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I AM JUST DYING OF LAUGHTER AND SADDNESS IN THE SAME TIME BECAUSE YOUR BLOG IS SOOOOO FUNNY, BUT it reminds me that none of mu friend are that exited about my book and i need new friend or better writing abilities and i'm an antisocial looser so i can't make new friends and that makes me sad BUT YOUR BLOG IS SO FUNNY AND I LOVE IT PLEASE KEEP GOING WITH THIS AMAZING CONTENT! (sending confetti and balloons and a virtual cake for a special congratulations party)

So, first of all, thank you so much?? That’s… So sweet of you??? Also anon you sound so pure please preserve your innocence and… Pure-heartedness idk

Painting of an Alleged Daughter of Jahangir

India, Mughal, 18th century

Likely opaque watercolors and gold on paper

According to the British Museum’s register, this is a portrait of Jahangir’s daughter. However, Jahangir had no daughters of his own, only sons. This leads me to believe that this could be an idealized portrait of Ladli Begum the daughter of Nur Jahan from a previous marriage. Ladli eventually wed Shahryar, the last of Jahangir’s sons. It’s entirely plausible that she might have been raised as a daughter of his own, especially considering Nur Jahan’s influence at court.