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Power Transfer sigil (Galran version) 

For all your energy-moving needs if you need to redirect a large amount of energy towards a more aggressive or destructive working. Imprinting, charging, and releasing the sigil can and should be done with any objects, concepts, places, or even people that you wish to transfer from in mind or in the vicinity at the time. This should be done just before or during the working you’re transferring energy to. (Altean version here)

I admit, I’m more than a little late to the Voltron fandom, but I personally feel there’s a lot of pop culture magic potential there, so I ran with it, especially the parts that resonated with me. (Read: computer interfaces and sci-fi aesthetic.)

By the way, for those of you who recognize the text I used, yes, it’s from Lilo and Stitch, but the use was purely for aesthetic purposes since there’s no official Galran text. (If anyone actually finds a better match that’s available as a font file, please link it to me and I’ll remake it with that!)

(user-friendly, black and white version under the cut.)

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Tumblr has accelerated the development of fetish communities to the point where literally any out-of-context GIF might have been posted with the intent of fueling masturbation.  “Is this photo of a handgun covered in strawberry jam here for purely aesthetic purposes, or is that your fetish?”  The world may never know.