A monthly payment based subscription service that pumps unfiltered well water and “pure spring water” to the houses of ignorant rich people. We’ll call it ‘streaming’ and the startup name can be “Spoutify”. Any backers?


All discussion of bottled water as a commodity aside for the moment, Coca-Cola has straight-up said if you’re in Houston metro and need their product to keep yourself safe, take it. It’s yours. They’re not considering it as looting.

PLEASE, if you choose to use this opportunity, be sure you don’t go alone (in case you run into problems getting in or out–I’d recommend having at least three people) and that you have a vehicle or watercraft stable enough to carry what you’re taking. Take what you need and nothing more, for your own safety traveling and also for others who may come for safe potables.

Remember that floodwaters contain oil runoff, heavy metals, and bodily fluids from cadavers and are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO DRINK. If no water is available, Sprite or Coke will serve you much better than floodwater because it’s clean and sealed. It won’t be quite as hydrating as pure water, but it won’t give you horrific diseases or metal poisoning, either, and should tide you over until you’re able to get to potable water again.

And finally: it’s a literal drop in the bucket, but kudos to Coca-Cola for doing the right thing and prioritizing lives over profit.

The World’s Simplest, Most Secret, and Maybe Most Effective Health and Healing Spell

You will need:

  • A glass of water.
  • Alternatively, a plastic bottle of mineral water.


Any health or healing purpose, any place.

The spell:

  • Hold a glass of water between your hands. Because water is pure, you can use it as a magical space and imprint it with whatever you need.
  • For a specific health or healing purpose, say what you most need. For example, say: “My headache is lifting and I am full of energy.
  • Empower the water for health, vitality, and strength for the days or hours ahead.
  • Keep your hands cupped around the glass for about two minutes and then slowly sip the water, thinking about the empowerment.
  • If you always feel tired in the morning, fill a glass of water before you sleep, endowing it with energy and enthusiasm for the day ahead. Drink the water as soon as you wake, saying: “I fill myself with the enthusiasm and joy for the day ahead.

“1001 Spells: A Complete Book Of Spells For Every Purpose,” by Cassandra Eason

❄Snow Magick - Our Uses❄

So Last night my daughter and i went to collect some fresh snow that had Finally came to Toronto. We collected a big Mason Jar FULL on fresh - CLEAN unsoiled snow ⏪ that’s important. We sadly didn’t get the cleanest snow but it isn’t for consumption anyways.

Snow Properties ⏩

Transformations, balance, feminine energy, tranquility, peace, healing, cleansing, purification

Ice Properties ⏩

Transformations, balance and creativity

We collected snow from a rock ledge surrounding our building. As seen in the picture below😊✨

❄Snow Water is very PURE water🙌💧

⏩It can be charged in the light of the moon making it very pure moon water. (If done on a SUPERMOON then very pure supermoon water😍)

⏩I plan on using it to clean/cleanse my tools

⏩I want to use it to protect my home

⏩It can charge your home

⏩If a Clear Quartz is placed in it than it wil charge it with healing properties

⏩This is a great way to represent the water element and/or feminine energy on your altar for Yule

⏩Will also be using it for Bath Rituals for myself and the kiddies

⏩Also with my son night terrors i wanna draw protection sigils on our walls, windows and our door for our room (he has a tot bed in our room)

⏩When i was younger i used to draw in the snow. Now i am still doing the same but SIGILS

There are so many other uses i will eventually find for it and use it for.


⏫looks full right- NO not at all. Will be making afew trips to get it full haha. That above equals this below⏫

Did round 2 last night


Round 3 this morning

The Signs and y̭͓̼̝̦̼̣͠o̢͉͙̦͘u̸҉̬͙͈̮̟?̸̼̗̦̤̳̱́

Aries: You are a burning calculus textbook, an offering to the gods made in a fit of rage.

Taurus: You are the stumble turned into a backflip, still embarrassing but more dramatically so.

Gemini: You are the literal garbage sold for 2.5 million at an art auction, laughing all the way to the bank.

Cancer: You are the naked guy holding a cavalry spear in front of the department store. You draw a crowd, perhaps not for the reasons you’d like.

Leo: You are the scraping noise from inside the walls. Extremely eager to make friends, perhaps too eager. 

Virgo: You are the sudden break in the fabric of space-time. A fun way to forget four months. 

Libra: You are the foreclosed cafe. Despite your faults, still an excellent place to hang out.

Scorpio: You are the super-soaker filled with holy water. A pure thing with questionable intentions.

Ophiuchus: You are the angel of death caught in a cobweb. Fragile in the right circumstances.

Sagittarius: You are the chess set made of meat. Nutritious, beautiful, useful, but an acquired taste.

Capricorn: You are the impromptu tennis match with your nemesis in the middle of the supermarket. Your commitment only makes you more dangerous.

Aquarius: You are the underground spring that produced orange soda. Undeniably odd, but tasty.

Pisces: You are the palm reader with no hands. Daring people to ask.

To The Witch Who Doesn’t Feel “Witchy” Enough:

✨You are divine.

✨Witchcraft isn’t a competition.

✨Differences should be celebrated, not lamented.

✨You contain multitudes. Your feelings and perceptions may fluctuate, but you will always be you.

✨What another witch says about you says more about the witch than it does about you.

✨Taking a break prom practicing witchcraft doesn’t mean you are taking a break from being a witch.

✨You are what you are, and that is pure magic.

Call what we had an oil spill. Call what we
had dirty laundry. Call how I pulled your face
from the concrete that evening when you wanted
a vehicle to tear open your body like Thanksgiving
dinner, manipulation. Call my name now and you
will not hear an exaltation, but a eulogy of every
negative aspect you can relate to a relationship.
Call your anger venting when we both know it
is you accepting the destruction of your own being.
Call what you and your new girl have pure spring water.
Call what you feel for her awakening. Call it revelation.
Call it enlightenment. Call what we shared poisonous;
ivy crossed with stinging nettle crossed with
nightshade. Call this disastrous persona you
carry something holy. Call yourself beginning anew,
and ending later. Call yourself magic; all starlight and
coal turned diamond. Call our ending the meteor that
avoided colliding with your planetary body. Call my
name a singe against your skin. Call your absence
blessing. Call this end retribution. Call her name
poetry incarnate. Call my aura an alarm you never
learned how to switch off after my leaving. Call this final. 

Don’t call me.

—  don’t // Haley Hendrick

important scenes in this darth maul book:

  • darth maul and sidious dressing up as tourists (which i can only imagine as a hawaiian shirt with shorts) to go and look at the jedi temple
  • darth maul going to a parking garage and just paying for parking like a normal person
  • darth maul using the force to twirl into a snowbank then “corkscrewing” back out
  • darth maul’s drink of choice at bars is pure water and he used the force to keep anyone from questioning this
  • pappa bakkoush: remember to bring the bottle!
  • elias: *sweating profusely* the bottle?
  • pappa bakkoush: yes the water bottle
  • elias: oh! ahah yeah dad the water bottle hahaha love that pure water gotta stay hydrated right fellas!?
  • Fire - sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine a small flame spreading from the inside of you. It can start anywhere you’d like, the center of your stomach, your head, your palms, your legs, anywhere that feels comfortable. This is not a fire that destroys and burns, this is a pleasant fire that makes you feel loved and warm. Once you’ve set yourself on fire, once you’ve felt the flame all around and inside your body, slowly let it spread on the inside of your house. This can be done with a slow small flame, or a violent huge one. Just let everything burn, imagine the fires cleansing properties burning away all the nastiness inside your house. Imagine ashes flying everywhere, and all the negativity burning away into nothingness once it’s been touched by the flames.
  • Water - sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine yourself as a fluid body. See and feel the cool refreshing touch of water on your body. Feel the fluidity inside yourself. Then imagine huge water, huge waves, flooding your house, pushing everything it comes in contact with. Let it mess up your house. See this water, running from one door to another, flooding everything, and destroying everything just like a tsunami would. Imagine this pure, clean and clear water gathering all the negativity in itself, taking it away with her. When you’re done, imagine one window or more, or a door open in your house and let the water go away.
  • Earth -  sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine huge roots bursting through your floor, intertwining all around your body. Once they’ve intertwined imagine them giving birth to flowers while all around you. Imagine these intertwined roots going all around the walls, the windows, your mirrors, your table, your bed. Imagine beautiful moist soil pouring out of the holes left by the roots. Imagine this soil filling up your house, gathering in itself all that is no longer needed and negative. Imagine transforming that negativity into something beautiful. Imagine the poisonous bad energies transforming into love and light inside the earth. Once they’ve transformed imagine this earth giving birth to more beautiful light green roots, leaves, and the most beautiful flowers you’ve ever seen. Let your whole house fill up with these beautiful flowers and roots, replenishing everything in your house. Feel the flowery scent all around you. When you’re done imagine all these roots and earth slowly going back into the whole where they came from, leaving everything intact but cleansed and fresh.
  • Air -  sit down and relax. Let pure universal energy enter through the top of your head and let it connect with your own life force. Once it’s connected and working together imagine violent winds forcing their way in your house through the window. Imagine these winds entering and bursting through like a hurricane through your house. Even though they are violent, they are here to help and leave everything in a better place.They’re coming straight for you. They start whirling around you, you can feel it’s pleasant coolness on your skin. You can hear the sounds of the wind. They are so strong, yet so caring and pleasant. As they whirl harder and stronger around you, they lift you up in the air, whirling even harder than before. Now, imagine them turning to the rest of your house. Imagine them leaving a mess wherever they touch. All of your notebooks are in the air, your tarot cards are flying everywhere, your clothes go all around the place, your crystals fly from one wall to another. Let these fresh and cool winds clean your place. Once you’re done, imagine these winds leaving through the window they came from.

She was pure.
She had snakes of white light around her head, 
Dangerous, if you, like me, 
were scared to be drawn in by love.

She could see into my soul,
if it exists, she thought it did and
was quick to create a gateway in-
to hers, so I could see 

She wasn’t clean,
she had a past to make me wary,
it was only necessary to create one of my own…
She was pure,
no matter what,
she was Pure like clear honey
that drips through bread
that slips through fingers
and onto your palm,
down your arm 
One that you trace back 
then the source is still as sweet as the 
trail, it left.

She had a smile of a smile,
the second belongs to me, because 
when she laughs I am left vunerable
to do the same.

She was heat and pure,
water falling down my lungs
to evaporate into stuttered words.
I loved her.
She was pure.