pure unadultered bliss

marlene lays her legs out over his lap and puts her cigarette out on the couch. fanning long curls out over the edge. feeding off of the previous chaos.

dorcas glides, floats, through the room with an untouchable grace as if walking on air. eyes wide open; unseeing. alone in a room full of beings.

lily scrubs scrubs scrubs the stale beer from the carpet until her hands are raw and numb. red falls over her eyes and for a moment she wonders if it’s blood.

mary closes her eyes tightly shut, pretending she’s far far away in some mythical place of pure unadultered bliss. a place of peace and a place of honest joy.

marlene tastes copper in her mouth and knows it’s all coming to an end.

dorcas opens her arms to the sky and ignores the tension in the air; focusing in on one glimpse of freedom in her sight.

lily busies herself for when her mind is idle she is reminded of the impending climax of war.

mary wishes she could whisk them all away to some place safe and grand.

—  after the party ; before the war. ( k.b.a. )