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Judges said that my test was really nice (especially considering that’s first dressage show ever both for horse and rider) and wished scores like this in future 😚

To think he went from writing songs about his inner demons in a basement, to playing sold out shows with his best friend. Look at this. This is a sign. I promise everything gets better with time.


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“Gadzooks, gadzooks, gad–”

“What the heck are you doing?”

Jean shifts his gaze in the mirror to find Eren behind him, leaning on the doorframe to the bathroom with his arms crossed and one eyebrow lifted.

“Practicing,” Jean answers. “I can’t be an actor in the Renaissance Faire and not speak old-timey.”

“But, Jean, horses don’t speak.”

Jean sighs loudly.

“What’s with that?” Eren asks.

“With what?”

“You always get so uptight when I call you a horse.”

“It’s not exactly a compliment.”

“You don’t think so?”

“Of course I don’t think so!”

“Wanna know what I think?”

Jean turns - shoulders squared, ready for a fight - as Eren stalks up to him. He’s caught by surprise when Eren palms his dick through his pants.

“I think you’ve got a stallion cock and I want to ride it.”

Jean swallows, mouth suddenly dry. “You’re in a mood.”

“You gonna indulge it?” Eren asks, licking his lips.

The answer is yes if the two fingers Jean has pumping into Eren’s ass are any indication. They’re on the bed, Jean leaning against the headboard as Eren straddles his lap, hands on Jean’s shoulders to help him balance.

“Shit, Jean, come on. I’m good enough.”

Jean rolls his eyes. Eren is woefully shitty at gauging whether he is properly prepared or not. Instead of saying this, though, Jean pushes a third finger at his entrance, stopping at the first knuckle when Eren’s breath hitches and his face scrunches, the grip on Jean’s shoulders tightening.

Idiot Jean thinks.

He takes his other hand, which has been resting on Eren’s thigh, and brings it up to Eren’s face, smoothes it along his cheek. He reaches around to tickle at the hair at the back of Eren’s neck and Eren shivers, relaxes a fraction. Jean leans up, takes Eren’s mouth in a gentle kiss. Eren sighs into it, glad for the distraction as Jean continues to steadily slip his finger in the rest of the way. He waits until Eren nips at his lips before starting to glide all three digits in and out at a slow pace.

Jean knows Eren is truly ready when he starts to mewl and pant into Jean’s mouth, hips pushing back against his hand. He is close to wriggling his pinky finger inside of Eren, too, but Eren smacks at his arm.

“I want nn-” he shudders as Jean hits his prostate “–I want your cock.”

Jean obliges him this time. He removes his fingers and rolls on a condom, lubes himself up before positioning his dick at Eren’s hole.

“Ready?” he asks.

Eren nods, reaching behind him to spread his ass as he guides himself onto Jean’s dick.

Fuck,” he breathes, one hand coming up to grip Jean’s shoulder again. It takes a couple minutes of gentle bobbing and deep breaths, but eventually Eren seats himself fully.

Jean’s hands rub up and down Eren’s thighs as he adjusts, draws circles with his thumbs at Eren’s hips.

“Shit, you feel good,” Jean says. He’s shaking a little, keeping himself under control. He wants to plow Eren into the mattress, but this is Eren’s rodeo. So to speak.

A few moments pass and then Eren lifts himself up before slowly, tortuously, sinking himself back down. He clenches, squeezing Jean’s cock and making Jean bite his lip, before doing it again.

Once he’s sure he can take it, Eren sets a quick pace. Jean holds Eren’s hips with a firm grip, thrusting up to meet him. The room is filled with gasps and moans and the slapping of skin. Eren makes an unintelligible noise, fingers digging into Jean’s skin, when Jean grabs his cock, pumps it in time to Eren’s rhythm.

“Gonna come,” Eren pants, eyes slipping closed, eyebrows furrowing.

“Do it. Come for me, Eren.”

And Eren does with a shout, dick twitching, hot seed spilling over Jean’s stomach.

Jean fucks him through it, stopping once Eren pushes at his chest. He climbs off and Jean thinks he’s going to flop over next to him, but instead he shimmies down the bed until his face is flush with Jean’s cock. He takes the condom off and sucks Jean into his mouth, tongue kneading at his slit.

Jean hisses in pleasure, hand flying down to grab a fistful of Eren’s hair. Eren may say some stupid shit, but his mouth is a godsend and it is capable of delightful things.

“Eren,” Jean groans quickly, because Eren’s mouth is so warm and so wet and his tongue is doing that thing where it undulates against the underside of his dick and it just feels so good.

At the warning, Eren takes as much of Jean as he can, humming and swallowing around Jean’s cock until Jean is coming hard down his throat. He releases Jean from his mouth, coughing a little, but that doesn’t stop him from licking up the mess before crawling up and collapsing onto Jean’s chest - sticky, come-covered stomach be damned -  and burying his face in the crook of Jean’s neck.

Jean wraps his arms around Eren’s waist and they lie there without speaking, both of them breathing heavy.

“Gadzooks, that was great,” Jean says eventually.

He can feel Eren’s smile against his skin even as Eren reaches up to lazily punch him in the arm.

bts as studio ghibli films; ponyo // taehyung as sōsuke

You’re not dead, are you…?” Taehyung murmurs, concerned as he gently nudges the goldfish floating in the bucket. Its scales gleam bright red, fins kelp-soft against his fingers. The outdoor faucet drips, leaky, and Taehyung wonders briefly whether he should have gotten seawater instead. But at that moment, he feels movement flick across his skin and peers back down. The goldfish has awoken and is wriggling around. It swims a lap before poking its head above the water to peek at Taehyung. He grins in relief, then laughs outright when it spews a tiny arch of water at his hand.

HYUNG!” he shouts. He leaps to his feet with the bucket clutched against his chest, and in his excitement water sloshes over the plastic rim. “Come look at what I just found!

and you drive me wild

Wow, I can’t believe it, but we’ve reached the end! I really hope you kiddos have enjoyed this fic even half as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it! Thank you so much for reading it! It’ll be posted to Ao3 in its entirety soon! <333 (Read the rest of the story here!) 

PART SIXTEEN: How lucky we are to be alive right now!

One Month Later

“It landed on you so you have to!” Angelica declared, grinning at Eliza and Maria in turn.

All of the friends were gathered at the Schuyler’s for game night once again, and, this time, they actually got to play the games. Right now they were playing spin-the-bottle, and, while he couldn’t prove it, Alexander was pretty positive that Angelica had somehow rigged it so Eliza’s spin would land on Maria.

Eliza’s face blushed a deep red as her eyes met Maria’s. “Are you okay with us––” Eliza was cut off by Maria lunging forward and locking her lips over the other girl’s.

Eliza’s eyes went wide at first but then shut, a dreamy look overtaking her face. When Maria pulled away Eliza gently touched her own lip, where the remnants of Maria’s rose-colored lipstick lingered.

Maria moved over to Eliza, sitting next to her–– and much closer than she absolutely had to–– and they held hands for the remainder of the game.

Alexander leaned against John, his boyfriend of two weeks now, and let his eyes drift shut. He felt one of John’s warm hands take his, John’s thumb rubbing small circles over the back of Alex’s hand. He listened to Herc’s booming laughter and heard Laf’s flustered protests and knew without even peeking that Laf’s spin had landed on Angelica, who he’s had the most obvious crush on since the moment he met her, and probably even before then, somehow. But that was Angelica. Nearly everyone had a crush on her.

There was a silent moment, then burst of whistles and cheers and applause, and Alex smiled to himself, loving the feeling of being surrounded by his friends’ happiness and laughter; of being next to John.


John, who, against all odds, was his.

After that day at the diner, John slowly seemed to grow happier and happier. He never said it, but Alex was sure it had at least something to do with the fact that Henry Laurens was now doing his absolute best to support his son.

In the last car commercial Alexander saw (because yes, of course he still watched them every night) John had been wearing a black t-shirt with a rainbow heart over the chest pocket along with a face-eating grin, making that commercial the most liberal thing to air on Fox News maybe ever.

John nudged Alex with his shoulder, jostling the other boy out of his dream-like state. “It’s your turn,” he said with a smirk.

Alexander grinned back at John and took the bottle in hand, turning it until it pointed at John. Angelica protested that that was entirely unfair how could he!, Laf and Herc whistled, and Peggy snickered.

“This isn’t seven minutes in heaven, you guys,” Peggy said after five seconds.

Alex pulled away and winked at John.

“My turn!” Peggy declared, even though it wasn’t her turn. But nobody said no to Peggy. Who knew what she would do if they did.

She gave it a good spin and cackled when it landed on Adrienne. “Imma steal your girl,” she said to Laf and Herc.

Hercules rolled his eyes, but Laf actually looked a little defensive. Peggy narrowed her eyes at him.

“You literally just kissed my sister.”

“That is not the same thing!” he exclaimed.

Peggy winked at him. “No, it’s not, but oh well!” She looked at Adrienne who giggled as she crawled forward to meet Peggy halfway. They shared a chaste kiss, but it was enough to get Laf a little bothered, which seemed to be Peggy’s goal.

Peggy leaned toward Laf and whispered “That was for lying to me about the lizard.”

Everyone gave Lafayette a confused look. He simply shrugged. “I needed her help and I knew she wouldn’t come without… incentive.”

“Next time you say there’s a lizard, there better be a lizard, or Imma kiss your boyfriend next.” Peggy winked at Herc, who seemed a little bit flustered. Laf waved her away.

“Okay, let’s get back to the game,” Angelica suggested. “Now, whose turn was it really?”

And so they continued to play, all of them content–– happy. Alexander gripped John’s hand, and John squeezed back, both of them buoyed by their friends’ laughter, by each other.


Role Reversal (Connor x Reader Drabble)

Connor x Reader drabble under the cut (as its definitely nsfw) based on the  drabble prompts 175, 191, and 194.

Because this is a drabble it was written pretty quickly and barely edited, sorry about that. 

Warnings: NSFW, just 100% pure smut, thigh riding (yep that needs its own warning), rushed writing, no plot, sorry. 

~  ~  ~

You were sat in your boyfriend’s lap, your hands in his hair and his lips against your neck. His parents were out and you could feel his excitement through his jeans - you knew where this was heading. 

“Do you want to try something different?” you ask, your eyes fluttering shut.

“Different how?” he says between hot, open-mouthed kisses which were trailing down to your collar bone. 

“Do you wanna sub?” you ask biting your lip. You’ve been wanting to try being in control for a while but you’ve only just worked up the courage to ask. You and your boyfriend had an incredibly understanding relationship but you still couldn’t help thinking that Connor might find it a turn off, when, in fact, the very opposite was true. 

His face lights up and his swollen lips form a perfect smile. 

Well, fine, just this once” he laughs, secretly finding the prospect of you taking control to be super hot. 

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The Labyrinth Chapter 19

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 6.2k
Summary: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into.

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