pure plum art

Alright alright alright. 

Slowly getting through the rest of these art trades. Last one for my friend @crusanite. This one for my friend @pure-plum! I hope you like it Karen! I had a lot of fun working on this and it really makes me want to give the show a second chance. Haha (Also don’t feel obligated to match my effort, I liked the pose and decided to make it a future print for conventions. lD; )


I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything but I just wanted to share my current D&D Party!  Especially after getting into Critical Role I wanted to start up either Pathfinder or try 5th Edition and thankfully I’ve got both going right now!  But this is my D&D party, comprised of the amazing @katsudonburi, @nightrae, @jesterpissboots, @summonerskies and our friend Anarin! (not sure if tumblr).  We’re still pretty early on but I’m really having so much fun with them, and our first time DM @drakesoldier is doing an AMAZING job!!

We’re doing it all over Skype and Roll20 and I wanted to make us some fun tokens to use so now our characters have some faces!  Now we just need to decide on a name for our party…

This reminds me why it takes me so long to digitally colour anything, takes frickin’ forever and I forget to blink. x__x

I started this almost a month ago, wow, in support of Marisha Ray and I’m glad it’s finally done so I can share it!  Watching and listening to Critical Role got me through the last few months of my Masters project and I’m almost caught up again in a second watch through of it.  Hopefully when I do more of these they’ll get wrapped up a bit quicker but I’m pretty damn happy with how it’s come out!

PS: If you like this, y’might like the chance to win a drawing by donating to a good cause!

Someone mentioned Tucker and Caboose as a ship and I thought about it, then wanted to draw all the cuddles.  Because you know Caboose would be damn cuddly.  And these two could use something fluffy and nice for what I have in mind next.

Life is gonna get pretty hectic soon but I’ll post a proper update on that later.

After doing Keyleth’s picture, it’s only right that Pike gets a version of her own seeing as the quote I chose to go with it was said to her in canon.

I might have had a bit too much fun doing the gauntlets and chest plate, even though shading the metal took me longer than I can remember at this point.  Found out a neat trick to kinda cheat the chain mail which involves just a bit of planning and creative use of blur and layer types.  I kind of like that with each of these I do I’m focusing on different things, like with Keyleth it was her hair and getting the fire just right, for Pike it was her armour.

Expect one for Vex sometime in the future.

PS: If you like this, y’might like the chance to win a drawing by donating to a good cause!

It’s super late coming but finally a little more Tuckboose.

School’s kicking my butt, as it should.  I don’t have much time to work on a lot of finished things that I feel confident posting to this tumblr so what I’m gonna do is starts up a side-sketch tumblr!  There’ll be stuff about this rough or rougher over there, along with more OCs of mine and drawings from the RP au’s I’ve got here and there if you’re interested.  I’ll reblog it when it’s ready so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for it!

WIP of some of my blue team facecanons.  

I’m gonna try and get them all properly rendered but it might take a while. Got Caboose done in greyscale but I’m gonna try it again a couple of times before I settle on a final thing.

Is it weird that I’m really happy with their noses?

Left to Right: Caboose, Wash, Tucker, Carolina and Epsilon

During the cyber monday thingy I bought that drawing program that was knocking about a few months ago, Mischief.  It’s nice for doodling, and it has the neat function to toggle the application’s opacity!  Well, I thought it was neat.

So because I haven’t doodled much lately I did a bit of an expression exercise with a sleep deprived Caboose.  I can’t tell you how many times during the doodling that his face made me yawn.

Too many times.


Guess who has caught up on the latest episodes of Gravity Falls?

Got the idea for these while talking with my friend cecameron (she also does some seriously wicked Gravity Falls art.  Check it out!) and decided that I’d key/breakdown these out while I’m still running on some late night coffee.  Wanted to play around with the whole “I’ll be watching you!” from Bill and started overthinking triangular shapes that appear regularly on the Pines Twins.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish them off while I’m in Toronto but I’ll definitely be coming back to these to polish them up.