purebred welsh corgi

I will be the first to admit I have an addiction to Squishable.com plushies.

(I own 27 Squishables but not all are shown here. The brown bear to the right of the picture - that one is not a Squish but totally should be.)


So, today’s been interesting.

This little guy (appears to be a juvinile learning to fly) flew into our living room when I was letting the dogs out for a piddle. I caught him with a towel and put him back outside.

He’s been sitting on the lip of our patio waterdish for the last 15 minutes now. He is deinitely not injured.

I’ve named him Mister Grumps because he still has the grumpy-looking beak of a young bird.

(Don’t worry. Moose did not harm the bird. He just gave the bird a sniff.)