Transgender Social Hub Live Launch 2015
Join the Pure Gender Warrior team as we celebrate the launch of a new worldwide social hub network for the Trans* community. www.PureGender.Org and PGWarrior...

Want to ask a question or create conversation later on? Use our official hash tag ‪#‎PGWarriorsTV‬ . You can tune in at 7pm bit.ly/1IHbmMi .

See ya there Warrior !!

Trans Social Hub Launch 2015 - 9th Aug, 7pm - 9pm (BST)
Brought to you by PUREGENDER

Have you heard?

This Sunday (9th Aug) we will be launching the first trans online social hub. This is to provide a space for support, your voice and creative release. Get your FREE membership this Sunday!

And don’t forget we have our live broadcast this Sunday to celebrate the launch.

Tune in from 7pm by clicking this link –> http://bit.ly/1IHbmMi