purebred corgi

Until Dawn Pet Headcanon Time!!

  • Sam has a purebred corgi. She’s taught him a million tricks he’s honestly the smartest dog on the planet. He’s super fucking fat though because she lets him eat off her plate.
  • Ashley has two turtles. She insists that they’re married and was really upset that they weren’t having babies until she was told they’re both boys. She put a little rainbow flag in their tank when she found out.
  • Chris had a modest fish tank up until he was 12 but he forgot to feed them and they all died. He felt really bad and Josh helped him set up a way too serious funeral. They made everyone attend.
  • Emily has the nastiest little chihuahua. It’s basically Satan. It only likes her and Jess. It hates Matt the most. This breaks his heart.
  • Jess has no pets. :c
  • Matt has like five cats, each with really boring generic names. He spoils them though and they’re super clingy. If you go to his house he’ll probably be carrying at least two of them. At LEAST.
  • Mike also has no pets but he’s always wanted a dog honestly he was so excited to meet Wolfie.
  • Josh has a fucking massive tarantula and he loves her so much. He originally wanted to include her in his prank but he feared that she might be smushed by someone in a blind panic. She loved to sneak into the Twins’ rooms.
  • Hannah has butterflies. No one is surprised. She taxidermies their corpses after they die though which is kinda weird.
  • Beth got some buggies too, she keeps a tank with Praying Mantises in it. 

This is Roux (pronounced Roo). She’s 3 years old, she turns 4 in April. She is a purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I love her with my whole entire heart. I’m kind of sad because I’m moving away soon and my parents won’t let me take her with me. :(

I will be the first to admit I have an addiction to Squishable.com plushies.

(I own 27 Squishables but not all are shown here. The brown bear to the right of the picture - that one is not a Squish but totally should be.)


So, today’s been interesting.

This little guy (appears to be a juvinile learning to fly) flew into our living room when I was letting the dogs out for a piddle. I caught him with a towel and put him back outside.

He’s been sitting on the lip of our patio waterdish for the last 15 minutes now. He is deinitely not injured.

I’ve named him Mister Grumps because he still has the grumpy-looking beak of a young bird.

(Don’t worry. Moose did not harm the bird. He just gave the bird a sniff.)