…She points out that we, as women, are taught to distrust our own instincts.

‘Women who have been thingified, deprived of conscious participation in Be-ing, have trouble believing in the sanctity of women’s “insides”– both their own and those of other women. This doubt extends to spirit, personalty, Self. Within sadosociety this doubt applies first to a woman’s own participation in Be-ing. It extends to the be-ing of all women. Thus the disorder which I shall call *masosadism* is injected into women. To the extent that this injection “takes”, a woman is rendered incapable of moral outrage on her own behalf *as a woman* and on behalf of the race of women. Her outrage has been expropriated. She may experience and be informed about atrocities against women, and yet she is unable to feel sustained rage against the perpetrators of the atrocities, and incapable of acting against the men who are the originators, rulers, and controlling legitimators of the sadostate. Masosadism, then, fixes women.

—  Mary Daly, Pure Lust
o quantus tunc illis mentibus ardor concubitus, quae vox saltante libidine, quantus ille meri Veneris per crura madentia torrens! lenonum ancillas posita Saufeia corona provocat et tollit pendentis praemia coxae, ipsa Medullinae fluctum crisantis adorat.

“How great is the eagerness for sex in their minds then, what a voice with the desire for dancing, how abundant a torrent of pure lust runs over their moist thighs! Saufeia, with a reward being offered, challenges the brothel-keeper’s slave girls, and she takes the prize for shaking her ass, then she in turn worships the undulating surges of Medullina.”

Juvenal (c.55 - 127 AD) Satire 6.317-322

Juvenal is describing the celebration of Bona Dea (the Good Goddess), which was a female only ceremony.


Everybody deserves 9 ¹/2 Weeks of pure lust, so let’s learn with the experts!!

1. Start with a good dinner

2. Feed her well

3. A little tease

4. Give her gifts to encourages her mind

5. A challenge

6. The beginning must be very slowly

7. And when she begins to play

8. Give her everything she demands

9. Pleasing her is the law

10. In the end a little spooning with love and affection