Palette challenge thingie (orignals by @color-palettes and @torddkin) is floating around and I love it! @grumblinggamer requested Liara in Cherry Soda (sure, the blue alien with the blue magic science powers in purely cherry hues, why the fuck not?!)



I see that the world as black
No big deal
I like the color black
Black is comfortable
Especially when you have all the same shade of black
I see grays, too, sometimes white
But mostly black
Not blue-black or red-black, or even green-black
Just black
And then I met you
You spoke of the world in straining colors
Yellows, and golds, blues, purples, hues so pure I cannot describe
Why can’t I see the world in those colors?
Why do you make me feel bad about seeing only black
You don’t mean it
But you don’t appreciate my monochrome world


so the time flies…
I have been on tumblr a whole year now.
A lot has happened, Friends have come and gone… (mostly come ._. and I can’t make it stop)
Now I just want to thank you all of you 299 followers I just realized I have (oh my god!) and most of all my first follower, Morty who has not left my side no matter what. (I love you)
I promise that Pure will stay with you for a long time!