Because I am a crazy person, I finished Imperial Topaz’s tower in Minecraft!

Click through to see a little description of each picture please! 

PS- If you’re curious, the little colored squares on the floors I’ve deemed either pillows or blankets because they don’t really have those blocks in minecraft. :x

PPS- I am using a texture pack for these screenshots. Its my personal mix of the Invictus 2.1 pack and the PureBDcraft pack.


Apologies for the audio quality! Just figuring all this recording stuff out. This is the progress I’ve made on our server we’re about to take down. The texture pack is Sphax by PureBDcraft.


OrangiTangy is a small group of friends (KenderHearted, Riadect, and MrPickle) who live together and occasionally play games. This is us just derping around on our server and getting used to filming. NSFW due to lots of cursing =)