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17.4.17 Game 3 // EXCLUSIVE footage of Torrey barrelling into my heart

anonymous asked:

why do you like dybala so much?:)

would like the short answer or the essay answer???? lmao 

first off he’s an extraordinary player. amazing! pure lit and just wow!

he’s also an awesome guy from what i can see on social media. he always has time to stop and take a few pic with supporters.

^^^ oh yeah awesome with little people 

 He’s hot af (especially when he get frustrated and angry), fuck those ppl who says he looks weird, he gorgeous and pretty (and also quite vain :P but in a cute way) 

and those EYES!! 

The fact that his mood is always the same as mine - bitter and annoyed (mostly cus he’s descended from angry birds) 

he’s awkward af 

lastly, he is the CUTEST smolest baby ever. i just wanna cuddle him and squish him and pinch those cheeks.

oh yeah also the fact that he seems to be a little confused about some things…

And the most important reason! HOW?

paulo DRAMA QUEEN dybala

Cute Tera moment of the day:

I was alt tabbed working on homework when I heard the little sound of a trade/negotiation. I tabbed back in an someone was trying to trade with me, I was super confused until they gave me pet food – turns out I had been afk with Felicity out next to me and she was hungry! Idk it was just cute I totally have pet food in my inventory but he still went out of his way to trade me food so I could feed my poor hungry cat.

“I’m not sexist, I just think these strident females should form their own team because the only way they’d get on my team would obviously have to involve tokenism.”

(by way of a little background on this one, Azita Chellappoo is the equality and diversity officer at Wolfson College and said that “The underrepresentation of women on University Challenge is a big problem.” and that part of the issue might be that “…the quizzing community can often be quite hostile to women, or at the very least not particularly welcoming spaces.”)

I’ve already played three hours as Lucio omg!?

Overwatch Cast Playing Dungeons and Dragons
  • Ana: first timer human rogue that takes levels in cleric
  • Bastion: first timer Warforged fighter
  • D.va: Was allowed to play as a homebrew race, caster class that flirts at every opportunity
  • Genji: 3rd or 5th time playing, shadow monk with levels in rogue and fighter
  • Hanzo: ranger who is salty about underpoweredness of ranger so he takes levels in draconic sorcerer
  • Junkrat: 2nd time playing but might as well be his first, halfling barbarian, constantly needs reminders of the rules
  • Lucio: bard is his favorite class hands down, only gets healing spells
  • McCree: cried cowboy tears of joy when he learned about the gunslinger archetype, secretly been playing since middleschool but quit for a long period of his life
  • Mercy: Hardcore cleric who likes playing Aasimar and tieflings
  • Mei: Goliath cleric bc she really likes the aesthetics of the Goliath, before she got Elemental Evil she liked to play silver and blue dragonborns
  • Pharah: Aarakocra paladin, first time player choosing purely off of the little pictures in the handbook because she's in a rush
  • Reinhardt: Veteran player who gets a little too in character sometimes, joins D. Va in furious flirting
  • Roadhog: when he heard about wereboars he demanded to make his level 1 character one, after a long intimidating silence it was allowed
  • Reaper: 2 edgy 4 U Tiefling warlock chaotic evil to the max
  • Soldier 76: vaguely remembers seeing the nerds play it in highschool and disgruntledly joins to bond with his kids. Human fighter lawful good
  • Symmetra: has only played a few times but knows the handbook inside and out, plays a half elf wizard
  • Torbjorn: minotaur fighter because füçk ÿøū
  • Tracer: 2nd or third time playing, weird stain on character sheet. Wood elf ranger.
  • Widomaker: also 2nd or 3rd time playing, rogue w levels in fighter for superiority dice, curses in french when she gets a critical fail
  • Winston: ecstatic DM who convinced everybody this was a "team bonding exercise" in some shape or fashion
  • Zarya: half orc bard-barian, sometimes the victim of PVP flirting, rolls the most nat 20's for pointless things
  • Zenyatta: Warforged monk, treats his character more like a self insert and refers to the characters by the names of their players

nephilim-children  asked:

During the true pacifist route before the Flowey fight, Sans says "you still haven't beaten this guy. he has nothing on you." How would Sans know about Flowey in that timeline?

(undertale spoilers)

Sans’ dialogue is known for being mysterious, vague, and as a result difficult to interpret.  This specific line could have a number of meanings.  More specifically, this line is ambiguous about whether a) Sans knows who Flowey is and b) is surprised that Frisk hasn’t beaten him in the Pacifist timeline. 

The idea that both a) and b) are true seems to go against the questions Sans asks Frisk in Grillby’s, which seem to indicate some degree of unfamiliarity with Flowey:

have you ever heard of a talking flower? Yes No
so you know all about it.
i’ll tell you, then.
the echo flower.
they’re all over the marsh.
say something to them, and they’ll repeat it over and over…
what about it?
well, papyrus told me something interesting the other day.
sometimes, when no one else is around…
a flower appears and whispers things to him.
flattery… advice… encouragement…
weird, huh?
someone must be using an echo flower to play a trick on him.
keep an eye out, ok?

It is very possible that Sans was disguising his true intentions and knowledge of Flowey, but this doesn’t seem to be supported by Flowey’s dialogue, which occurs after completing the neutral route with no kills a fourth time:

You know. Smiley Trashbag.
If I have ONE piece of advice for you…
Let his brother.
Find out ANYTHING about you.
He’ll… well…
Let’s just say.
He’s caused me more than my fair share of resets.
Stay away from that guy.

These lines and the fact that Flowey is still alive and has not reset appear to indicate that Flowey is not only capable of hiding his existence and intentions from Sans, but he had already done so before Frisk fell down.

Since a straightforward reading of this line doesn’t seem consistent with other lines in the game, perhaps a different interpretation is necessary.  Sans’ dialogue should be taken in context with the encouragement given by the other characters at the time:

Do not be afraid, my child…
No matter what happens…
We will always be there to protect you!


Hey! Human! If you got past ME, you can do ANYTHING!
So don’t worry! We’re with you all the way!

Technically, it’s impossible for you to beat him…
B-but… Somehow, I know you can do it!!

Human, for the future of humans and monsters…!
You have to stay determined…!

These lines all offer encouragement to Frisk, and to the player as well.  They are meant to help them stay determined and face Flowey.  By asking “you haven’t beaten this guy yet,” perhaps Sans was trying to lighten the mood as he is known to do, as though to say “beating this guy is so easy that i’m surprised you haven’t done it already.”  This sentiment is reaffirmed by the subsequent line, “come on, this weirdo’s got nothin’ on you.”

All in all, this line is vague and mysterious, like much of Sans’ dialogue, and up to interpretation to a certain extent, but this is a likely interpretation.

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