• (Referring to writing carved on a cave wall)
  • Tracer: There! Look! What does it say? What language is that?
  • Lucio: Brother Zenyatta, you’re our scholar.
  • Zenyatta: It is Arabic!
  • Tracer: Well, what does it say?
  • Zenyatta: It reads, “Here may be found the last words of Pharah of Egypt: 'He who is valiant and pure of spirit may find that justice rains from… Aaargh.”’
  • Tracer: What?
  • Zenyatta: “Justice rains from aargh.”
  • Tracer: What is that?
  • Lucio: She must have died while carving it.
  • Tracer: Come on! If she was dying, she wouldn’t bother to carve “Aaargh.” She’d just say it!
  • Zenyatta: That’s what it says.
  • Lucio: Perhaps she was dictating it.
  • Tracer: Does it say anything else?
  • Zenyatta: No. Just “Aaargh.”
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I wonder about reincarnation in the Avatar universe beyond the Avatar - since effectively we assume that anyone who doesn’t transcend and become pure spirit (like Yue and Iroh did) reincarnates, but the Avatar is special because there’s the ability to know who’s the reincarnation (since that person is the Avatar), and there was the access to past lives the continuity of Raava provided (and will provide again for Korra’s future reincarnations).  But everyone else reincarnates too.

It was a truth in the original series bible that never came up on screen, that Momo was the reincarnation of Monk Gyatso.  I assume he spent the 100 years reincarnating into various animals at the Southern Temple to wait for Aang.  My headcanon is that that soul, deeply tied to the element of Air, is now Jinora in Korra’s time.

A thought occurred to me on Azula, if she isn’t still alive somewhere in Korra’s time.  What if what her soul needed above all else was a second chance?  Not peace, not punishment, but a second chance to not go down the path she went down in her life as Azula.  And so she was reincarnated into someone dotted on by a father who would craft her into his weapon, just like before, but when her father’s darkness revealed itself, this time she could choose “No” and not follow him into the infliction of suffering on others - and that’s just what Asami did.

“When my child was born and took her first breath and then when she put that tight grip on my finger […] 
With that experience I had at the birth of my baby girl, everything changed. I’d do more when it’s for my baby girl. She’s freed me from my own self, which makes life far more interesting. I now look at life through the eyes of a pure spirit, which is really, really fantastic. It’s a lot of work, but the rewards are just exponential, and the meaning of life and how I see things are clearer. Sure, I’m still doing a photo shoot today and she’s not around. But when I do have her, I’m just not available to anyone or anything. I don’t care who’s calling. I’m with my baby.”

- Jeremy Renner on how being a father has changed him

the sagittarian’s last breath would be a song. life is a masterpiece, a sketch
of games and discovery, philosophical meaning and
true joy. music never stops, there is a sort of colourful madness. their mutable quality gives an airy lightness, a cool duality and chameleon dynamic, the
smell of sunshine pollen in the morning wind
sagittarians possess the alchemy of far sighted intuition. there is sensible, reasoned, and righteous sagittarius who is adept with the laws of psychology, human nature, and the spirit. the individual understands they are
the piece on the puzzle of god. then there is also the chaotic sagittarius, who
gorges in excess and refuses to believe beyond eyesight.
something can be explosive in sagittarius, a force to be reckoned with, one which can also be quite conservative and easily rattled.
all mutable signs are hard to pin down in some way or another. sagittarius is capable of developing profound mystic riches. but they can also
refuse to embody the duality of them that is pure spirit, and to be contained in human form is poisonous 

✨These waterfalls are behind my hut. Used a walking stick to hike through the jungle to get to them. Then I balanced the walking stick on my head and sat in meditation under the falls. Hands in tipi mudra at heart center ~ breathe in 5 seconds hold 5 seconds breathe out 5 seconds and repeat. Eyes 1/10th open staring at the tip of the nose. Inhale Sat. Exhale Nam. Truth is my identity. Blessings from Kaua'i, Hawai'i.✨