pure strain humans

noisybrainstuff  asked:

You know how a few years ago there were Dungeons and Dragons movies? I'm looking for Gamma World style movies - mutants, high-tech weapons, post-apocalyptic annihilation, etc. Basically a GW game on film. Any clue?

I don’t know of any. Except this one I just made:

“At the conclusion of the Shadow Years, a Apocalypse made good on their threat to destroy the world.”

“More than ten generations later, my friends and I left our little backwards village to find our way in the world. In addition to myself - one of the rare Pure-Strain Humans on Gamma Terra, my companions included a fearsome humanoid with an extra thumb…”

“..an amphibian with attitude…”

“..two sentient plants…”

“…and a mysterious mutant with two faces.”

“We left our home, hearing stories about an ancient talking spirit of the Ancients and the Apocalypse Beast it was about to loose on our fragile world. We met many monsters along the way. We used Laser Pistols against giant beetles.”

“We stumbled on a war between the Iron Society and the Knights of Genetic Purity.”

“We found miraculous potions left behind by the Ancients that rejuvination us and healed our wounds.”

“Fully healed, we came to a mutated forest. It was too big to go around, so we had no choice but to go through it..”

“The creature we met in the forest were are wondrous as they were dangerous..”

“Even the plants themselves were hostile.”

“We neared the Ancient Machine’s dwelling and encountered artificial machine men.”

“We had pulse grenades to confuse their systems.”

“Inside we found the source of the threat to Gamma Terra: a living machine the Ancients once called a Think Tank. It looked like no machine we’d ever seen.”

“We worked our way to its heart, where we rolled against Chart C…”

“…until we successfully shut it down. But our adventure wasn’t yet over; we still had to neutralize the mutant germinating in its bio-tanks. With great trepidation, we searched for it, lamenting that we’d used all our Torc Grenades earlier in our adventure. Finally we found the beast, an unnatural amalgamation of two ancient creatures: an ‘ogdopus’ and ‘kidden’..”

“Monstrous as it was, we found ourselves in love. It was no wonder the Ancients found such creatures adorable. We surmised that perhaps they worshiped them. Our new friend at our side, we returned to our village.”


There you go: the Gamma World movie.