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Stanuary week two: Protect
He might not always be able to be there to protect his brother from bullies, but at least he can keep him from taking their words to heart.

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Everybody has that one friend in school who, like, school would be a nightmare without them. You know, like one person who is on your level who makes the same dumb jokes, is into the same weird games that you are, just like gets your sense of humor. And like, it can be the most meaningful thing in the world to have that person. I feel like every place I’ve been I have had at least one really good friend, who like… I can get through how awful it is because they’re there. And I think, y'know… McGucket and Ford were those kind of friends.
—  Alex Hirsch

workin out that comic i said i would be doing, and it shall be starring the tragically neglected young teenage snofts. i look forward to trudging back into the territory of stan being good at school

The Many Adventures of Doctor Pines


Rating: G

Summary: Stan’s not good at ignoring people when they are sick, he just has to help, even if he refuses help himself.
Luckily for him, he has family who won’t stand for that.
Based on this here amazing text post

AN: A present for @snapback-gravity-falls. Good luck friend and enjoy quite possibly an overload of cute (I had to keep stopping while I was writing it.) It’s just pure sap- so I hope it makes up for my recent angst.

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Have a Ford and Mabel :)

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masked-fox-creations  asked:

How about a young Ford in 6A, and a young Stan in 6B, please?


“what’re you talking about? we see junk like that in the pawn shop all the time. please don’t pick it up it’s kinda gross don’t pick it up do NOT PICK IT UP—”


Pose meme!