The OsoSan X JRA poster from Newtype Magazine blessed us with this GOOD BakaKara.
I needed Choukei playing with their pony plushies like toy cars and planes.
Jyushi is also running the little race they’re having~


Jute Magazine WEBITORIAL “About White”
Photographer: Yulia Dorofeeva
Stylist: Yulia Drunk
Designer: Yulia Bazhina
Hairstylist: Akulina Gerasimova
Make-Up stylist: Yulia Saitova
Models: Alyona Andreyanova
Nastya Zhidkova
Amal Sofi

Can we all just appreciate how inspirational Nakamura Shungiku is?
I mean. She started back in 2002 with disproportionate bodies, limbs and giant yaoi hands and if you look at her art thirteen years later, you’ll see how much she improved. No more extreme yaoi hands and weird bodies but just insanely beautiful art.

She never really gave up on her art and she kept on pulling out more and more volumes of her manga, practicing her art until it’s turned into the beautiful and distinctive style it is today.
I think she deserves all the applause in the world OwO

Dear all fellow artists out there, don’t give up just yet. You might have yaoi hands and you might have weird bodies on your paper, but that’s fine.
Keep on drawing and someday, you’ll get your distinctive style too~ ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ

i am very saddened and upset because time magazine {the hamilton special edition} outright called jonathan groff a “letdown” in his role as king george iii compared to brian d'arcy james. although it was only an opinion, i found the callout to be almost shameful and offensive to jonathan. i love brian but groffsauce is my smol cinnamon roll and my one and only king george iii. reblog if you agree that jonathan is a sweet little baby who needs to be protected and that he doesn’t deserve this smack