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Halftime Show*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Chris and Reader have some naughty time together during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Swearing and unprotected sex. [Wrap your wang before you bang.]
Author’s Note: Might not be my greatest work since I wrote it in a hurry, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Congrats to the Pats, by the way.

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“C'mon, you can do better… don’t fuck this one up, guys!” Chris yelled, clapping his hands as if he was the coach. “Don’t you dare to do this to us!”

Proud yelling, muttered cursing and stressed screaming everywhere around you in the VIP area of the stadium. The fans sitting, standing or jumping roared their stress out as your team was in a difficult time. The halftime was fast approaching and the Patriots struggled, facing the seemingly glorious Falcons.

“Don’t freak out. Relax, big boy,” you soothed, rubbing your boyfriend’s tensed back as he tapped his foot on the floor.

“How can we relax, Y/N?!” Scott, his brother told you and you rolled eyes, mentally noticing him he wasn’t helping at all.

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Kingsman Fighting Styles
  • James Spencer, Lancelot: gaudy, pure showmanship, playful and fun, his own gloriously melodramatic spin on James Bond. Revels in being the ridiculous epitome of the gentleman spy, he knows he's just too much - and owns it.
  • Harry Hart, Galahad: tries at being unassuming and polite, smooth and respectable, but is actually a fucking bulldozer, brutal and relentless, fights like a tank. Not at all averse to showing off. Also much too keen on picking fights, i.e. Harry is a little shit.
  • Merlin: away from all the hacking, cardigans and agent babysitting, Merlin uses a beefy Heckler & Koch 416 D assault rifle, his favourite baby. Personalises everything, is a complete geek about it, all his firearms and programs are customised within an inch of their lives, so he's a bit protective since they all contain a part of him.
  • Percival: modern, straightforward, pragmatic, nominated a girl for the position of Lancelot, uses sniper rifles, doesn't miss a beat when missions go straight to hell, coolly efficient and gorgeously clinical with none of the overly rich trappings of the old guard.
  • Roxy Morton, Lancelot: neat and steady, rock-solid and steely in all her takedowns, unflinchingly brave, uses the Kingsman-issued modified Tokarev TT-30 pistols, content to play by the book, but she will mow you down with no hesitation if you mess with her.
  • Gary 'Eggsy' Unwin: gymnastic flexibility with barely any respect for gravity, dual-wields pistols, shoots them upside-down, runs along walls and forgets whoops that's not the ground, happily breaks apart any semblance of convention. Heart of gold, but he tries to balance that out by being unbearably cocky.

Moon in Aquarius - The Moon and Her Madness

“Still, the image haunted his dreams throughout the night: a lovely girl gazing at the stars, and the stars who gazed back”. - Sarah J. Mass

The mother of humanity generates tremendous maternal sorcery from the moon rays. Lunar Aquarius people have hearts made of vessels stitched in other galaxies. Constellations thread their arteries and tangle in the collective spirit. Tremendous emotional inflammation occurs upon witnessing injustice, human rights or animal abuse, and environmental destruction. The Lunar Aquarius person may direct more compassion and concern toward strangers than they show to close friends and family. Their heart beats with that of the universe, and amongst all the curiosity and ideas and revelation, the stirring of emotions and sentiment seems foreign, uncomfortable, and a blemish on their crystal of pristine intellect. Intellect is typically rich with creative inspiration, empathy, and unusual, abrupt emotional experiences. The individual may be interested in psychology, psychiatry, astrology, and archetypal studies. The mind tends to be a great topic of fascination and people are interesting, in their abstract and conceptual ways. Psychology also helps the individual generate self insight which assists in their mastery of emotions. The genius is capable of profound emotional intelligence here, but they must be willing to let the mind sink into the heart.

The individual generates pure and playful delight flying through scientific and mystical worlds. They can make chemistry out of the cosmos. Lunar Aquarius people are full of love. They are very romantic and amorous. But this love is not for you. It’s for wildlife and sea life and third world children and the world they feel a tremendous responsibility over. The individual may eschew experiencing and processing their own emotions for the cause of something bigger. Of course, it comes as another tool of distraction for an individual who struggles with the allusiveness of emotion. It cannot be held, or labeled, no formula or mathematics can be applied, and the spirit escapes to the mind, behind the eyes, the body can float away. The individual must become extremely intimate with their own anatomical functioning to decipher when stress, exhaustion, and has occurred, because the mind’s rapid defense is to deflect and protect. People typically rely on Lunar Aquarians because they maintain a cool head in times of stress and chaos.

With the water bearer’s pail dripping straight from the heart, the Lunar Aquarius scatters cosmic love throughout humanity in sporadic sprinkles. This can come through revelatory waves of information, charity, advocacy, and open concern. The individual can process feelings like unwelcome visitors, like something that intrudes from beyond the self. Something spacey and removed can emanate from the individual, like they were born elsewhere and they belong elsewhere. This can trigger exhuming feelings of wanderlust and adventure in the individual. Independence is important, and they will rarely tolerate any commitment or person that inhibits their freedom. This may express as disconnection and withdrawal, and the people in their lives can become frustrated at the lack of emotional validation they receive. The Lunar Aquarius would rather assist others in practical and innovative ways. Tears and theatrics can make the individual feel extremely uncomfortable and embarrassed. Playing with animals, music, and research typically make great emotional remedies and stress reduction techniques. Meditation and mindfulness helps with unprocessed feelings. Here the Moonbeams dream of a better world and send imaginative innovation through its midnight whispering winds.


[nct 127] reaction to their best friend being flirty

thanks so much for requesting! sorry for taking so long, schools been hectic and ive already have a billion tests and the year just startED AHH. hope you had a good day ❣️ @seoulsnitch

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taeil would eventually get used to it; but at first, would be taken aback by his best friends flirty nature. it would constantly make him blush and just respond in a small smile. although it would take a while, it would probably become one of his favorite things about his best friend. i think their flirty nature would help him with confidence.

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johnny seems like he’d return the flirting. he’s cheesy and makes a lot of hearts towards fans, and if anything, he’d make it into a competition between him and his best friend. the members and all of their friends would be so confused since it seems like they’re dating, but they always act disgusted whenever they’re asked if they are. the friendship is purely friendly with playful flirting behind it.

Originally posted by nctaezen

taeyong would be the blushiest kid!! he’d reply in shy smiles and constantly fan his face in embarrassment. he’d lightly hit his best friends shoulder, his eyes going from his friend to the floor. it would become a common occurrence, so he’d become accustomed to it; but it would still make him a blushing mess each time.

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yuta would sO fucking flirt back with his best friend, oh my gosh. he’d feel no shame in it and would love to challenge his friend. he’d tease them and wouldn’t hold back at all. it would be the same case as johnny; people asking if him and his bestie are together, only to get faces of disgust in return. it’s just something that would be a sort of inside joke among them.

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doyoung would be the one to do things unexpected. one day, he’d play along. the next, he’d roll his eyes and tell his best friend to shut their trap. his bestie would be exciting to see how he would respond and would just laugh at him. on the days it would annoy him, his best friend would flirt multiple times, enjoying the heavy huffs and disgusted looks he’d give them.

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jaehyun would be a tease. he’d wink and smirk at his best friend in an attempt to make them the flustered one. once he would succeed, he’d laugh his ass off. pointing out their flushed cheeks and picked fun at the embarrassed aura emitting from them. it would be one big game and he’d always win, no matter how hard his bestie would try.

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sicheng would be really shy and probably won’t know how to react. he’d always just stare at his best friend in shock, eventually just learning to smile and nod at them when they say something in a flirty way. sometimes he’d just roll his eyes and shake his head at them, going back to what he was doing once his bestie decided to annoy him.

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mark would smile widely, slightly confused. he’d be a little slow, not understanding at first; eventually, he’d realize and kinda just laugh it off. he’s normally carfree about life and would just find it friendly banter between him and his bestie. if anything, he’d enjoy the change in pace for his daily conversations every once in a while.

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donghyuck would be cheerful. he’d give his best friend wide smiles and it would definitely help his confidence. i think the flirting would be in forms of compliments. his best friend would hype him up, pointing out how nice his skin is and how great he always looks. growing up around those types of influences would help him a lot, i think instead of flirting like someone would normally, the flirting would be compliments.

Three’s A Crowd Finale

Pt. 1| Pt. 2

“Give it back!”

A smug smirk sat on Gabe’s lips as he yanked his hand back right before your chopsticks landed across his knuckles, popping the spicy salmon roll piece into his mouth. Glaring at him, you grunted as you went back to eating your shrimp lo mein and quietly contemplating how the fuck you ended up in this situation. On either side of you sat one of your friends with benefits, Gabe on your left, Jack on your right and they were eating dinner as if what transpired ten minutes earlier hadn’t happened.

You had called out a different name in the middle of sex–again–but at least you had a really good excuse this time. Gabriel Fucking Reyes was standing in the doorway, watching as you came on Jack’s lap, looking smug as all hell as the both of you wound down from your climaxes. Both you and Jack were blushing, Jack grumbling softly about how he never should have given Reyes the damn access code while helping you pull your tank top back on. Gabriel chuckled as the both of you quickly pulled your clothes back on, nonchalantly walking into the kitchen and grabbing the bag of take-out. You planned to tear into him, your finger lifted and eyes narrowed but before you could get the first word of your tirade out though, your stomach had growled and demanded sustenance. So food first, vengeance later.

You don’t know why you felt so damned shy in the first place; like Gabriel hadn’t seen your fully naked ass or hadn’t been screwing you on top of your desk mere hours before. Still, getting caught in the act was different, an intimate moment interrupted. You stuffed a large piece of shrimp into your mouth, before shooting another glare at Gabriel. He snickered as he caught your eye, his brow lifting in a silent challenge. Your brows shot up incredulously, eyes narrowing before you scoffed and rolled your eyes. If he wanted to play, then let’s play.

“So Gabe didn’t really peg you as a voyeur”, you said offhandedly, purposefully recrossing your leg so your knee bumped his. “You normally sneak into people’s rooms or…?”

“I guess we’re both learning things today”, Gabe said casually, ignoring your question, leaning back in his seat and placing his arm across the back of the couch. You could hear the cockiness in his tone as he purposefully spread his legs, his right leg now firmly set alongside your left. “I didn’t know you were a tag chaser.”

You gasped, turning and punching Gabe in his shoulder, earning a throaty laugh from the man as he blocked your next hit, snatching your food away and placing it on the coffee table in front of him. Faster than you could think, Gabe had wrapped his arms around your waist and yanked you into his lap, laughing as you struggled to get back to your section of the couch. You had to admit, you loved the way his strong arms felt around your waist and how nice it was to be sitting in his lap. But you couldn’t let him know that of course. Your eyes lifted to look at Jack, trying to get some kind of support from the man but he was laughing softly, his hand patting your calf sympathetically.

“Stop teasing her Gabe”, he said, voice filled with mirth as you gave an exasperated huff and pout. “She’s the only one that doesn’t know by now, you’re just torturing her at this point.”

“Only one who doesn’t know what”, you asked incredulously, eyes darting from Gabe then back to Jack. Jack was a bit pink in the face, that same blush that cropped up on his face when he was thinking something mildly erotic or embarrassing. Although, instead of a flustered look in those baby blues, it was a look of pure playful mischief. Twisting to look at Gabe, his shit eating smirk was back, the man eating up your perplexed expression. “Okay you two, spit it out. What hell is going on?”

“Well”, Jack started out, rubbing the back of his neck slightly, placing his own carton of Chinese food down on the side table next to himself. “It does look like we all share a type, to be honest.”

“And that type is each other querida”, Gabe said with a quiet snicker, placing a kiss against your shoulder. He placed his chin on your shoulder, still chuckling softly as he placed another kiss on the side of your neck, making a shiver roll down your spine.

“Wait wait wait what”, you asked, pushing Gabriel lightly in the chest, resisting the simmer he was trying to stir in your belly. He planted another hard kiss to the side of your neck, earning a solid slap to his solid chest before realizations slowly began to dawn on you. Your eyes went round, Gabe’s laugh vibrating through your side as Jack’s quiet chuckle joined his. You pointed at Jack then at Gabe and back and forth for several moments before stopping. “No fucking way!”

By this point, Jack’s arm was wrapped loosely around his stomach as he laughed harder and harder, Gabe’s arms tightening around your waist so you didn’t fall off of his lap as his shoulders shook. You knew that all of you were sexually fluid, gender playing no real role in determining your attraction to a partner. You had been bar hopping with them on more occasions than you had counted, the three of you often pointing out the attractive men and women you spotted over your drinks. But you never would have connected the two of them together–although now that you thought about it, it made perfect sense. They were best friends and they were around one another all the time and there were time they had shared looks. You dropped your face into you palm, shaking your head and sighing.  The irony of the whole situation was at least a bit comical.

“Alright alright you assholes”, you huffed, pushing the hand that was covering your face through your hair. “So how long have you two known?”

“I’d say about ten minutes ago”, Jack said with a soft chuckle, gently kneading your calf and drawing a low groan of satisfaction from you. Gabriel took that moment to press a hard kiss against your pulse point, tugging a soft moan from you.

“When you slipped up and called a certain golden boy’s name in the middle of our fun”, Gabe said against your neck, making you shiver as he went right back to kissing your neck, grinning wolfishly against your skin. “So, I’d say four hours tops. Although, I must say, watching you and boy scout cum at the same time was quite the treat.”

With certain words he nipped at the skin of  your neck, making your back arch, your ass pressing down into his growing bulge. Lust overrode embarrassment, one particular nip causing your hand to fly up and press against Gabe’s neck and hold him there. Your head lolled to the side, Gabe happily taking this chance to lavish more of your skin in attention. He had lit a fire in the pit of your stomach and you didn’t think there was any quelling it now, your eyes lifting up wantingly and connecting with Jack’s. His baby blues had darkened with arousal, soaking in the image of your chest rising and falling, your lips slightly parted in a pant, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. His eyes looked between you and Gabe before the blonde twisted, carefully crawling over you and pinning you between Gabe and himself.

“Think you can share”, Jack teased as he looked down on you, your heartbeat picking up as you suddenly realized how vulnerable you were. Trapped between two men who were the apex of attractiveness and masculinity, dominance and possessiveness rolling off both of them.

“Think you can keep up”, Gabe shot back, his hands dragging up from your waist, tugging down

your spaghetti strapped top. Your head tilted all the way back to his shoulder, your mouth opening in a moaning gasp as Gabe calloused hands groped at your sensitive breasts. You bit down hard on your bottom lip, before he gave your nipples a particularly hard pinch making you cry out. “Ah ah, cariño. I think we all know exactly how loud you can be, don’t hold back now, comprende?”

“Aw be nice Gabe”, Jack teased, gently grabbing your chin and pulling your face forward. Your lust blown eyes stared into his, a slight smirk playing on his face. He dipped down, capturing your lips with his, his tongue dancing across your lips. You granted him access, moaning into his mouth as he settled over you. Jack’s hand dragged down your body until it rested on your thinly covered mound, massaging hard against your heat. You squeaked into his mouth, jumping as his hand quickly yanked the fabric to the side and his fingers found your clit. They really weren’t wasting any time.

Jack pulled away from your lips, a low moan tumbling from you as he pressed harder against your clit, circling the sensitive nub in time with Gabe’s own massaging of your breasts. You chest began to rise and fall faster, moans turning into pants and quite whines as their teamwork pushed you into yet another orgasm that day. Your back arched so hard that you rose off of Gabe’s lap, his arm cradling your back as your feet dug deep into the couch cushions.

“Gab-Ja-Ja-Ga”, you were stumbling over both of their names as you tried to beg either one of them to stop, neither one of them wanting to be the one that let up first. Jack ended up being the one, his hand flung away from your dripping mound when your leg caught him in the side. Gabriel started laughing again, Jack glaring at you as he rubbed at his attacked ribs, you returning the look as you caught your breath. “You two….are trying….to kill me….”

Gabe’s hands pulled away from your breasts before he earned an elbow to his ribs, hands dragging down to rest on your hips. You could still feel him against your ass, pressing hard and needily into you, a quick glance at Jack’s crotch revealing he was just as aroused. You licked your lips, breathing in sharply as you realized that even after cumming multiple times, your body was still begging for more. But your nethers throbbed with each beat of your heart, demanding a short period of relief before starting once more.

“How about we take this to the bedroom”, you suggested, twisting so your feet touched the floor before pushing yourself off of Gabe’s lap. You almost fell but caught yourself as either man made a grab to help you up, a warm, sentimental bubble expanding in your chest. The sex was great and all but the fact that you could do this with two people who cared deeply and intensely for you was special in and of itself. “As much as I love your couch Jackie, it doesn’t quite work for three people.”

You didn’t wait for their answer, your wobbly legs demanding you sit down again and you intended it to be the bedroom. Jack had a nice king sized bed, an apparent perk of being the Strike Commander of the base. There were a number of full, fluffy pillows lined along the headboard, the thick blue comforter on the bed soft under your hands and knees as you crawled onto the bed. You fell back against the pillows, cuddling into them as you adjusted your shorts and crossed your legs. Craning your head to look out the door, your brow quirked up in a question of ‘what were they waiting for’, smiling as you watched both Jack and Gabe exchange a look before pushing off of the couch.

Your brows shot up in amusement, eyes glittering as you watched Gabe’s hand glide across Jack’s ass, the blonde jumping as Gabe obviously pinched his tight rear. You snorted softly as the two men walked through the bedroom door, the both of them exchanging a hungry look before looking up at you. They both made a move to grab for you, your leg quickly pulling back as you lifted an admonishing finger.

“No no”, you said simply, levelling them both with a look to show you meant business. Both of them settled down on the bed, sitting on the edge as they both looked at you. “I really am enjoying myself. I just need a quick break…so…since Jack and I put  on a show for you, Gabe, why don’t you return the favor? Maybe it’ll help rile me back up faster?”

“‘Break’”, Gabriel quipped back, rolling his eyes with a teasing smirk. “That your secret way of saying you wanna watch Jack and me go at it? All you had to do was ask, cariño. Ain’t that right, golden boy?”

“I really need to get a new nickname”, Jack sighed, no real malice in his voice as he dragged his hand over his face. Reyes and you exchanged an impish look before looking back at Jack.

“Blondie”, you teased in a sing-song voice, earning a pointed glare from Jack.

“Rubito”, Gabe joined in, Jack’s head twisting to look at him in exasperation.





“Oh my god just shut up and kiss me”, Jack growled, face tinged pink in embarrassed annoyance, grabbing the back of Gabe’s neck. Their lips crash together and you couldn’t help the excited titter that bubbled up from your throat, eyes going round.

“Woah”, you breathed out, the heat immediately beginning to heat again in your core. The kiss was intense, their eyes still open and locked on one another, all soft growls and quiet nips at one another lips. An intense want–or was it need?–was conveyed, Gabriel pushing forward until their chests touched, the darker man’s hand lifting up to twist into Jack’s hair.

The blonde was painted rosy from the shell of his ears all the way down to his naked chest, his fingers curling against Gabe’s neck and shoulders, a visible shudder travelling down his spine. Their carnal want hung heavy and intoxicating in the air, your eyes fixated on the scene as it unfolded. Jack’s hands pulled away from Gabe’s shoulder, his kisses becoming frantic as he tried to equalize the situation. You and Jack sat in the thinnest of underclothes or underwear while Gabe was fully dressed and it was apparent that Jack needed to feel his skin against his own. Your lightly scratched at your thigh as Jack’s hands made their way under Gabe’s shirt, his hands massaging at his well sculpted torso before pushing his shirt up.

You licked your lips, a small breath catching in your throat as Jack pulled back and yanked Gabe’s shirt the rest of the way off, the two of them exchanging a smoldering stare before they were back on each other. Gabe went straight for the side of Jack’s neck, your own skin tingling as you watched, Jack’s fingers returning to the back of Gabe’s neck. Jack’s moan was low and thick, his tongue darting out to lick at Gabe’s sensitive earlobe, drawing a growl from the other man. A quiet moan fell from your lips when Gabe’s hand tightened in Jack’s hair, gently pulling the blonde man away from his ear with a warning grunt. That was his weak spot, both you and Jack apparently knew that, he turned into putty if teased long enough.

A lusty amused laugh fell from Jack’s lip, your teeth biting down hard on your bottom lip to quiet the moan that wanted to spill from your own. Gabe was just as rough on Jack as he was on you, if not a bit more, his teeth biting into Jack’s skin and sucking, leaving pink and red marks wherever he kissed. Jack’s hand tightened around his neck before scratching at Gabe’s back, one of his hand moving between their bodies to his covered cock, massaging him through his thick cargo pants. It was Gabe’s chance to moan, the sound muffled and expression hidden against Jack’s shoulder. The man was not to be outdone, his lips returning to Jack’s shoulder and collarbone, his hand falling and groping at Jack’s cock once more. They arched against one another, both men teasing the other  without giving them the relief of full skin on skin contact.

This was hot. Erotic and intimate and sensual–just fucking perfect. The hand against your thigh twitched, your legs slowly uncrossing as to not interrupt the both of them. You dropped your hand to your thinly covered crotch, fingers pushing the fabric of your shorts to the side and dragging a finger over your needy cunt. You barely bit back the moan that threatened to spill out, your body pressing harder into the pillows. Your eyes fluttered as you watched them, your brow furrowed as you tried to resist the urge to close them, a soft whine rising from your chest as you pushed harder and rubbed your clit.

“I think someone is enjoying the show.”

Jack’s voice sliced through your aroused haze like a knife, your face burning as you yanked your hands away from your nethers. Your eyes finally opened completely, the both of them staring at you, smirks resting on both of their attractive faces. Feeling caught, you tried to play it off by lifting your chin a little and rolling your shoulders.

“What can I say”,you practically purred to them, smoothly dropping your hand to your core, dipping two fingers into your nethers. Pulling them back you wiggled them with a amorous giggle, both of them staring at your wetness coated fingers. “You guys riled me back up.”

They broke away from one another first, an amused giggle bubbling up from your lips as they both made a move for you, grabbing your legs and yanking you forward. Jack made it to your fingers first, drawing a surprised, satisfied mewl from you lips as he thoroughly cleaned your middle finger. Gabe moved forward, bumping against Jack’s shoulder gently as he cleaned your pointer, toes curling as both of their tongues danced over your sensitive digits. You hesitated before pulling your fingers back, pushing yourself onto your elbows you motioned for Jack to come close first. His blue eyes flashed, casting a brief smug look at Gabe before crawling over your body.

“You undress”, you demanded, peeking around Jack’s shoulder to look at Gabriel, the man not arguing for once and standing as he went to disrobe. Satisfied, your attention returned to Jack, one of your hands lifting to trace at a particularly red mark on the side of his neck.

He released a soft hiss of desire, his hands dropping to the hem of your tank top and pulling up. You wiggled as the shirt came up and off, your hands covering your breasts in a playfully coy gesture. He dropped his head with a laugh, batting your hands away and wrapping his lips around your nipple. You cried out, delighted, your toes curling and pressing into the sheets as pleasure surged through your body. Your hands clawed at the sheets before tangling into his hair, aroused laughter filling the air as he switched breasts hungrily, trailing affectionate nips between each. You whimpered softly as you felt Jack’s teeth graze your nipple, tears springing to your eyes as he suddenly bit down, Jack groaning against the swell of your breast.

“Fuck Gabe”, he managed to grunt out, his attention to your skin picking up hungrily, spurred on by whatever the dark skinned man was doing. His actions stuttered, your eyes watching as his face grows redder and redder, needy moans spilling against your skin, his blue eyes squeezing shut.

You couldn’t see but whatever was going on out of sight, the blonde was thoroughly enjoying, his expressions sending embers of pleasure into your core. When tangled up in pleasure he was so expressive, his mouth opening and closing in silent, needy words, lashes fluttering as his brow furrowed. Your hands lifted and touched his face, pressing a hard kiss to his lips, the blonde taking a moment before he reacted. Eyes slipping closed, you tasted him and Gabe, a quiet moan joining his as you felt a pair of hands move to your hips, pulling your shorts down and off.

Just as suddenly as he was on you, Jack pulled away from you, sitting up on his knees as he devoured you with his eyes. Somewhere along the way it seemed he had shed his underwear, his cock hard and dripping with precum. Gabriel’s arm wrapped around his middle, a hungry smirk on his features as he ghosted a hand over the blonde’s thigh, giving his cock a small jerk. You and Jack moaned at the same time, the visual making your nethers clench, his cock jumping in Gabe’s hand. That destroyed your last vestiges of patience, flipping onto your stomach and crawling for Jack’s nightstand. Your hand dove into the side drawer, rummaging around until your fingers found the condoms and lubricant the man stored there. Yanking them both out, you turned back onto your side, the bed sinking further as Gabriel joined you and Jack on the bed.

“So”, you started, offering the condoms to both of the men, each taking one and tearing the packets open. You didn’t try and bite back the wanting sigh that fell from your lips, eyes unabashedly watching as they both rolled the thin latex over their hard cocks. “How should we do this…?”

Jack and Gabe exchanged a look, a silent agreement passing between the men before they looked back to you. A slow, naughty smile pulled at both of their lips, Gabriel extending a hand to you first, shuffling to the right while Jack moved to the left. Placing your hand in his tentatively, you squeaked as the man wrapped his hand around yours and pulled you up, Gabriel stepping back and pulling you off of the bed with him. You fell into his chest, legs shaking as your naked torso pressed to his, your mind acutely aware of just how close you were to his cock. His chuckle drew your eyes up instead of down like you’d wanted them to go, his free hand lightly running down your back until it rested on you ass. He kneaded the full flesh, quiet, wanting breaths falling from your mouth, dropping his face closer to yours. He had a pleasant smug look on his face when your hands jumped out and groped at his naked shoulder, whining when his hand smacked your ass.

“Think you can handle both of us querida”, he asked, sending spirals of pleasure down your spine, your eyes going round when you looked up at him. Double penetration had always been a lingering fantasy of yours, the idea of being so delightfully full of both of them making your head swim.

“God yes”, you whimpered, head tilting to his collarbone as he went back to kneading your flesh.

“Good girl, now turn around.”

The sudden sweet compliment made your knees feel weak, a shiver rushing through you as he turned you around. Jack laid back on the bed, the lubricant held loosely in his hand, legs hanging over the edge. He patted his lap before tilting his head up, a silent request for you to climb up. Gabriel helped you back up onto the bed, holding you steady as you planted your knees on either side of Jack’s hips, your head dipping down to place a searing kiss against Jack’s lips before you sat back up. Jack’s hands settled on your hips, Gabe’s ghosting over your waist and chest, lips pressing to the side of your neck. Your body shook as Jack guided you down onto his cock, head tipping back as Gabriel’s hand massaged at your breasts and kissed the side of your neck. You whined as Jack completely bottomed out in you, your toes curling as you wiggled in his lap, savoring the fill of him inside of you. Your eyes were heavy as you stared down at him, your hands scratching at his chest as he gave a weak roll of his hips.

“Shit”, you hissed out as you rocked your hips into his, mouth falling open as Gabriel pinched your nipples hard, his teeth biting hard into your pulse point. Heat rolled through your entire body, pooling in your center and making you squeeze tight around Jack, the blonde groaning.

The two of you set a slow, rocking pace, Gabe nibbling against your skin as you clawed at Jack;  pink lines and crescent shaped marks joining the bites and hickies that both you and Gabriel had littered across Jack’s pale skin. You were sure your own skin was covered in them if Gabriel’s actions were any hint. Jack’s finger dug into your hips as he began to bounce you up and down on his lap, his hips snapping up to meet you just as you came back down. You barely registered Gabe’s hands pulling away from you, Jack’s movements making your mind go hazy, eyes slipping closed as you savored each thrust and quiet moans the man beneath you made.

“Ah cold!”

You jumped as you felt lube slide from the top of the crack of your ass, Jack’s hands shifting to pull your cheeks apart. Your shivered hard as you felt one of his fingers rub at the puckered set of muscles, massaging until you relaxed before pushing one finger in. Your back arched, eyes flying open as a surprised moan fell from your lips, a desperate whine escaping you as both men moved inside of you at once. Your own movements stuttered as Gabriel twisted and thrusted one then two fingers inside of you, Jack rolling his hips and helping you grind into him.

“Oh fuck…fuck shit.”

A stream of curse words fell from your lips as you tried to regain some semblance of control, a tangled ball of desire pulsing and expanding in your core. Another finger joined the two in your ass, a choked sob falling from your lips as Gabriel leaned forward and bit at the back of your neck. You felt so full. You could barely breathe, each man’s hand roaming over your body, caressing spots they knew would only drive you higher. Your neck, your inner thighs, your breasts, your back. You whined pitifully as that desire in your core grew, your eyes squeezing shut once more.

“J-Jack G-Gabe pl-please!”

Gabe’s laughter was thick and dark, as he pulled his fingers back, Jack laugh breathy and quiet as his thrusts slowed for a moment. The man behind you pressed his hand to your shoulder, pushing you forward until your chest touched Jack’s muscular one, the blonde’s hands moving to wrap around you and hold you in place. Your own arms wrapped around his shoulders, your lips crashing needily into his, trying to convey the frenzied feelings the both of them were stirring up in you. Jack kissed you back hungrily, eating your gasp as you felt Gabriel’s cock began to press into your ass. Jack–or maybe it was Gabe’s you couldn’t tell–ran their hands up and down your spine, coaxing you to relax as the darker man pushed the head of his shaft into you.

At that moment you stopped breathing completely, your head turning away from Jack’s lips. You could feel Jack’s cock buried inside of you, Gabriel’s pushing inside of you the rest of the way. Gabriel groaned from behind you, Jack moaning beneath you, your own sounds temporarily ceased by shock. This is what heaven must feel like you thought; filled to the brim by your two extremely attractive friends, your walls squeezing and milking both of them unconsciously. You sucked in a gulp of air as you felt Gabriel move first, Jack following suit, your mind correcting you as each of the men began to move. You became absolutely entrenched in pleasure, the sounds of your voices echoing throughout the room as you explored and enjoyed one another’s bodies. You came apart first and then again as their thrusts grew harder, your body overstimulated and overwhelmed by their touches and thrusts and growls and moans.

“Gabe Jack I can’t”, you begged them as the worked you higher once more, your head pressing against the side of Jack’s neck. Your whines and whimpered fell against his skin, against his neck, your entire body shaking as they drove you towards yet another orgasm. You wanted–needed–them to come with you, your mind barely keeping itself conscious under their ministrations. “Pl-please…I need, I need…”

“We got you beautiful”, Jack growled, voice tight as he plowed up into you, his arms tightening around your waist. His hands clung to you, lightly clawing and scratching at your skin, the both of you needing to feel the other as he felt a tightening in his stomach. “Fuck…”

“That’s right querida”, Gabriel practically snarled, bent over you now as the both of their thrusts became more disjointed, your tight walls spasming around them as you crashed over the precipice once more. You bit down into Jack’s shoulder and screamed, your vision blinking for several moments before your consciousness flickered. “Shit…”

The both of them gave several more hard stuttered thrusts before Jack came, Gabriel falling almost immediately after. Jack shivered beneath you, Gabriel grinding his hips hard into yours before the man pulled out, Jack sliding out as he grew soft. They handled you gingerly as you began to rouse, Jack carefully pulling you back and setting you next to him, Gabriel disposing of both condoms in a wastebin. You shivered as Gabriel slid back into the bed, his arm wrapping around your waist and tugging you to him. Jack scooted closer to the two of you, his arm joining Gabe’s across your hip, his legs intertwining with your own. A yawn was tugged from you lips as you became surrounded in warmth, your arm moving to rest across both of theirs, your hand patting Jack’s forearm affectionately.

This was nice. Intimate but not awkward; squeezed between your two closest friends as you basked in the post-coitus afterglow. You were sore and covered in angry bite marks and hickies and your body was exhausted but you were happy. Chuckling softly you wiggled between them warmheartedly, pressing your ass further into Gabriel’s crotch, nuzzling your head under Jack. As sleep began to creep in, you didn’t resist the urge to say one last thing to the men.  

“I call not it for breakfast.”

((A/N: So a tag chaser is a kind of military term, means that you go after folks just cuz they have dog tags. Lmao reasons why it was rude as hell.))

Sirius is smoke late at night accompanied by a few notes of acoustic guitar played gently by fingers in fingerless gloves. He is swearing and spitting and hair product, brooding and plotting, music and sex. He is grinning and leather, rebelling against everything and never compromising. He is loyalty he is lust he is anger that sits just below the surface and pure playful genius.

James is long, sunny summer days and “I win again”. He is disorganized notes scribbled over doodles on the back side of other notes. He is laughing and drinking and saying every day is the best day ever. He is parties and popularity a wink and a smile and pretending to be cool. He is getting carried away and catching himself just before (or just after) he takes it too far. He is jeans and cookies and comfort without ever saying a word.

Remus is winter mornings and incredibly dry, obscure dick jokes that would make Shakespeare proud. He is reading and reciting a few lines of poetry. He is sitting cross legged and imagining the smell of roses. He is a terrible cook and an excellent prankster. He is dedicated and artistic, serene and always busy. He is a sideways smile and classic taste in music. He is a joke and some life advice all served with black tea. 

Peter is chasing butterflies, enjoying the experience but never quite succeeding and never knowing what you’d do if you did. He is card games and quite applause. He is shying from the spotlight and taking second helpings of pie. He is doing the dishes after parties and petting every dog in the park. He is laying awake at night and not wanting to get up in the mornings. He is an amazing chef and almost always has an ace up his sleeve. He is fear and and playful teases followed by apologies and always listening and wishing he was free.

I’m so angry, there are so many cute Keith ships I can’t deal with this.

Sheith is all about mutual love and trust and respect and being there for the other. It’s about knowing they’re so much more than what people can see and there is so much soft and unconditional love and I’m WEAK
Heith is soft and beautiful and pure and playful and I’m not worthy.
Kallura is about acceptance and understanding and “lets run away together” and I can’t deal
Kidge is playful, it’s a nerd and an “outcast” finding companionship and love with each other and help


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I love the way you analyse and talk about zarry so could you please do the same for each 1d friendship? Turns out I love reading posts like that. Thank you very much!!

sure!!!!! but just know this: all of ot5 are in love with each other i don’t make the rules i just enforce them

zouis: they are the epitome of the “bro.” “bro.” meme. i think they click because they have the same sense of humour, and they enjoy the same things. they’ve got a traditional friendship, albeit close, and they cover up their feelings with nicknames and teasing. this is why they just stopped talking when zayn left, because neither knew how to approach the other seriously, and neither had the guts to be the first one to expose their Feelings. hard times bring them together, and they let bygones be bygones when they realise life is bigger than their squabbles. immature teenage friends who turn into lifelong besties. friends for life.

niam: soft. underappreciated. enjoy quiet silences together, and are constantly encouraging each other. literally are each other’s cheerleaders. they’re extremely positive, and i know their friendship is full of pep talks. they’re the type to let themselves into each other’s houses whilst their friend is asleep and crawl into bed with the other without a word. they’ll hold each other when sad and wipe away the tears without a word. always aiming to put a genuine smile on the other’s face. i really love their dynamic, and i think it’s incredibly rare in men.

zarry: they stay up late for hours every night talking - whether it’s in person or on the phone. both of them suggest getting a matching tattoo at the same time, and they listen to albums in the dark together as a bonding experience. they’re over at each other’s houses all the time so much that they leave their belongings at each other’s places. they truly balance each other out - zayn brings harry back down to earth, and harry cracks zayn open even when he’s as hard as a rock. they care so deeply and so intimately for each other that it’s entirely possible one big fight might end them (and it did rip). they’re way too pretty for their own good, so people are scared to join them when they look to be talking intently.

narry: harry wants to dick niall down, plain and simple. HAHA no i joke. harry is the flirty friend who doesn’t know when to stop and niall is the awkward turtle who endures the flirting without knowing how to react. this is generally how their friendship goes, until niall decides to show his genuine affection once in a blue moon a la that cheek kiss under the mistletoe and harry is mute, grazing his fingers over that one spot in awe and wonder and blushing the rest of the day. they’re definitely the type of friends to jam together, too - imagine niall and harry busting out their guitars and singing along to fleetwood mac…. a very loving friendship that constantly leaves both of them warm and chuffed.

ziam: shy at first, bonding over both of their inabilities to socialise very well. end up becoming more confident because they’ve got a friend with the same unusual interests. best mates, super duper on the same page, and the kind of friends who go to comic con just the two of them in matching costumes. constantly compliment each other - “you inspire me” and “brave” - they see qualities in the other that they want for themselves and have the kind of friendship that allows growth and personal development. 

nouis: “fuck you, why are we friends.” “i hate you so much i’m ignoring you the rest of the day” this is nouis. banter non-stop, always pretend to hate each other but as soon as someone else insults one of them, the other is planning that person’s demise. trash talk 24/7, but find themselves grinning down at their phone when insulted. if the trash talk disappears - “what’s wrong?”, and then they have deep introspective chats in the dark of night that they don’t mention during the day. they stalk each other’s social media - “excuse me who is this new friend that should be me.” and they both gas each other up and drag each other to no end, there’s no in between. they hang out constantly.

lilo: [softly] don’t. i’m emo. hated each other at first - polar opposites - only for louis to corrupt liam in the best kind of friendship origin story. louis taught liam to muck around, to be a kid; and in turn, liam taught louis to relax, to more greatly consider his effect on others. they’ll get up to mischief because liam won’t ever say no to louis, and they’re the most likely to get into a fake relationship for a prank. they have their tender moments, to which they’ll hug it out for an hour, swaying from side to side and burying their faces into each other’s shoulders. sweet, playful, pure. with a side of flirting.

larry: BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLE! no one is getting in or out, sorry to say. they forget everyone exists when they’re together, and they can’t stop touching. ever. at all. it’s a problem, sometimes. everyone thinks they’re together and they don’t say either way - they like the mystery. learn a new language together so they can communicate secretly. the dynamic changes back and forth from harry worshipping louis to louis worshipping harry in a ‘you’re my slave for the day’ kind of scenario. little kids at heart, with a severe case of codependency and separation anxiety. they mellow out when they get older, but that bubble still very much exists and people (partners and friends alike) are intimidated by it.

ziall: protective. little brother, big brother type friendship. zayn spends his time protecting niall from all manner of things, and niall spends his time distracting zayn from his shyness, from his reservations, resulting in a pair that are happy and sunny and go-lucky. they both had a crush on each other at first but it was innocent and sweet, and they moved on to admit it later amongst laughter. best men at each other’s weddings - zayn would give niall away if he could. imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and no friendship says that better than these two.

lirry: everyone thinks they’ve been married for 20 years when they meet them. squabbling, petty domestic fights. harry won’t stop touching liam - through his ripped jeans, on his ear, his jaw. he’s obsessed with it because liam accepts it so readily and without complaint. no one else is like that. they made out drunk once and harry won’t stop talking about it but liam never wants to think of it again. harry vets all of liam’s potential partners, who think harry is an ex who’s a bit too invested. liam stands up for harry when people make fun of him (even as a joke), which results in a lot of heart eyes smiles from harry. their friendship is the most unlikely, but it truly is soft and pure and endless. unashamed. one of my faves, tbh.

Hanahaki Disease

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So I’ve seen a lot of Hanahaki disease in art and such but whenever I try to find out more information on it (as if I were to ever write something I am very anal and I need to know all aspects of it) I could never find them. So this is my version of the hanahaki disease. It can be for angst and for happy endings because I can’t angst so I needed the ability to write this and still have a happy ending but as it’s originally an angsty thing I kept the angst aspect as well.

Keep in mind these are all just made up by me I don’t know the original person to come up this is, in essence, my version of the disease. 

Hanahaki Disease is contracted when there’s a one-sided love. Flowers begin to bloom (and wilt) inside the lungs and eventually it’ll clog up your respiratory system and lead to death. The person suffering will cough up flower petals (both from wilted and healthy flowers) it’s also possible to throw up whole flowers (the scratching in the throat will make you cough up blood for a good while after, god forbid your hanahaki flower is something with thorns)

The flower depends on what type of love you have for the other (it can be lustful, longing, etc.) or it can be the type of person you like (if they’re toxic, pure, playful, etc). Nobody knows why some get it from their type of love and some get it from whom they love.

The flowers grow faster and bigger the more you love the person and depending on how big the flower shows how much they mean to you (so if your flowers are inhumanly big for their type and a single one fills up the entire lung then it’s the purest form of love)

The only known cures is that you get the flowers surgically removed (this also takes the feeling of love you have for the person away. It can come back, however, so it’s normally advised that after the surgery you distance yourself from the one who caused it) 

  • On another note, if the doctors accidentally miss even a single seed then the flowers continue to grow as do the feelings which can be dangerous since they get bigger and grow more rapid
  • Once the surgery is done the doctors typically will keep the flowers in a vase and give it to the person if they wish to keep it as a reminder
  • The main risk with the surgery (other than death as it’s a risky thing to do in general) is that the person could lose the ability to love altogether.

The second known cure is that the person that caused it reciprocate your feelings. Sadly this is normally not the case (sometimes you can’t force things to happen when the feelings aren’t there even if someone gets hurt).

  •  It’s best that if you caused someone to get the disease and you don’t love them to not pretend you do, it doesn’t get rid of the disease it can actually make it fester and become far worse than it would’ve been naturally.

Types of flowers and their meanings can be found in this post

Other Notes:

  • Some people opt to get the surgery done whenever it gets bad but they keep some of the flowers so the feelings don’t go away. This is normally very pricey and isn’t advised. It took doctors a long time before they allowed the operation to be done and purposely leave some in there.
  • Despite people thinking it affects mostly woman, it actually affects both men and women equally. This is shown from a survey done at a hospital, there was almost an exactly equal number of men and women sufferings from the diseases. It’s still thought to be a more women-centric disease.
  • The longest someone has survived with the disease without any form of treatment was two years. After a year it was so bad they had to be hospitalized almost every other week (though they always refused treatment of any kind and was allowed to go home)
  • People with the disease who don’t get it cured or treated normally only live from two months to a year with the disease before it kills them.
  • A treatment to help reduce the growing (doesn’t stop it but prevent whole flowers from blooming which is normally what kills people) are these pills that basically make the body secretes a kind of weed killer type of antibody that attacks the flowers and make it inhabitable for them to live in the lungs (they will still try by the patient normally just caught up wilted flowers and occasionally a dead vine or leaf). With treatment, the person has a 50/50 chance of surviving and living a full life. They’ll live a life of always coughing up flower petals however and the pill lowers their immune system and can make them sick and can sometimes attack muscle and fat (which can also lead to death). The pills are also far cheaper than the surgery so a lot of people try the pills first.
  • The disease isn’t just front someone not loving you back, sometimes it’s from not letting the person know you love them and you assume they don’t return it and the thought festers into the disease
  • Some people who continuously gets the disease from just one person (or perhaps many and they’re just someone who falls in love easily but nobody returns their feelings) have been known to commit suicide once they realized the disease will just be back again and the one they love will never love them back (already unrequited love sucks but add in a reoccurring disease and you can’t escape it is the worst).
  • There is a small community (mostly online) that glorify the disease as they think it’s beautiful to love someone so much you are physically ill and encourage people to not get a cure or treatment and let it take them. There’s also people who don’t suffer from it but want to as they think it’s beautiful.

They said that before you die, your life flashes before your eyes. The flashes is what stays true, but it’s not the life I led that flashes before me. It’s the moments in my life that I wanted to remember.

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The happy ones,

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silly ones,

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playful ones,

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pure ones,

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smiley ones,

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cute ones,

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unforgettable ones,

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and the most beautiful moment in life ones.

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What Wodehouse writes is pure word music. It matters not one whit that he writes endless variations on a theme of pig kidnappings, lofty butlers, and ludicrous impostures. He is the greatest musician of the English language, and exploring variations of familiar material is what musicians do all day. In fact, what it’s about seems to me to be wonderfully irrelevant.

Shakespeare? Milton? Keats? How can I possibly mention the author of Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin and Pigs Have Wings in the same breath as these men? He’s just not serious!

He doesn’t need to be serious. He’s better than that. He’s up in the stratosphere of what the human mind can do, above tragedy and strenuous thought, where you will find Bach, Mozart, Einstein, Feynman, and Louis Armstrong, in the realms of pure, creative playfulness.

—  Douglas Adams on P. G. Wodehouse 

The air was cool and the sky was clear, clear enough for counting stars and finding constellations. Shawn was creative, and he wanted dates to be special. The idea of sitting on a rooftop looking at the night sky, with someone you liked very much, was a cool date if you asked Shawn. And so here they were, shoulder to shoulder, sitting on a blanket, with little crumbs from there snacks at the bottom of their feet.

They had already spent twenty minutes finding planets, and naming stars. They wanted to be doing more though, at least Shawn did. He felt bad that he planned this date, thinking it would be romantic and fun, and maybe it was at first, but not it’s cold and all the snacks are gone.

“I’m sorry this isn’t turning out to be what we planned.” Shawn looked over at her, smiling weakly.

“What are you talking about! This is great!” She looked back, smiling wide.

“Are you just saying that?”

“Of course not. I’m having fun.” She tilted her head, and reached her hand out to Shawn’s to give it a squeeze. Shawn immediately felt relieved, and was glad that Y/N was actually having a good time unlike him. Not that he wasn’t having a good time, because of course he was, he was with her. But he was awful at conversation and he felt like whenever he talked to her about anything, he would just embarrass himself.

“What color is your toothbrush?” Her eyes were now focused on the stars as she spoke.

“Uh.. Black, I think. Why?” Shawn laughed in confusion.

“It’s something I say whenever I don’t know what to say. And it’s a cute question! My toothbrush is blue.” She was looking at him now, and rubbing her cold hands together. Her hair wasn’t brushed, and the wind was tossing it all over the place, but it was beautiful. She wore glittery blue eyeliner on her eyes, and her lips were a dark pink. She was beautiful either way, but right now she was glowing. The stars bright shining aura, reflected off her face, making her shine.

“Is your favorite color blue?” Shawn asked her, not knowing what else to talk about.

“I really like all the colors, but I think my favorite is red. Like, a deep, dark red. Like blood.” She widened her eyes when she said the word blood, and then laughed, making fun of herself. Shawn wanted to kiss her more than anything.

“What’s your favorite color? No! Let me guess! It’s yellow!” She swayed back and forth, a huge smiled plastered on her face, her eyes full of excitement. Shawn didn’t exactly have a favorite color until now. How could he say that yellow wasn’t his favorite after she just randomly guessed like that? Her eyes were filled with childlike love, and just pure bliss. She was playful, and the more time Shawn spent with her, the deeper he fell in love.

“Yeah!” Shawn smiled back at her, and tried not to laugh too hard. His cheeks were a soft pink, and his heart was the only thing keeping him warm in the cold air.

“Really! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I guessed it first try!” She waved her hands around enthusiastically, her smile even bigger than before. She was perfect to him, and he was now realizing that he wanted to be with her at all times. He was pretty sure that yellow was going to be in everything that he did now. He could live in it. He couldn’t keep in his smiles and giggles, and he kept gushing with love for this girl.

“I can’t believe it either.”

Boyfriend DK

Anon: dating dk?

Masterlist Link :)

Seokmin is the kind of boyfriend who’s loving but also needs to stfu. Like, he’s great and you adore him and he adores you but .. someone please stop him. His favourite past time is annoying you and he does it so well. He’s always sending you memes (”It’s 3 am, go to bed!!”) or teasing you or pulling your hair. He’s basically that boy in playschool who has a crush so he steals their crayons & makes them cry.

Except he’s an adult not a child.

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But don’t read too much into his teasing.

The reason he bugs you so much is because he wants your constant attention, he wants to talk to you all the time, to hear your voice, even if it’s through annoying you. He knows there’s a limit and would never push past it. And if you seriously ask him to stop something, he 100% will. His joking is purely playful but he understands that jokes have their limits.

Humour is what he’s known for. It’s what he turns to in order deal with sadness or stress. And he aims to make others smile too and forget their worries. As they say, laughter is the best medicine.

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So sometimes, under that bright smile of his, there’s a lot of not-so-bright emotions.

Idol life is stressful; he gets tired, he gets hungry and feels isolated and easily irritable. Keeping up a happy, perfect appearance can be hard, and is even harder with so many eyes on him. He sometimes feels lost in the group. His looks aren’t the typical idol type, his voice is always second best to Seungkwan, he’s not the best dancer, the best actor, the best .. anything.

So humour is his support.

And so are you.

He feels like he may annoy you sometimes but don’t let him think that, let him know that you will always listen to him. When the feelings & thoughts get too much for him, he always turns to you. Which only makes him love you more. And the boys love you for this too. They always know when Seokmin’s spoken to you because his smiles are much brighter and more free.

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Since you mean so much him, the boys were weary of you at first. If you ever break his heart, just know there will be 11 angry boys and 1 short one wielding a guitar at your doorstep. But when they seen that you truly love and care for him, well, welcome to the family!! :D

They regularly invite you over to the dorm & interrupt DK when he wants to call or Skype you. Although he wants to talk to you alone sometimes, it also means so much that you and the guys get on so well.

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The relationship is a relatively serious one, considering his age. Most guys his age are casually dating but with his lifestyle, he appreciates having someone constantly there to be his rock, having a partner to love and rely on. But you two have your .. less serious moments too.

Because, just like other guys his age, he has hormones and less than innocent thoughts. Living with so many others is frustrating because when he’s not busy with his career, he gets a solid 3 seconds alone time with you before one of the guys comes to ruin it.

You assure him there’s no rush with these type of things but he can’t help it, his body just takes the lead sometimes.

“Please, we can be quick -”


“asdfghjkl I wanna move out.”

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To sum up, he’s very loving and warm. While he can be playful and silly at times, when it comes down to it, he adores you so much. He turns to you in his moments of need and will always be there when you need him. Even if he’s had a full day of practice and it’s 4 am, if you’re feeling down, he will run to you with a bucket of ice cream and your favourite movies. He remembers all the little things about you (how you got that scar when you were 4, how pumpkin spice makes you sneeze, and so on), since he truly listens when you talk, even if it may not seem like it. While the love you share is a serious one, you’re both not ready for anything too serious. There’s still a childish innocence from his age & inexperience and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s no need to rush and just enjoy these moments are they come.

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No valid excuses really as this is already like 2 days late but I had no idea about AAC until this morning so here’s my go at it right now!

ASTRO AUGUST CHALLENGE 2017: Day 1: Who is your bias?

y o o n  s a n h a ♡

the very first and foremost reason why he’s my bias is because of his smile

all else aside, it’s his smile that made fall at first sight and it’s that smile again that reminds me every single time just how lovely, pure, playful, adorable, and simply radiant he is! seeing him grin never fails to make my heart skip a beat and seeing him happy never fails to make me happy too :))

i also love his voice! it’s bubbly at times yet soothing at others and for his young age, sanha’s vocals stand out immensely & are extremely stable! watching him have fun with the members and really enjoy performances makes me one proud af mom aroha

guitar (man don’t even get me started)

dance (tbh i was really surprised when i first saw sanha dance! as tall as he is, he manages to dance so smoothly! all the pre debut i-teen performances had me like :0)

aegyo (no explanation needed, y’all already know)

the fact that he is strangely quite flexible LOL

yoon sanha loves french fries 

he is such an evil maknae at times

yet it’s so evident that he cares so much for all the people around him, whether it’d be astro members, or aroha, and especially for his family.

he is SUCH a dork (a talented dork don’t get me wrong)

really, a dork

but he’s a beautifully wonderfully and absolutely ENDEARING lil dork and i truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

(i hope it’s okay to screenshot this, want to make sure my gushing over one ship doesnt show up in another’s tags lol)

firstly, re: j///yong, I’m open to it! Idk i could realistically ship taeyong/anything so lol it just hasn’t really snagged me so far, i guess. also sobs im glad you like the fics my friend, even if you didn’t initially ship ♥♥

SO DOTAE!!!!! 

dotae for me started with the pure banter and playfulness? idk. i think at the beginning we saw so much of a taeyong that felt restricted and was constantly apologizing and maybe didn’t feel as though he could really… be himself? not to say he wasn’t himself, but i think it was hard for him to let the professionalism slip.


this whole interaction was probably the first moment where i was like oh my god… he IS a demon and i love it and doyoung knows it and he puts up with it and even expects it and smiles at it and im !!! there’s something kind of important about these types of relationships, where it doesn’t have to be polite or formal, where it comes off as bickering but in reality is just pure comfort. the banter wouldn’t be back and forth if it weren’t comfortable, you know?

also there’s a level of support that seems super obvious but a lot of people like to say it isnt there (why lol). taeyong has said a few times that dy understands him and helps him (see ivy club interview, this, nimdle, etc) idk i think it rubs me the wrong way when people act like dotae are legitimate like… enemies? or that they dont like each other, because its so obviously the opposite. i dont know how to describe it other than just being comfortable together. 

they also have this habit of gravitating towards one another during more intense/emotional situations? for example the award that nct 127 won, where this happened:

doyoung wasnt even in nct 127 at this point, and taeyong was very visibly anxious/nervous and not only did dy pick up on that/noticed during the announcement that ty was tense, but he immediately offers the hug (i could write a thesis on this moment lmao ill stop)

but then even cherry bomb’s first win and the nct u vlive vids with him constantly giving this sort of tactile reassurance/holding his hand/etc. not saying either of them get 0 comfort from the others, there’s just something a little bit… different about it. if that makes sense?

ok i’m going to end up writing a book if i continue on like this, so heres some cute shit and ill stfu:

that grabby thing they do!!

matching scars!!

and everything else here ok im done i promise

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“Quit hogging the blanket.” For Starmora, of course.

“Quit hogging the blanket.”

surprisingly, this is an angst-free ficlet!!! whaaa???? ikr??? this is just pure, playful fluff :)))) and in case you didn’t see my post earlier, thx so much for 100 followers!!! much love to you all <3

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They’re taking their relationship slowly. Peter knows, honestly, that it’s his first attempt at a real relationship, and from what Gamora has said, it sounds like it’s hers, too, so they’re trying to play it on the safe side. Plus, they already spend nearly every moment of every day together, so they have lots of time to figure things out together.

Though they haven’t really talked about sex or anything like that yet, they have started to somewhat regularly share a bed, usually whenever one of them sneaking into the other’s room in the middle of the night to appease their anxieties.

(Gamora’s totally the big spoon, by the way.)

Apparently, tonight it’s Gamora’s bunk, which is admittedly smaller than Peter’s—Kraglin gave him the captain’s quarters, which, whoa, okay, that’s intense—and the moment Peter slips into what space is available on the bed, Gamora adjusts for him, wrapping her arms around him.

“Nightmare?” she inquires sleepily, her eyes still closed.

“Couldn’t sleep,” he responds, snaking his arm around her. She rests her head against his arm. “Got lonely.”

“Well, hopefully I can help with that.”

He yawns then, closing his eyes. She relaxes against him, falling back asleep pretty quickly (it’s amazing, he thinks, how coherent she can sound in the moments between waking up and going back to sleep, meanwhile every time he’s half-asleep he feels just short of intoxicated) and he finally feels at ease enough to follow her into the realm of sleep.

It’s funny, in a way. Here he is, orphaned, cuddling with Gamora, also orphaned, because of this “family” they managed to form from the Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s apparently possible to be alone with someone else.

The reflection fills his dreams with the same warmth he usually feels when he’s with her, protected from his nightmares, and it’s great and all until…

Until it’s not, until it’s cold, and he wakes up with a shiver, and what the fuck, why is there no blanket over him—

The culprit is facing away from him now, the blanket completely wrapped around her, several times even, as she continues to sleep peacefully.

How Gamora manages to move so much when she sleeps, Peter never understands. What he does know, however, is she does not need that much blanket.

So, naturally, he starts tugging at it roughly, because, what the fuck, Gamora, share, and even in her sleep, she doesn’t even give in.

“Quit hogging the blanket,” he mutters, literally prying each of her fingers from the fabric so he can unravel it from her.

“Go away,” she grumbles, awoken by his struggle and curling in on herself. “This is my blanket.”

“I’m cold!”

“So am I.”

“How can you be cold when you have the entire blanket?”

By this point, he’s straddling her, trying to pull it up from under her. She pushes her head away from him, into her pillow.

“Leave me alone, Peter, I’m tired.”

“I’m tired and freezing!”

No response. He huffs.

“Oh, no, the artificial gravity on the ship is too strong,” he deadpans. “I’m going to fall, aaahhh.”

“What are you—“

She’s cut off as he just drops his weight on her, lying completely on top of her. He looks up just enough to see her face as she looks back at him, her eyes open and expression not amused.

“This is the only way I can get some warmth in this freezing room. Guess I’ll just have to sleep here now,” he continues, settling on top of her with a yawn. “Goodnight, Gamora.”

Surprisingly, it takes a full five seconds before he’s pushed off, back to his side of the tiny bed. A moment later, half of the blanket resumes its place covering him. He turns to face Gamora, who’s just frowning at him.

“There. Happy?”

“Very. Thanks, babe!” He lazily aims and plants a wet kiss on the bridge of her nose—much to her disgust apparently, as her face scrunches up at the contact—and pulls her closer to him, resting his head on top of hers. “G’night!”

Goodnight,” she mutters, pressing her face into his chest.

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Just one more thing: about TR Fandom Clashes

After some thinking I came up with the following Team Rocket Fantypes ( which you might be a mixture of or a pure one). just a (playful) suggestion and an attempt to explain a few things … for more understanding and peace in Team Rocket Tumblr 😄

Fan-Type ‘Jessie’: You are totally owning the Team and you are very protective about them! You have strict patterns and rules how to show your love to TR but also to the other TR fans. You are quite picky about the falks you befriend, because you don’t trust people too easily. But once you have taken somebody into your heart you’d also fight for those TR-fans like a lioness! So if someone does something that could harm your Team -and even if you’re only suspecting them of doing so, cos you can never be sure, can you!- you are ready to slap them with a fan, crush their skulls with a mallet and make their lives one hell on earth; all for the team! No one acting out of sync is safe from your temper ;)

Fan-type 'James’: You love your Team. You collect absolutely everything about them and all of your fan-energy is used to adore and love them (and everything/everyone related with them) with all your heart and show this love to the world. You get easily excited about TR stuff that cheers you up and therfore you don’t need no rules or patterns for those emotions, it’s all just gushing out. You might come across as a bit naive,  because you are playful amd sensitive. You don’t want to put up a fight with anyone, as you are very peaceful. But because of your demeanor strong characters like to challenge you.

Fan-type 'Meowth’: you know the Team as well as it  gets. You are observing everything connected to them very well, you can see, explain and interprete links and relationships regarding TR extremely well and you are more of a spectator who is in awe of them. You sometimes find yourself judging other Fan’s opinions on the Team  or within the Team, realising you don’t take anyones side but find that most of the opinions contain something interesting and worth considering. After all, you sometimes like to show your claws and scratch peoples faces, because you think you can see things clearer than them and make them come back to reality (Maybe even when it comes to feelings between Jessie and James-types 😉)

Fan-Type 'Boss’: you like to own the Charakters from TR and you put them through all sorts of different scenarios in your head- which don’t need to be canon with the anime at all. You like to develope them into all directions possible and you also like to put them into relation with your own life. You like to have some sort of importance in the TR fandom but you don’t care too much about other peoples opinions on TR. Although: If discussions and behaviour of the other fans get too much out what you’d intend for your beloved Characters you are ready to put your foot down, regardless of what other people might think. That’s why some don’t agree with you a lot of times. on the other hand there are a lot of people who accept your strong position and admire your firm love for TR.


OK guys can probably see there is lots of potential for clashes in or lovely fandom! I especially sense some hotspots between people who are very much fan-type Jessie and those who are  fan-type James: Jessies like to battle Jamses and will rather die than admitting that there might actually be lots of common grounds (which on the other hand are very obvious to Meowth-type fans… 😹) and jamses will feel that Jessies are very insensitive with their opinions and sometimes even like to oppress them. The 'Boss’ fan types can’t really be bothered about those collisions, they are just happy to have their own TR empire where they can rule (which the other fans might interpret as pretentious and therefore like to oppose the bosses - mostly from a safe distance)

I would recommend that everybody carries on being the Fan Type they are happy with, whether you’re a mixture, a total Jessie, a total James, total Meowth or Boss, (whereas Jessies just carry on thinking Jamses ar whiny wimps ans Jamses thinking that Jessies ar abnoxious bullies, and so on) but hold in mind that if we want this Team to work: If we want to grap that Pikachu we have to function as a Team!!!!!!! Or even go a bit further and give those  potential feels between seeming opponents a chance!  As corny as it sounds (and I’m definately no priest but i support this a lot):love and friendshipis a lot more fun than fighting; but it’s definitely more work and harder to practice.

Well hey there, little guahhhh!!!!

**I’m starting a collection of drabbles for the angriest kitty/turtle duo out there… not at all to be taken seriously, this is pure playful nonsense.**

**Poe is the property of redghostintheshell. I have received permission to use the character in this fic.**

@raphs-last-resort and Poe shenanigans part 1

Never… not in a million years… would Michelangelo have guessed that his surly older brother was a cat person. But as he watched his red-masked sibling carefully interact with the tiny ball of black fluff that he’d brought into the lair a mere handful of minutes ago, he couldn’t deny their bond. A wide grin split his mouth, blue eyes sparkling with mirth as he observed the unlikely pair.

It was so small, smaller than most kittens, fitting easily in Raphael’s palm as he made his way into the kitchen to grab a drink from the fridge, ignoring the curious glances his brothers were casting his way. He didn’t say a word to any of them, settling onto the couch and turning on the television.

Mikey could see the wheels turning in Leonardo’s head as he regarded his ill-tempered sibling. Concern, hesitation, consideration… and eventually grudging acceptance. Donatello didn’t look all that bothered; he simply went about his business after a moment, refilling the coffeemaker for what had to be the eighth time that day.

The orange-banded ninja swayed anxiously, his curious nature eventually getting the better of him. He slunk quietly toward the peculiar duo, noting the way Raph would peer out the side of his eye at the miniscule kitten as it went about exploring the couch. Coming to a stop near the arm of the well-worn piece of furniture, he bent a little, mouth pursing as he observed the adorable scene.

The little kitten stopped, blue eyes peering up at him with uncertainty.

“Hey there, cutey! Where’d you come from?” he cooed. He reached out slowly; noting the way the itty-bitty cat seemed to flatten itself onto the couch cushion as his fingers grew nearer. “It’s alright, little fella, I won’t hurt yoOUUU!!”

The last word came out as a terrified wail when the kitten launched itself onto his hand, tiny claws and needle-sharp teeth piercing into him unmercifully. He pulled back in shock, stumbling in his haste and falling with a grunt onto his shell. Clutching his stinging hand to his chest, Michelangelo stared at the little black monster as it glowered down at him from the couch. Pointing with his uninjured hand, he stammered, “Th-that cat is the devil!”

Raphael snickered in amusement, his eyes sliding from his brother’s huddled form to the tiny hellion at his knee. Reaching over he rubbed Poe’s head with the tip of a finger, eliciting a contented purr from the feisty kitten. “Atta boy.”

*I’d almost feel bad for the other boys… you know… if this pairing wasn’t so darn cute…*