how to relax.


@uniquelyobsessed said:

Could you do one where Sam has been really stressed so you decide to make him take a break and try to show him how to play (that’s what you do when stressed) and maybe because of how close you’re sat when doing this you kiss him and just cute fluff.

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word Count: Approx. 900

Warnings: pure fluff

Need to know: I really enjoyed writing this request. I hope it is half of what you were expecting! Enjoy!

Imagine Sam is stressed out, so you decide to show him how to relax.

Sam slammed his fists against the wooden table. “Dammit!” He bellowed.

You looked up at him from across the table. His brow was furrowed, the wrinkles on his forehead prominent. The sight of him made you giggle slightly, and it was not missed by Sam.

“You think this is funny, Y/N? I’ve been staring at this stupid book for hours. I can’t find anything,” he said clearly exasperated as he shoved the book toward you then ran his hands through his long brown hair. “If you think this is so funny, you see what you can find.” He fell back in his chair, his arms crossed firmly across his chest.

He was glaring at you and you couldn’t help but laugh again. “Sam, I think I have a much better idea,” you said as you closed the book he had slid across the table. You got up from your seat and ran from the room. Sam couldn’t help but smile at your enthusiasm, his shoulders relaxing slightly as he watched you run down the hall.

You returned moments later, carrying something in your hands. Sam immediately knew what you were up to. “Oh God, Y/N not that again!” Sam moaned.

You tossed your head back and laughed loudly. “You know you love it, Sammy. Besides it’ll help you take your mind off things,” you said as you waved the controllers at him. “I know you’re just worried I’ll kick your ass like I did last time. I am the Call Of Duty queen after all,” you said with a smile.

At that proclamation, Sam stood and quickly approached you. “You’re on, Y/L/N!” he said with a smile as he reached for one of the controllers.

You pulled the control away just in time so that he missed it. You smiled mischievously at him and took off running for the living room. You could hear him bounding behind you. You chanced a glance back and realized your mistake too late.

He closed his long arms around your waist and swung you around, both of you falling onto the couch. He managed to wrestle a controller away from you and waved it out of your reach victoriously. “I’m gonna kick your ass this time,” he said smugly.

“Oh really, Winchester? Have you been practicing without your mentor?” You asked in mock horror placing your hand on your chest. “Will the pupil become the master tonight?” you smiled over at him.

“Ha ha, smartass. Let’s play.” He said as he turned to the television with a determined look on his face. He looked so serious except for the small smile that had creeped up on his lips.

You pressed the PS button to turn on the PS4. You set the game up and walked Sam through how to set up his weapons the way he liked them. You laughed quietly as you watched him lick his bottom lip while he was concentrating. He was so cute when he took something so fun so seriously.

Several hours passed while the two of you fought each other over and over again. Sam won a handful of games, but of the twenty or so rounds you played, he had managed to win about four of them.

During the last game, your final kill was Sam’s character. You laughed menacingly has you pumped your fists in the air victoriously. Sam looked at you and smirked before he reached for your controller. “The queen’s weapon must be destroyed,” he yelled as he launched himself at you. He fell on top of you as he was trying to reach for the controller, and one of his hands fell to the side of your face. He placed the other hand on your waist and leaned down to you, his eyes trained on your lips as he did so.

Your lips met and it was glorious. He moved his lips languidly against yours, forcing his tongue into your mouth. A low moan escaped you as his hand travelled up your shirt and grazed your side. Sam pulled away, breathing heavily and snatched the controller from your limp hand. “Victory,” he said with a devilish smirk.

You reached up and pulled his lips back to yours. He quickly dropped the control on the floor as his hands found your waist. He kissed you more fiercely this time, sending a shock through your entire body. He pulled away with a grin. “I’m pretty sure I just won,” he said as he kissed your neck.

You ran your hands across his chest. “Well, I managed to distract you from our case, kick your ass at Call of Duty, and lure you in with my sex appeal. I definitely am still the queen.” You smiled at him as you sat up next to him on the couch.

He wrapped his arms around you and you looked into his eyes. “You are definitely a beautiful queen,” he breathed before kissing you again. Maybe you should help Sam de-stress more often you thought to yourself as you got lost in the kiss, running your hands through his long hair. You could definitely get used to this.

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Maid's Handmade Parfait

Anime: Amnesia
Appearance: Episode 5
Time: about 5 hours plus overnight for the ice cream
Serving: Depends on how much ice cream you use for each

So I know it’s been awhile but I’m back! Now first off I made the ice cream mostly because well if I’m going to make it why not show you how to make it from scratch. You dont have to do this, and if you dont have an ice cream maker it will be easier to just buy some ice cream and make it look cute. I made vanilla ice cream because it’s a basic one and because the source picture looked like that’s the ice cream they used.


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anonymous asked:

Hey, what does Dev stands for in your name? Deverson? Devon? Devrath?



oH HUNNY. Dev is for Devina. But yeah Dev for short omg im still loling. People pretty much just call me Dev, even though my real nickname is Dea 


I have to be honest that this chapter really touched me , I know how it feels to create something and get depressed by the huge amount of critics ,you only want to give up , you think your work sucks , and what you do is worthless , you’re so busy thinking about the negative part when there’s  some people that really admire what you do , that you actually inspire others , it was really cute and lotte’s words really made me feel better , this show is so pure and cute I love it so much 

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youtu(.)be/3pTmLzJEa0I This is such an amazing video~ Producer really shows how much he loves going to Diamond Edge~ And especially Jeonghan~ :)

omg I didn’t know he went to diamond edge! I watched a video of him fangirling over jeonghan before and it was awesome, he also live streamed their arrival to LA back in april! honestly he seems so nice and his love for svt (especially our cute jeonghan) is so pure! Thanks for sending me this video, I really loved it and it made me so happy<3!

Time to end the misery. The bullying. The crying.

Hello there fellow SasuKarin shippers. It has been over a month now that we were confronted by the terrible ending of the Naruto series. To us lovers of SasuKarin SasuSaku was a painful slap to the face. That day I was at school. A place I hate anyway. A place where only misery hunts me. I looked forward to the last two chapters of Naruto. I was excited. So much. I wanted to see Team Taka reunite with Sasuke. It was what I hoped for so much. None of my hopes became reality and there I was - devasted. Shaking full of despair. I did not know how to deal with it. I was unable to eat for two days. Pathetic right? Hah.. yes I know.. I am so pathetic that I can’t even stand myself anymore.

Of course, the endgame shipments were not the only thing that pained me. By being on sites like tumblr, facebook, twitter I was still able to see my OTP live. By reading beautiful fanfics and by realizing I was not alone. I tried to smile and be happy. Even though ever since Naruto ended there hasn’t been a single day without tears.

SasuSaku instead of SasuKarin becoming canon was painful enough but something else destroyed my soul completely.

Ever since Karin has been introduced she was my favorite character. Before that, Sasuke was my favorite character. Why? Because I identify with those two. I lost both of my parents in a war overseas when I was fairly young. From then on I went from orphanage to orphanage, from one family to another. I lived under cruel conditions and I was never able to forget the dying faces of my parents. I cried so much. I cried and cried. There seemed to be no escape. Every orphanage I have been at, every family that adopted me was abusive. I have never known anything else but beatings, mockings, starving and being called ugly and stupid. I hid in my room every day. I was praying that I would turn 18 as soon as possible so I could stand on my own two feet. And then it finally happened! I turned 18 some months ago and I was finally able to live on my own. Ever since my parents died I had but one happiness. The Naruto series. Again, quite pathetic right? Heh… I was never able to make a single friend. Whenever I tried I was used. Dragged somewhere to be fooled and mocked. There was no happiness in my life, just this series named Naruto. Sasuke - the man I identified with always made me feel like I can go on. And then Karin was introduced. A girl who had suffered the same fate as Sasuke and me. I loved her. So much. So genuinely. And since she too was a female I could identify with her so much better than with Sasuke. Her witty conversations with Suigetsu and Jugo always made me smile. They relaxed me and made me forget everything that ever happened to me. And when she showed her affection for Sasuke I was fangirling over how cute her love for him was! If back when I was bullied by other children, beaten and mocked, no parents or family to give me hold, if by that time someone came by and saved me from my abusers. I would love him for eternity. I would devote my entire being to him. This is why - I could always absolutely understand Karin’s love for Sasuke. It was genuine and pure. But like me, she was bad at expressing her feelings. Aren’t we all a little weird at trying though?

Sasuke did not have the chance to find out how genuine her feelings were. Their care for one another shown whenever they save each other could be seen as “just working well together” by either party. But clearly to me, they loved each other! Sasuke did not believe Karin loved him. And neither did Karin believe Sasuke could ever love her.

And now.. Karin is left all alone. She was not even around Team Taka after the war. She is alone. As alone as she had been from the start. Alone and hurt. The same as me right now. The same as me several years ago. This is, by far the more painful of the two. To know she was left alone. Who knows where..

I just want to say Thank you to everyone who has supported me. Everyone who has made me happy by beautiful SasuKarin fanarts /fictions. They made me happy when I thought there was nothing left for me to smile.

But I think, I can not hold up anymore. Ever since Naruto ended the shipping wars have become worse than ever. My facbook roleplay profile was reported over 40 times and disabled because I shipped with a Sasuke. I have been getting hate mail for posting SasuKarin stuff on my blogs and facebook. I have been getting death threats. I started to cry again, because all of this just reminded me on my past. Back when I had no friends and everyone was bullying me. The SasuKarin fandom is small and it gets bullied so heartlessly by the bigger fandom SasuSaku. Even if SasuKarin does not attack them, they feel the need to insult us, threaten us and harass us. I am sick of it. I don’t want to be bullied anymore. I don’t want to deal with this pain anymore. As I said, there is nothing else in my life that can make me happy but SasuKarin and Karin. But with this terrible hatred and the bullying just because I like a character that is not as popular as others I have lost everything. I feel caged. I can’t stand this anymore. So I decided that I will end it today. Everything. There is nothing left for me in this life. No happiness, no friendships, no love.

I would like to bid you all farewell. I envy all you people for being so strong. I wish I was like that. But I suppose the difference in our pasts might play a role. I am pathetic. I know that much already. I don’t need 1000 of SasuSaku shippers to tell me. I am weak and pathetic. And I decided to do myself and everyone else a favor and get rid off my existence.

Just know everyone who has brought me happiness by their fanarts. I love you. And thank you. I know you will be able to keep it strong and I am proud of you all!

I am happy right now actually. Happy to finally be freed from all this pain. Like Plato said, the human body is a cage. Only if it escapes that cage the soul can be truly free.

So this is my decision, good bye to everyone. And thank you once again!

BTS; Their S/O Being Gentle With Animals Of All Kinds

Anon Asked:  Hey, I love you guys but I’m too shy to come off anon >.< Can I get a BTS reaction to their girlfriend being really gentle with animals? Like constantly giving bumblebees water when she finds them on the ground and refusing to squish ants and trying to pet every single stray they come across and that sorta thing? I’m sorry if this is a weird one….😓

Oh no no you’re good sweetheart!~ It’s okay to be shy :-) Such a cute request ! Enjoy Dear :-)! We love you too~!

Seokjin: Right off the bat he fell more in love with you whenever he noticed how affectionate you were more towards the tinier living creatures. He too wanted to be like you and also be as nurturing as you were. So whenever you tried to help nurture a tiny and hurt animal back to good health, he tried his best to help you out as well so you too knew how much that he had cared.

“Jagiya!~ Awwww poor little guy! Is there anything I can do to help?” You’re Jimin

Originally posted by jiminstrash

Namjoon: Though he didn’t quite understand why you always stopped for every little insect as you walked, stopping him to make sure that he didn’t step on any of them around the both of you, it warmed his heart and soul to see you do such things. Of course everyone else didn’t care to watch their step as they walked all over the small insects, but it made him happy that you thought of not only the bigger animals, but the little guys as well.

“Oh my goshh babe!~ Forgive me ~ I swear I didn’t see that little fella right there, good thing you stopped me before I could crush him.”

Originally posted by najoobae

Yoongi: Just like Jin he had wanted to be of help as much as he could because he wanted to be supportive of it all. At first he as hesitant, poking fun at you saying things like ‘Why Jagi?’ to ‘Even the nasty bugs too?’ but after a while of seeing how much that it meant to you he decided make it something that was just as important to him as it was to you.

“AHHHHHH BABE!? I’m trying to help this little bird but all he does is keep screeching at me! Aishhhh! What gives?!”

“Yoongi you are just poking his wing that’s hurt.”

“How am I supposed to know what hurts him? I’m not a vet.”

Originally posted by 69kv

Hoseok: He found it the cutest and sweetest to know that you had so much care and love for all living things, both big and small so he did his best to support you. If he found an animal that was hurt, he brought it straight over to you, if he saw a bug he made sure that he placed it out of harms way and take it from the road or sidewalk, and set it down in a grassy area or on a tree. When it came to being around his hyungs, he still didn’t care if they gave him funny looks, he still did his best to keep every animal around him safe.

“TAE~! Watch out! There could be bugs over there~ A family of bugs mind you! Watch where you are throwing that thing!!!” *overprotective hoseok*

Originally posted by yoongiwara

Taehyung: Although he was fascinated by your love and affection towards animals, he worried that maybe all your affection and care would go only to them and you would forget him over time Although you both knew that would never happen, he still found ways to get your attention by either acting like an animals or even dressing up as one.

“Look baby~ I’m a shark. A shark that’s out of water. I need help too, to breathe, maybe a little mouth to mouth?”

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Jimin: He admired you much more after watching you give water and some food to the stray dogs in the area. It made him giddy just to see how cute and pure you looked while doing so, he could’t wrap his head around on how you ended up being his.

“Ahhhhh I love you so much Y/N!~ Honestly, I am the luckiest guy ever!!!~”

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Jungkook: Although he found it beyond adorable the way you cared for all living creatures, he didn’t want to show it in fear of being teased for being a softie. Instead he would joke around and playfully pretend that he was going to step on the bugs that seemed to find their way inside, but after you yelled out at him in a scolding manner he would chuckle before taking them in his hands and letting them free back outside.

“Look hey babe look! I’m going to step on this cricket, hahhahha just kidding baby I know that you would kill me before I do this little guy.”

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I get pretty angry

whenever I think about the censorship of Ruby’s and Sapphire relationship all over the world. It pisses me off so much… How are we ever going to reach equality if in the 21st century a lesbian couple is censored from a kids show? The first step to normalize the LGBT community is to educate children, that are the future generations. One of the best ways to approach them is, probably, through TV shows and cartoons, but the world is blind thinking about how the kids minds are going to get “corrupted” (pun intended) if they watch this, which is what worries me the most; the fact that some people truly believe that a lesbian relationship on Steven Universe can “corrupt” their children’s mind… I, sincerely, don’t understand this world anymore. (Besides, Ruby’s and Sapphire relationship is so pure… And so cute… It teaches the kids in the best way possible! It’s better than most of the heterosexual relationships we see on cartoons these days.) There’s so much progress to be made…

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DWTS Finale Thoughts: Why I'd Love to See Meryl Davis Win

Updated: I wanted to address the beautiful freestyle dance that Meryl and Maks performed. As a dancer it is extremely difficult to rely only on yourself and your partner to carry a dance theme. So many fine choreographers always use props or extra dancers to some degree. But the connection between these two is so emotionally powerful, they bared their souls and told  the story of their journey together - symbolically embracing each other physically just as they touched each other spiritually.

It is also worth noting  that these two had less time to prepare than they would have liked. That they fit in road travel mixed with long hours and stand ins at rehearsals, it is a testament to just how much trust and security each feels with each other to create a gift of a dance for them and for viewers. No bells or whistles needed - this was, as the judges noted, dance at it’s purest form. See their dance here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmexaOaVQcU

I've seen many dance couples compete, both in real life and on shows. Growing up within a family of dancers, I’ve seen many great dancers that I’ve enjoyed on SCD and Dancing With the Stars over the last 7 years. But I never was moved to actually vote until I saw Meryl Davis dance with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Within the 1st few weeks, I was deeply moved and inspired by this couple.

Meryl Davis, as skating fans know, is not just an Olympic Gold Medalist but a sweet, caring, supportive individual. She’s also a fantastic dancer, technically one of the best DWTS has seen. That she  has managed to be so technically precise in her movements while having to learn with dyslexia, (which she has always kept private) is a testament to her ability and character. ‘The clips of her being a true friend to Maksim were refreshing, new and touching. In the past, the pros(and Maks with frustration) were always teaching  and guiding the celebs, trying to make better dancers out of them. But here was a case of the student teaching the instructor how to become a better teacher and person - to stop and enjoy the process rather than obsess over the end result. What touched me is that this went beyond dancing - it was a case of someone caring enough to reach out to the person behind the teacher and actually take time to help him,  to encourage him to open up about insecurities. 

And it worked like magic. Each week, this shy girl learned from Maks how to come out of her shell and embrace various dance styles from cute to sultry to sexy while he learned from her how to have pure simple fun.It showed in each dance as her skill and his enthusiasm got better and better. What a transformation, knowing that he had to travel with her on her Stars on Ice Tour, putting in long hours of work for her and testing his patience level. Yet both have stated that it was tiring, but each got so much pleasure out of working with each other.

And don’t think their dances were easy. What’s amazing is how easy Meryl has made them look.  They remind me of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire - their connection is that strong as well as their ability to transport me to their own magical ballroom with each lovely, unique, emotionally stirring and entertaining dance.

In today’s cynical world, it is rare to find someone who inspires you to be a better person, who supports you when you fall back into old habits. In the dance world, it is even more rare to find partners who mutually bring the best out in each other. I believe that a dance show should reward not only the dancer with the best overall technique,  but the couple who has provided the inner beauty of two souls working in unity. Thank you Meryl and Maks.

Video of Their Journey From a Fan