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Curly & Bacon’s Book Club

Curly & Bacon’s Book Club - Week 1

Happy Monday! So, here’s the something new- @dean-winchesters-bacon and I are collaborating to form a ‘Book Club’! Basically, the two of us are working side by side to bring you the best fic recs we can think of. Join us twice a month (subject to change) for an update on the freaking amazing works of art you guys create and share here on Tumblr.  And if you have a suggestion, please feel free to drop one of us a line!

Happy Reading! - Kat ( @dean-winchesters-bacon ) & Jo ( @curly-haired-disaster ) <3


Knot in Love - @carryonmywaywardwriters  Alpha!Dean x Omega!Witch!Reader A/B/O (work in progress) NSFW 18+ To say this fic takes you on a rollercoaster is an understatement. The author seamlessly weaves her brand of magic into seasons 12 and 13 canons, bringing new life to the story we already know so well.  It has a kind of epic quality to it that keeps you coming back from more. At turns, angsty and full of heartbreak to sweet and hopeful with sprinklings of sinfully hot sex. Dean is an ass who marks and knots the un-consenting reader during a one night stand. He runs away; once his rut hits, he has to return to face the consequences with his mate. Our dear reader is full of heart, sass, and determined will which serve her well in dealing with the storm of Dean Winchester and company. Will they be able to overcome their unconventional beginning to find love together or will circumstances and their own stubbornness tear them apart? ~ Kat

Tic Tac Toe - @percywinchester27  Sam x Reader AU (completed) SFW Honestly, I swear to you, is novel worthy.  30+ chapters of the world’s most pure and amazing fluff, angst and love story.  A down-to-earth reader with real-world thoughts and actions make this fic easy to fall into, and a perfect romance swirling from imperfect circumstances that hits more than a few hiccups along the way. A flawlessly sculpted story of love, angst, individuality and overcoming the wounds of the past, all in a way that is neither too sweet or too fanatical, creating a plot that is fantastic in every way, shape, and form. Get ready to binge, because you likely won’t sleep before you have read this fic to the end. -Jo


Spellbound - @covered-byroses  Sam x Reader x Dean smut-shot NSFW 18+ Um, bring some water and a fan because this fic is H A W T. Mostly PWP, but enough plot to keep you from wondering what the hell is going on, leaving you to devote all mind power to the hot and sexy action of this fantastic smut. Christ on toast, this was good. ‘Nough said (& not to mention the aesthetic has me fanning myself, okay?!). - Jo

One Shot-

Autumn Blessings - @time-travel-bouqet  Dean x Reader; Who wants some fluff that’s so sweet, you’ll need several dentist trips to get rid of the cavities? Well, you’ll find that right here in this lovely fall inspired one shot by my wifey. This is the story of how Dean gets to live his best life, retired from hunting after meeting the girl of his dreams. You get to meet and fall in love with their sass queen daughter Autumn who is every bit a daddy’s girl in the most endearing way. Told from Dean’s POV and a wonderful peek inside his head, showing how much love he’s capable of when given a chance. It’s one of those fics I will keep coming back to over and over; it brings such joy to my heart and a smile to my face. ~ Kat

Demon!Dean…Fish?! - @supernatural-teamfreewillpage  Demon!Dean x Reader (slight NSFW 18+); Okay this is freaking adorable. And hot. And funny as hell.  All of the above, seriously! The reader buys a new friend, a rather odd little fish with coal black eyes, reminding her of a little demon. Turns out, the woman who sold him to her was a witch as the reader is soon to find out! A funny little fic goes from crack to smut seamlessly, and I am 100% there for the whole ride. - Jo

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First Line Challenge

So I was tagged by @asexual-lovegood @ununquadius @justdrarryme and @parkkate (thanks guys) to post the first line of my 10 last posted works (and I’ll do ao3 bc I don’t keep track of tumblr lol)

1. The Anchor, which is my big bang fic aka the longest thing I ever wrote even though I hate it why am I like this??????

Waves crashed against the iron belly of the boat.

2. Our Home which is just pure fluff in 639 words 

“Draco?” Harry was very surprised to see his boyfriend sprawled out on the couch of his flat when he came home.

3. Happy birthday Harry which is fluff again

“If you could have anything in the world, what would you choose?” It was a lazy sunday afternoon in the eight year common room, and for the first time in his life Draco had not gotten out of his pyjamas even though he wasn’t sick.

4. No One Calls Harry’s Boyfriend A Bitch (Not Even Draco) which is flangst and I actually quite like it

Harry stared at the words on the ministry messaging paper, quite gobsmacked.

5. Never Alone which is a pretty neat hurt comfort drabble if I may say so myself

Draco groaned as someone knocked on his door, but soon stopped because it hurt his throat.

6. Gala Haha I have the memorry of a goldfish so I totally forgot I even wrote this. Just re-read it though, and it’s really bloody cute and yes I am saying that about my own work fuck off I am allowed to be positive about myself sometimes

Harry was nervous to Hell and back and then some more.

7. The Night Before The Wedding Some hurt/comfort anxiety fluff

“You’re not going to say no, are you?”

8. The Art Of Self Care One of my many wip’s, about Draco having bad anxiety around exams in 8th year. I think I’ll pick it up again when my first uni exam week begins, that should give me enough inspiration

Harry practically ran out of the examination room as soon as he was allowed to leave.

9. The Last Spark (That Lit A Fire) Shameless hurt/comfort that I wrote bc I love almost but not quite killing my babes. If you like my “what you deserve” series you’ll like this too

Draco felt his breathing become quicker and more shallow as the tip of a wand was pressed harder against his windpipe.

10. 1953 Oh god this is on here. I love this fic to bits but it’s a wip and I really want to finish it but I keep starting other projects before I can. Sorry

It was the dream again.

So, patterns… Lots of vague starts, which I hope entices a reader though I fear it just confuses them. I’m surprised 3 of them start with dialogue, I didn’t have the feeling that I did that. I think my writing is a bit too dense actually, so it needs more dialogue which means that those 3 are a good thing. And I see I introduce characters immediately in line one, but idk what to say about that

Also I should be studying so if you read this then please yell at me to go do something with my life. And I tag @assassinsdragons @sweetlialia @glo-up-goddess @wolfstarhq and @modern-wolfstar (first lines of your amazing social media AU’s are allowed too!) though ofc you don’t have to<3

For the lovey @miyeongi-cutie who suggested a bakery AU that I am OBSESSED WITH!!! Hope you like it! 🖤


“So where are we going again?” Shiro asked as he threw an arm around Keith’s neck, drawing him in and ruffling his hair.

“Hey, stop it! Get off!” Keith ducked out from his grip and shoved him away, trying to fix his hair. “Why are you like this, you’re so annoying!” Shiro chuckled and nudged him with his elbow. “I’m your big brother. It’s my job to annoy you. Now, answer the question.”

Keith rolled his eyes and muttered “Adopted brother. Anyway, we’re going to this cafe or bakery place that Pidge won’t stop talking about. Says their coffee is really good and the food is ‘better than free wifi.’”

Shiro raised his eyebrows until they nearly disappeared under his tuff of hair.

“Better than free wifi? Pidge said that? Huh, wow. They must be really good then.”

Keith hummed in agreement and stuffed his hands in his red jacket, pulling it closer. Shiro smiled at the action zipped up his black and gray jacket, burying his nose into it.

It was late fall, and the breeze held a chilly bit. The wind whispered of winter, and the trees had begun to shed their leaves, some of which where floating in the air, softly floating the the ground. Shiro was enjoying the slight crunch they made when he stepped on them when Keith grabbed his arm.

“Hey, I think this is it.”

Shiro stopped and observed the building before them. It was a simple building, one that you could easily pass if you weren’t looking for it. The building was made out of worn brick, with a chalkboard sign in front the entrance that read: ‘Welcome to Voltron! Please do not touch pastries with your hands. Use your tongue.’ Shiro chuckled at the sign while Keith just stared.

“What kind of a name is Voltron?”

Shiro shrugged.

“I have no idea, but you have to admit, it is a pretty unique name that would be hard to forget. Now come on, I’m getting hungry.”

Shiro opened the door and was immediately hit with a wall of delicate dents of vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, the roast of coffee beans, and other heavenly scents. Keith moaned at the smell and Shiro couldn’t blame him. The smell almost made him weak in the knees.

They walked into the shop and looked around. It was a very cozy cafe. Their were multiple colored booths and chairs and even beanbags, coming in black, blue, red, green, and yellow. They was stools along the bar, and there was a glass case full of desserts and pastries that had Shiro’s mouth watering. Shiro was about to press his face right up against the glass when I kind voice greeted them.

“Hey! Welcome to Voltron!”

Keith and Shiro turned toward the voice and saw a bolder of man in its place. He was wearing cargo shorts and a yellow shirt accompanied with a yellow apron. His hair was tied back with a bandana, and had a name rage that read ‘Hunk.’ Keith read it and arched an eyebrow at him, and Hunk just laughed.

“Yeah, before you ask, it’s real. Everybody calls me that.”

Shiro smiled and greeted him. “It’s nice to meet you Hunk. My name’s Shiro and this is Keith. Pidge suggested this place and highly recommended it.”

Hunk’s eyes lit up and gave them a beaming smile. “Oh Pidge! Yeah I know them! Me and Lance have become friends with them because they come so much. Oh! And Lance is the pastry king. I’m the coffee master, so it evens out.”

Shiro nodded and turned his attention to Keith. “Hey Keith, do you-Keith?”

Keith was not listening to either of them, eyes glued to a small white cup on the register, face furiously red. Shiro looked at him with a confused look before picking up the cup that was causing Keith’s dilemma. When Shiro read the cup, he sputtered and started laughing loudly, cheeks slightly flushing.

Hunk cocked his head. “What? What is it?”

Shiro turned the cup to Hunk, who could clearly read the font in neat loopy handwriting: “Just put your tip in here. See how it feels.” Hunk immediately paled and then change to a shade of purple then red. He quickly grabbed the cup and threw it away.


They were able to hear mad cackling in the back of the cafe where the kitchen was. Hunk turned back to them, straightening his apron, flush still on his cheeks.

“I’m so sorry, that won’t happen again. So, uh, what would you like to order?”

Shiro peered at the menu, tapping a finger against his chin. He looked at Keith who just shrugged, as lost as he was.

Shiro turned back to Hunk. “What do you recommend?”

Hunk’s eyes lit up and he clapped his hands together.

“Oh man, where do I start? Everything Lance makes is amazing. Hmm, let’s go with something exotic. How about miguelitos and tarta de Santiago?”

Keith furrowed his brow. “What the heck are those?”

Hunk chuckled.

“Oh yeah, sorry miguelitos is this pastry that is made up of like a million thin pastry layers and each layer is filled with chocolate or cream. It’s then dusted with powdered sugar. Tarta de Santiago is a really thin, moist almond cake. Powdered sugar is on top of it as well. As you probably guessed, their both Hispanic desserts. Lance likes to show off his heritage.”

Shiro hummed gave him a smile. “Alright! We’ll get both of those, and I’ll get an espresso. Keith?”

Keith looked at the menu again. “Do you have soy milk?”

Hunk nodded and smile.

“Okay, I’ll just have a hot chocolate. With extra whipped cream on top.”

Shiro chuckled.

Keith glared at him. “What?”

“Oh nothing, nothing! Just glad to see my little brother growing up.”

Shiro laughed hard as Keith flushed and punched him in the arm as he paid Hunk.

He put the change into the new tip cup and went to sit down at table in the corner. It wasn’t long before they had sat down when Hunk brought them their food, perfectly balancing them on a small tray.

“Order up! I hope you like it!” Hunk sent them a smile and went back to the counter.

Shiro looked at the coffee and food and inhaled deeply, the smell making his mouth water.

“Let’s not waste anymore time! Let’s dig in!” Keith and Shiro both reached for the miguelitos and popped it in their mouths. Shiro’s eyes fluttered closed as the pastry melted in his mouth, and chocolate covered every taste bud. He almost had to stifle a moan. And Keith wasn’t in any better shape. He was looking at the patty in awe, as if it held the secrets to the universe. He quickly looked up at Shiro.

“Wanna try the tarta thingy?”

“Oh heck yeah.”

Shiro and Keith both picked up a slice, gave a mock cheers, and bit into it with a crisp crunch. However, as soon as the cake met their tongues, it practically melted away. Keith grabbed both pastures and shoved them in his mouth at the same time.

“I am in heaven.”

Shiro opened his mouth to agree, when an excited voice cut him off.

“HUNK!! HUNK, I DID IT!! You’ve got to try this! I’ve combined a churro and a cupcake into one blessed love child!”

Shiro turned toward the voice, laughing with amusement in his eyes. He went to take a drink of his coffee, but that’s when he laid eyes on the excited baker. Shiro chocked on his coffee, spraying across the room and spluttering the hot liquid out of his lungs.

“Holy shit! Are you alright Shiro?”

Shiro ignored Keith’s concern and whipped around to get a better view of the baker. Said baker had warm mocha skin, as rich as the coffee he was drinking. His hair was a warm chocolate, shaggy and barely reaching the top of his eyes. And his eyes. Oh god his eyes. They were the deepest blue Shiro had ever seen, reminding him of the ocean and they were so bright with life and energy. And he was covered with flour, which Shiro found absolutely adorable. It was covering the front of his apron and was even smeared across one of his cheeks, and Shiro wanted nothing more than to brush it away with his thumb.


Keith waved a hand in front of Shiro’s face, who just knocked it out the way, leaning out of his seat. Keith followed his gaze and let out a long sigh when he realized what he was staring at. Keith kicked him in the shin, finally getting his attention.

“Seriously Shiro? Can please control your emotions.”

Shiro gave him a small pout, but still turned toward the boy. “Keith, oh Keith. He’s so pretty. No, gorgeous. Did you see his eyes? They’re so blue and beautiful.”

Keith groaned and dropped his head on the table.

“Shiro we came here to try the food, not try the baker.”

“I’m not complaining.”


Shiro ignored his scandalous tone and continued to stare at the baker who was talking animatedly about his new creation, hands flying everywhere. Keith let out another long sigh and sat back in his chair.

“I am not ready for all this pining. You’re a mess Shiro. Remind me the curse Pidge for suggesting this place.”

“Well remind me to thank Pidge.”

Shiro then stepped out of his chair, walking toward the duo.

“S-Shiro?! Where are you going?”

Shiro tossed him a grin over his shoulder.

“Well, in going to introduce myself and give my compliments to the chef. Don’t want to be rude!”

Keith groaned and lightly banged his head on his table, cursing everything, especially Pidge. Somehow he knew they had set this up. He was going kill that gremlin. As soon he could get Shiro away from that baker who was throwing Shiro fingers guns along with a smirk. Keith groaned again. He had a feeling he would back to this cafe again. A lot.

can we please fucking talk about how yoongi is looking around for hoseok and when he finally finds him dancing in a corner he goes and joins him i mean if that’s not the most soft and boyfriend thing to do then i don’t know WHAT IS!!


Summary: “Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” Everyone knows that Dan is a Lester and belongs on the family holiday–well, everyone except Dan himself. However, a beautiful seaside walk and a special surprise from Martyn and Cornelia may be just the ammunition he needs to change his mind.

Genre: Pure fluff

Word Count: 2.6k

Warnings: Like 2 swear words but that’s it

A/N: Because we all know there was some soppy convincing needed to get Dan to stay in Florida. Inspired by this ask over @nihilist-toothpaste.
I hope you enjoy!!

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keith-s-mother  asked:

A head cannon idea: Keith and lance are In a relationship. They're at the stage where they just want to cuddle all the time. One time the team is in the control room (the one where allura controls the castle) and their discussing something about a signal or maybe talking about battle strategies, and lance is sitting in his chair with Keith on his lap with his head under lance's head. Keith is dead asleep. Suddenly Pidge gets really loud and lance is like "if you wake him I will kill you"

Aawww, so cute!! Lance would totally do this. Hope you enjoy!! 🖤
Keith and Lance’s relationship was now in the cupcake stage. Puppy love. They couldn’t get enough of each other. Soft kisses and small giggles, whispering in each other’s ears. And they were always touching. Small grazes across arms, snuggled on the couch, hands intertwined. If you saw one, the other wasn’t far behind. And the team was happy for them, of course. All that time of pining and sexual tension was finally over, and they understood that every couple went through this phase. They just expected that it would end at some point. They were quickly proved wrong. Hunk would still coo at them, while Pidge gagged and Shiro merely rolled his eyes. There many times where Allura would loudly clear her throat to get the purple duo’s attention while discussing new information. Coran would often have this far off look, ranting about Altean weddings, hugging the couple as he went on and on. But beside the relentless teasing, the two were still enamored with one another. This was only proven further when the team met with Allura in the control room.

When the team got the call, they quickly made their way to the control room. Shiro appeared first, Pidge and Hunk not far behind. Lance came in next without Keith, which shocked the others. But shortly after, Keith came stumbling in with wrinkled clothes, hair disheveled, lazily rubbing his eyes while yawning. They watched Keith walk over the where Lance was sitting and just plopped himself in Lance’s lap, who chuckled fondly at him. Keith snuggled his head against Lance’s neck and shoulder, getting comfortable, and Lance wrapped his arms around him as if it were the most natural thong in the world. Pidge made a gagging noise and Hunk and Shiro laughed, shaking their heads. Allura smiled and rolled her eyes before telling the team about a new planet that they were going to try to form an alliance with. As Allura talked more, Keith was becoming more and more sleepier, eyes weighing a ton, until he finally let sleep take over him. Lance pressed his nose into Keith’s hard, trying to hold back a laugh, not wanting to wake him, knowing that Keith was relentless training and hasn’t been sleeping very well. The team hadn’t noticed the snoozing red Paladin and continued to listening to what Allura was saying. Pidge was so focused in what Allura was saying, that they slammed down their palms on the table, letting out a small whoop.
“That sounds amazing, Allura! With all this new technology that this planet has, who knows what we can-”
“SSSSSHHHHH!! Don’t be so loud, Pidge!”
The team turned their gaze to Lance, finger still pressed to his lips. Pidge then noticed Keith fast asleep in his lap, softly snoring, oblivious to the world around him.
Pidge deadpanned. “Are you serious, Lance?”

Lance arched an eyebrow, wrapping his arms tighter around Keith, sending Pidge a smirk.
“If you wake him, I will kill you.”
Pidge’s mouth fell open while the others tried to hide their smiles and chuckles, failing miserably. Pidge threw themselves back into their seat, pouting slightly and crossing their arms.
“And here I though Keith was the knife in the relationship.”

when your boyfriend is ticklish :DD

See below for the no text version! Also, please do not repost without my permission!

I feel the need to point out that ticklish!Keith is one of my all-time favorite things. Also, as a ticklish person, I would like to verify that this does indeed happen on a regular basis because my friends are me a n.

your heartbeat is the only sound i wanna hear

summary: Richie meets a very interesting young man at his university library and is determined to be able to talk to him. Deaf!Eddie AU

word count: 1,267

relationship: richie x eddie

read on ao3

Part 2Part 3, Part 4

A/N: based off of two prompts I got through in my askbox for a story revolving around deaf!eddie. Enjoy!

Richie: bold italics

Eddie: italics

“So what is the name of this book exactly?” Richie asked as he scanned the rows of books in the university library. His phone was pressed between his shoulder and his ear so he could run his fingers over the spines of the books, reading their titles.

Astronomy 101, it should be one of the first books you see!” That would be Stan, his best friend and roommate. You see, before today, Richie had never even stepped foot in the library, preferring to get all of his materials online. Alas, Stan was sick and he needed this book, also Richie apparently owed him a favour, so here he was.

“Right, right. I’ll find it. Don’t worry Stan the man I will be back in a jiffy!” Richie whisper-yelled down the phone and hung up. He scanned the rows again, muttering to himself. “How hard could it be to find one simple book?” Eventually, after a good twenty minutes searching, Richie gave up and decided to ask for help.

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@forestfairyunicorn I really REALLY enjoyed drawing that !!! It was loads of fun, came surprisingly easy, and made me happy ^____^ Hope it makes you guys happy too !!!

Meanwhile Sam is like “I told you animals were good therapy, but did you have to adopt the whole shelter, guys ???”

anonymous asked:

Short fic where richie comes through eddies window while he’s sleeping and he’s so ??? SOFT because eddies an actual angel?? And then he can’t help but lean in to kiss him while he’s asleep and eddie wakes up and then they makeout (kind of like that one pretty woman scene if you know what I’m talking about??)

This is nothing but fluff. You have been warned.

Richie had become an expert at climbing through the second window on the right side of the house by now. He could do it quickly and silently, though he knew there were plenty of people who doubted he could really do anything quietly. Richie could when it mattered and he wasn’t about to fuck up the best thing he had going for him by bringing the wrath of Sonia Kaspbrak down on them both.

He slid the window open slowly, knowing it would be unlocked. Eddie was nothing if not consistent. He managed to ease one foot inside and ducked his head through as it touched the ground. But then Richie froze, his breath catching in his throat as he saw what awaited him. If he was a better artist like Bill, this was the kind of thing he’d want to capture on canvas.

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anonymous asked:

how would theo and liam hold hands ?

They wouldn’t. They just punch eachother when they get the urge. ;)  nah okay so

Half the time they don’t even notice they’re doing it. Liam will see a store he wants to go into and just grab Theo’s hand a drag him there, Theo will get bored of Liam walking slowly and grab his hand so he can haul him along a bit faster. Once it’s started though they’ll cling on forever until it gets uncomfortable to watch them as they try to eat with one hand. The others would laugh at it if they weren’t so confused by it because whenever they mention it the two seem genuinely confused as to what they’re talking about because ‘what we never hold hands’ 

Theo’s actually said it while they were holding hands before. No one’s sure if they’re pulling an elaborate prank on the whole pack of if they’re just really stupid.

The other half of the time they know full well they’re doing it and Theo’s the biggest culprit of fully aware hand holding. It’s usually when they’re talking. Theo will sit absent mindedly drawing small circles in Liam’s palm and twiddling his fingers before actually taking Liam’s hand, fingers interlocking. his fingers will usually tap out a slow beat against the back of Liam’s hand that will match with his heartbeat, Liam knows Theo doesn’t even realise he does it