So I got this lovely little 20th anniversary magazine today

It’s a lovely little magazine full of interviews, information about the characters, character family trees, bits of fantastic beasts and where to find them, etc etc etc …. Now, I have to say it’s a lovely read, had some interesting information I didn’t know - like the fact that JK Rowling supports HP fanfiction. They even credited the top rated fanfics and their authors on ff.net in the magazine 

That’s nice, that’s great, You never see things like that in magazines! Shout out to the fans! 

But I do have one complaint about this magazine, and it’s the severe lack of acknowledgement of Severus Snape … 

There are two sections in the magazine that describe the plots of all the books/movies, and Snape is not mentioned even once. Not even in the Half Blood Prince - Or the Deathly Hallows in which he was a very vital character. 

Nope …. No mention. 

The one time he was mentioned, it was out of necessity. They had each book with each DADA teacher listed, and something about the character. 

But Snape didn’t even get that courtesy. He got “Severus Snape, Slughorn was teaching potions.” 

……….. Like they disregarded Snape so much that he didn’t even get anything said about him. Just “Yeah he’s here, Slughorn took over his old job.” 

Literally the ONLY thing in here even remotely Snape related … Is this 

A picture of Alan Rickman (not even Snape) with a quote. Which is nice, that’s lovely. 

But let me point out another thing. 

Here’s a nice fancy little time line of events that happened both in the wizarding world, and in our own world. Note that Richard Harris’ death was marked there on October 25th, 2002 …. 

Note that the time line goes right up until 2017, even mentioning fantastic beasts and where to find them on November 10th 2016. 

You know what’s missing? 

Oh, Alan Rickman’s death? But I suppose people care about Dumbledore more than Snape so …. Mr. Rickman doesn’t get a mention, even though his death was a great tragedy to many of his fans. But nope … Can’t mention Snape. 

Though, I suppose I shouldn’t say he he isn’t in here at all. Besides his “Obligatory mention” as DADA in Harry’s 6th year. 

He’s also in the background of this photo of Draco. Sort of. 

But seriously, considering how important Snape was to the story, and this is really all he gets? A brief mention by name as “DADA” and a half cut off picture? This magazine is purely a Harry Potter focused magazine, there’s nothing else in it. But at one part of the magazine they compare the fandom as being on par with Star Trek’s fandom. Which I believe to be true. But in doing so …. They talk about Spock in this Harry Potter magazine, more than they talk about Snape. 

I suppose it could be worse …. 

They could have demonized him. 

Can we all just appreciate how inspirational Nakamura Shungiku is?
I mean. She started back in 2002 with disproportionate bodies, limbs and giant yaoi hands and if you look at her art thirteen years later, you’ll see how much she improved. No more extreme yaoi hands and weird bodies but just insanely beautiful art.

She never really gave up on her art and she kept on pulling out more and more volumes of her manga, practicing her art until it’s turned into the beautiful and distinctive style it is today.
I think she deserves all the applause in the world OwO

Dear all fellow artists out there, don’t give up just yet. You might have yaoi hands and you might have weird bodies on your paper, but that’s fine.
Keep on drawing and someday, you’ll get your distinctive style too~ ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ