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it’s my favorite friends again ✨

I used to be super into Project Runway when I was in middle school and then I kind of forgot about it, but for some reason I decided to watch this season and I got super invested. Anyway the season ended and let me just say… ROBERI DESERVED TO WIN AND I’M SO UPSET!! LIKE LOOK AT THIS PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL!!!

Autistic Steve

Okay guys so we talk a bit about autistic Carlos, but can we have a minute for autistic Steve?

• a Steve who feels alone because it’s harder for him to form lasting relationships.
• And once he does form one, it being difficult for him to maintain the relationship
• A Steve who’s first friend (in around 5th grade) abandoned him because they got tired of hearing him talk about whatever special interest he had then
• A Steve who didn’t realize that Cecil didn’t want to talk about his “conspiracy theories” until he said so. Quite loudly in front of everyone.
• Steve who doesn’t understand why everyone wants him to look them in the eyes, he’s much more comfortable with looking other places so why aren’t they?
• A Steve who hates the summer and winter breaks because it’s something totally different from what he’s used to, and then once he gets used to it, school starts up again
• A Steve who flaps his arms when he gets to openly talk about the lights in the sky and he’s just so happy

Note: I’m self diagnosed so I’m not sure of some of this stuff from a medical standpoint, but more from a personal viewpoint. If y'all want more of my crappy headcannons, just let me know. Please add anything else that comes to mind!

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