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T h e  B l a c k  B r o t h e r s

I hated the lot of them: my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal… my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them… that’s him. He was younger than me, and a much better son, as I was constantly reminded.

—Sirius Black


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“i hated the lot of them: my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a black made you practically royal. my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them. that’s him. he was younger than me, and a much better son, as i was constantly reminded.”


the house of black: siblings

↳ s i r i u s   *   r e g u l u s

“[…] I hated the whole lot of them: my parents, with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal… my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them… that’s him. He was younger than me,” said Sirius, “And a much better son, as I was constantly reminded.”

Lovely distractions - Sirius Black X Reader (smut)

Requested by @slytherinsurf : Helloooo! Your writing makes me cry, it’s so amazing!! Could I request a sirius x reader oneshot that has fluff, and smutt? The reader suffers from nightmares and stuff, so one night she goes to the common room, and Sirius wakes up, and comes down to comfort her. (He’s super sweet and caring) Then one thing leads to another, and things get a bit steamy ;)? Thank you so much!!!! Xxx
Well, I AM SORRY! But I wasn’t strong enough. I gave in to temptation. There isn’t enough fluff. I am sorry :( 
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUT (my heart loves it!) My English and swearing. Image isn’t mine/ Credits to the original owner[I wish I was ;) ]

You were inside a mansion. You had no idea how you got there. The only thing you could remember was the burning sensation on your arm. Why was your arm on fire? You glimpsed and froze.
The Dark Mark. You had the Dark Mark. You-it couldn’t be. You couldn’t be a Deatheater. Your parents were but you had run away. You would never be one of them.
“Prove your loyalty. Kill them”, a cold voice told you and someone handed you a wand. You were utterly lost and confused. What was happening?
Three people walked into the dark room. All air left your body when you saw their faces. You screamed and tried to move but a strong grip kept you pinned down. You were fighting the grasp but it was useless.
“You were always a disappointment” your father spat at you. You looked over the familiar faces and tried to find something-hope-in their eyes but they were blank.
Empty. This is impossible.
“Very well” he continued. He raised his wand and fired the cruciatus curse towards James. He fell to the ground and screamed in pain. You were begging him to stop but he never even gave a sign he’d listened to you.
He moved on to Remus. This time you were spitting curses and trying to get away from the grip that held you. When he deemed that he had tortured him enough, he went over to Sirius. But he stopped. He lowered his wand and put it in his pocket. You thought that he finally had enough. How foolish of you… He took out a smile knife with a sharp blade that made your heart stop beating. His hand was getting closer and closer to Sirius’s throat.
“No, please, no, no” you screamed at the top of your lungs. A red line appeared in his throat. You grasped your wand and pointed your father.
“Avada Kedavra”

Your eyes shot open. It took you a bit more to realize that it was just a nightmare. One of the nightmares that kept you up at night. It was strange though. You were sleeping with Sirius which usually does the trick. But not tonight.
You tried and regulated your breath and slowly crept out of the bed, trying not to wake up Sirius as you untangled yourself from him. He looked so calm and beautiful. You removed a strand of his messy hair from his face and place a small kiss to his lips. Tiptoeing, you got out of the room, leaving the boys to rest. You made your way to the common room.
It was Christmas. Very few people had stayed. The Marauders and you were the only ones from Gryffindor and that’s why McGonagall never reprimanded you for sleeping in the boys’ dormitory. Not that if she had, it would have prevented you from sneaking in.
You could never go back to your house. You had run away. All that pure-blood mania, it was madness. All that crazy ideas-your parents were mental. That house never felt like home. You thought you would never find a home. But you did. And it had a name. Sirius Orion Black. 
You sat down by the fireplace. A vivid fire was burning. The flames were dancing, consuming the logs. You really didn’t want to deal with the dream. Why on earth would you dream something like that? Why those people were torturing you even in your sleep? You had run away but it felt like you could never run away.  Those people had hurt you more times than you could count. But if they ever touch him, you will kill them-you knew you would use the last of the unforgivable curses on them without hesitation, even though you hated it.
A fluffy blanket was wrapped around you and you slightly jumped in surprise. You had been too lost in your thoughts to realize that Sirius was standing there for a while, looking at you a bit concerned. He had wrapped in you in the blanket while he was shirtless. And of course, your eyes were roaming his body. It was a sight that never failed to make you blush. His wide shoulders, his perfectly shaped torso… his abs. Your cheeks were turning red but you could always blame it on the fire.
He plopped right beside you and wrapped himself in the blanket. Suddenly he was too close. And half-naked.
“What’s wrong, love?” he asked you while he placed a kiss under your jawline and rested his head in the crook of your neck.
“Nightmare” you whispered as your hands reached for his and started playing with his slender fingers.
“Wanna talk about it?” he husked into your ear. Well, if he kept doing all those little things you weren’t going to talk. You shook your head and kept quiet. He kissed your neck again. Softly. Lovingly.
”Love…” he encouraged you, murmuring against your skin. You let out a heavy breath.
“I- I was a Deatheater. And they made me k-kill you but I kinda killed my father because he-because he was holding a bl-blade to your-your-your throat” you stuttered out. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. He grabbed your hands and caressed them before he cupped your face asking you to open your eyes, as you did.
“Baby, it was a nightmare. It could never happen. I would never let it happen” he said with certainty. How could he be so sure? You leaned into his touch.
He kissed you. His lips soft but hungry. His hands ran down to your waist and while the one stayed there holding you tightly, the other went further down and grabbed your bum, making you straddle him. He nuzzled his face against your neck, kissing along your skin before mercilessly biting and sucking marks onto your neck. You loved the marks he left on you. You loved the fact that he was yours. He rubbed circles on your hips as his lips traveled down your chest, still biting and marking as he went. You were wearing one of his shirts-you smelled like him. He pulled it off of you, feverishly. He groaned when he saw that you weren’t wearing any underwear.
“Let me help you” you mumbled, reaching out for him. You wanted to touch him so badly. You wanted him.
“No baby, this is about you” he breathed out. You whined.
“But I want you” you said pouting. He chuckled, caressing your body.
“You’ll get me baby”. You shuddered, biting your bottom lip as you smiled. He held you by your hips, sitting straighter before nipping, kissing and biting at your neck, your chest, your breasts as he shuffled back towards the middle of the couch, pulling you with him. You knelt in front of him, hands clinging to his broad shoulders as he pulled you flush against him. You could feel his thick cock throbbing against your stomach. Your boobs were squished against his chest as he removed his lips from you.
“Let me distract you” he growled, smirking. That smirk of his was driving you crazy.
He grinned, grabbing your hands and falling back, lying on the couch, dragging you along. He grasped your thighs, pulling you up so you could straddle his broad chest. You were blushing uncontrollably.
Sirius had an enthusiastic smile across his face as he stared at you in loving wonder.
“Come here love” he husked. You blushed again as you understood what he was implying.
“Sirius I- haven’t… we don’t have to-”
“I will drag you up myself” he said rather raspy. You didn’t even try to stop the bright blush rising to your cheeks-again- but did as you were told, crawling up until your knees sat on either side of his head. You braced yourself on the couch’s arm. You couldn’t help it. Your heart was racing as he ran his strong hands up the back of your thighs. He squeezed your butt, then all of a sudden dived in.
You gasped, holding on tighter as his tongue parted your lips, licking a broad stripe up your core to your clit. He licked, swirled his tongue and very carefully nipped at your throbbing clit. You ground down, trying to get more friction from his tongue, and he moaned deeply -and the feeling of the vibrations made you shudder in delight. You let out a breathy moan.
Hearing that only encouraged him. You could feel his smirk. He teased you hole, circling and lapping at your wetness. Then he plunged his tongue in deep.
You let out a loud gasp that quickly turned into a low moan, as you bit your lip and let your head fall back. You didn’t even care that you were in the common room and practically anyone could walk in on you. Even Minne for fuck’s sake.
Sirius’s hands firmly encouraged you to grind down as he fucked you with his tongue. That familiar tight pressure had built up quickly. Way too quickly for your liking.
“Fuck” you gasped. You felt him chuckle against your cunt. Your mouth fell open, your lips parted in ecstasy something you knew he’d have loved to see. He was always praising you and telling you how damn good you looked like that.
 “Please, babe, please…” you moaned out and closed your eyes. It was so good.
He grabbed onto your hips, guiding you firmly to grind down against him. You were shaking, so damn close.
 Sirius moaned beneath you, clutching at your hips. 
“Fuck Siri…” you muttered over and over again. So close, so close. You felt the all too familiar feeling and groaned. Your knuckles were white as you gripped his arms. You head fell forward and bit your lip. You came. Hard.
“Sirius” you hissed, your body trembling. Sirius brought his hand up to the small of your back, bracing you as you came back down again. He slid out from under you.
He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your collarbone.
“Oh, no. We are not done” you said when you finally caught your breath. He raised an eyebrow. You gave him a side smile. 
“I am gonna fuck you, baby. And we’re talking about the can’t-even-get-the-word-“fuck”-out kind of sex” you breathed out while your hands were already removing his pants. It was going to be a long night. But he had done it. You were distracted. Way too much to care about the nightmare when your reality was better than any dream.

regulus black ; for @hpminorcharnet  house pride event week four  → slytherin

i hated the lot of them: my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a black made you practically royal … my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them … that’s him. he was younger than me, and a much better son, as i was constantly reminded.


sirius and regulus black, black brothersI hated the lot of them: my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal… my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them… that’s him. he was younger than me, and a much better son, as I was constantly reminded.❞


INTJ: You know, I’ve been looking for sources of inspiration this whole time since I’m more motivation-oriented…

INFJ: And I’ve been trying to plan everything very carefully, but the whole subject of the course is too vast to be covered. 

INTJ:… it’s too late now :D

INFJ (laughing in pure mania while she speaks): Who needs motivation when you have desperation, am I right?

INTJ: Who needs planning when all you’ve gotta do is sit, study and don’t stop until it’s done. 

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Never let me go

Sirius Black x Reader
Request: Hello I was wondering if you could do a Sirius X reader? Where the reader was in Slytherin and was really good friends with Sirius when they were younger but now they have to keep their relationship Secret. Please and thank you. P.s. I love you blog 

Originally posted by potter-imagines-here

“Do you hate me?” – Y/N asked in their fifth year at the middle of the deserted corridor after they left the Potions classroom together. She was thinking about this question a lot, but now, when she said it out loud, it sounds stupid, because all those memories flashes through her brain instantly.

Sirius Black was an odd child compared to the other pureblood kids – Y/N noticed this vey soon. Even at yound age, he was more nonchalant, light-minded, a joker – but she didn’t mind it, because he never failed to make her laugh. Before Hogwarts, they only met at those fancy balls where only the noble families could attend. She never like these gatherings, but she never really explained why. Sirius, on the other hand, had a firm opinion even when he was a little; he always reminded her that it’s boring, and ridiculous even, when you’re seven and have to dress up like and adult, and people expect from you to speak like a politician and behave like a lady or a gentleman.

Y/N Y/L/N didn’t like to go to the Blacks firstly, because Bella always made fun of her haircut or her clothes, and it hurt. She and her sister were older girls, both are beautiful, yet there was something frightening on them that made Y/N uncomfortable. When she ran to her parents to tell them that other girls were mocking at her, they scolding Y/N, because they’re important, and she should just swallow it and stop whining. She never wanted to tell Sirius about it, but he accidentally heard it, and he stood up against his cousins, though they didn’t care – but it was more than enough for her, he tried, at least.

Because he was the first person in her life who showed that she can do things on the other way, she can think differently if she wants; but they were still young, and she only understood she finally has a real friend – and he only understood that she’s the best thing that happened to him so far in his life. And she started to looking forward to meet the Blacks.

She remember when they were eleven, and Sirius watched Y/N as she was playing on the old piano at the Grimmauld Place, but laughing at her when she tells she only started to learn because her parents wanted to. Y/N just sneered, because she knew Sirius can play even better than her. They talked about school on that day, promising to each other they will go everywhere together, since they were sure both of them will be in Slytherin.

Maybe they should’ve seen this coming, as Sirius went to Gryffindor, and Y/N to Slytherin. She was sad a little, but get over it soon; it seemed there were a lots of great people at her house.

And both of them thought they could stay friends – what does it matter they are not in the same house? But months has passed, and years, and Sirius isn’t even try to impress his parents anymore, not even a little. He started to despise everything that connected with them: their pure-blood mania, their prejudice, all of their views, the dark arts, even the house of slytherin. And it hurt to her, because Y/N belonged there, she was happy there, and she had some true friends – but slowly, she started to lost his first.

The question hang between them almost painfully for a long moment. When Sirius spoke up finally, his voice firm, but his face isn’t so confident. “No.”

Y/N keep staring into his face, but he’s avoiding her eyes. It makes her angry. “You only hate me because I’m a Slytherin! How can you be so…” – she starts, desperately yet furiously, but Sirius steps closer, his palms on her shoulders.

“No, Y/N! I don’t hate you. I know you’re not like… them.”

She raises her eyebrows, trying to keep her voice confident. “Why don’t you talk to me anymore, then?” – Sirius takes a step backward as his hands fell off from her, but says nothing. – “It’s because of your friends, isn’t it? It’d be a shame to be friends with me, right?”

“I’m not ashamed of you!” – he says loudly, stubbornly, like it was the most instulting thing that she could say to him.

“Prove it, then.” – she says coolly. Her eyes narrowed, but gleamed with tears aswell; but it’s dark in the dungeon and she’s thankful he couldn’t see.

Sirius raises his chin before he nods, giving his word he’ll prove it, but she’s sceptic. He already broke her trusts once.

But Sirius starts to being around her a lot again. He sats to the Slytherin table next to Y/N at the meals sometimes, ingoring her friends’ judgemental glances. He jokes a lot, always trying to cheer her up when she’s ovestressed because of the school. He succesfully get into the Slytherin common room several times, searching for Y/N in the girls’ dorm when she doesn’t show up all day at classes, though she has no idea how Sirius managed to get in. “Are you really surprised?” – he always asks. He stays with her when she’s sick, sneaking food out from the kitchen and into her dormitory, keep entertain her until he has to go to detention or the other girls kick him out. Sometimes he takes her hand and waist and starts to dance with her in the middle of the corridors. He invites her into the Gryffindor common room, because he wants to his friends to get to know her better.

Sometimes they study together, but it’s always end up bad, since Sirius never could beheave himself at the library, it’s boring to sit quietly for hours, he says, and always distract Y/N’s thoughts.

“I’ll fail that Transfiguration essay because of you!” – Y/N fuming after Madam Pince threw them out; Sirius couldn’t stop saying funny things and she laughed too loudly.

He’s still laughing as they’re standing at the dimly lit corridor. He brushes a loose strand of hair out her face. “Darling, you always pass everything. Don’t be so boring.”

She’s ready to fight back; boring, really? But then she’s taken aback, because his touch on her face sent shivers down on her spine, and the way the word ‘darling’ left his lips sounded inexplicably sweet. Was he always so handsome? She doesn’t understands the sudden feelings – or were they always there? In the attempt to suppress the urge to hug him, or even kiss him, she’s glaring into his grey eyes, trying really hard to not look down on his lips.

“Are you here?” – he asks, eyes narrowed.

She nods violently, still schocked. “Yes. I’m just really tired.”

“See? You spend too much time with studying.” – he rolls his eyes, embracing her shoulders as they walking down to the dungeon where he hugs her as always, but that’s feels more now.

By the end of the year, Y/N is sure she fell in love with Sirius. She even considered to tell him; maybe he feels the same way, maybe he’s not – but she was thinking for too long, and the term ended; both of them went home.

She misses him more than ever at this summer. His letters are darker than usual; she could feel the anger through his words on the parchment as he writes about his family. Y/N wishes he could be there with him and comfort him; she’s slyly leaves little mentions about the Black family to her parents, in a hope they would go and visit them – it’s only take a few days when her father says they should go. She didn’t respond to Sirius’ last letter, because she know a week later they will meet anyway.

Except they didn’t, because when they arrive and her mother says “Go upstairs to Sirius.”, Walburga’s eyes darkens with anger, and she’s almost shouting along with her husband about their eldest son, because he ran away, straight to those bloodtraitor Potters, and they’re speaking about Sirius in a way that Y/N almost couldn’t endure. She looks at Regulus; the boy is quiet and his face is perfectly straight, but she can’t stop thinking about that tiny sorrow in the depths of his eyes.

After they arrive home, Y/N sit in front of her desk, but she just grabbed her quill when the door of her room opens, and her mother says, “I hope you’re not planning to write to him.”

She doesn’t need to ask who is that she referred; but she doesn’t understand. “Sirius is my best friend.”

Was your best friend. He’s no good for you! You heard what Walburga and Orion said. That’s a shame what’s that boy thinking and doing.”

Y/N can’t believe what she has heard. She turning her head back at the parchment, ready to starts the letter. “I don’t care.”

A few moments silence, and she already wrote “Dear Sirius,” when her mother’s voice fills the room again, and that makes Y/N stop. “Let me explain you, then. I forbid you to stay friends with him!”

She jumps up, a furious wave washed through her body. “You can’t… you can’t do this!”

“I’m your mother, so yes, I can! You do what I say, or you can pack your things and find a new home!” – she bellowed at her before she left the room, leaving Y/N alone with her thoughts.

She started to packing. She threw random clothes into her trunk while the tears blurred her vision, but she was thinking, and it’s useless. Where could she go? All of her friends’ family are the same as her parents. She would be kicked out from everywhere. Placing her clothes back into her wardrobe, she’s sobbing loudly. There were no place to go.

The sixth year started, and Y/N is frightened. She doesn’t know if Sirius stopped write to her or her parents burned his letters. In the first few days she manages to avoiding him, but she knows she can’t do this forever.

They have the first Potions class together, and Sirius sats next to her, grinning into her scared face firstly, but frowning when she doesn’t smile back. “At least good to know you’re still alive. Sorry I haven’t wrote much at the summer… not like you were tempted to answer.”

She’s avoiding his eyes; burying her gaze into the blackboard where Slughorn just scribbled up some ingredients. “I… I’m sorry. My parents weren’t delighted after your little runaway.” – she says honestly, deciding there’s no point for lying. – “I’m pretty sure all of your letter ended up in the fireplace.”

He just snorts. “What a surprise. Guess they were still not as happy as my sweet mother.”

“She was raging, you know. She even burned out your picture on the family tree.” – Y/N said with a tiny smile, thinking it’d just make him laugh, but stopping when a hurtful shadow running through on his face; but only for a moment, before he looks amused.


Several times it’s crosses her mind; she should keep staying close to Sirius and stop caring about her parents. But she also knew they would find out – sooner or later. While she’s trying her best the avoid Sirius, she wishes she could be more like him.

Days passed, and weeks, and Y/N’s always find a way to stay away from him. It’s not so hard, because they only have two classes together and their common rooms are far away from each other; but she always has to go to have breakfast early and for dinner late. Or sometimes she just skip, since the sadness and the missing of him take away her appetite anyway.

Until Sirius stops him one day at the sunny courtyard. She’s rambling about some believable lies about why she was distant lately, but that was something else in Sirius’ mind right now.

“Listen, there’s no good way to tell this.” – he starts, concerned, making Y/N nervous. Is something bad happened? – “It’s stupid, actually, I know. But… you need to know. And I have to tell. I just didn’t know how.”

She fell silent. So this is why was so easy to avoid him; he avoided her too. Sirius clears his throat, takes a deep breath, then starts almost tiredly. “Oh, you know what? I love you. There, I said it. I’m in love with you. I really am, I’m not joking, so will you stop grinning like this?” – he said, because Y/N forget eveything; forget she doesn’t supposed to be doing this, but she grabs his collar and pulling him closer for a kiss.

Sirius hardly believes that’s actually happening, neither Y/N, because they’re so in love. But after they left each other, going to their own classes, Y/N’s heart starts to banging against her ribs, even wilder when her lips touched Sirius’. Because she shouldn’t do this.

She was fighting an internal battle with herself all night long. She wants to be with Sirius, she wants him more than anything, but in the other hand, she doesn’t allowed to even speak with him.

The morning came, and she still doesn’t know what she should do. Another day has passed, and she’s still puzzled. She’s keep meeting with Sirius, but only in places where no one can see them – deserted corridors or empty classrooms, and she’s thinking that could actually work, until after a few weeks Sirius confronts her, and she doesn’t have another choice but telling him the truth. For a moment she thought he’d understand, but he isn’t.

“You know, that’s pretty fucking funny coming from you, who was so angry with me, because you thought I was ashamed of you!” – his voice low, but angry and his words escaping his mouth fastly.

“That’s entirely different!” – she’s stepping closer to him, her face concerned, but he takes a step backward from her. – “You know my parents…”

“Did you forget…” – he starts, cutting her off. – “… that’s mine are the same? Why are you still so keen about impressing them? You’re not a child anymore, and you’re not like them!”

A few tears rolls down on her cheek, but stays speechless.

“Or maybe you are, and I was wrong about you.” – Sirius said before he stormed off from the empty, dark classroom.

His last words echoed in her head for days, haunting her like some mantra. “I’m not like them.” – she says to herself. “Or maybe you are.” – an other voice spoke up in the back of her mind.

For days she cried herself to sleep, and it was hard to look at him, seeing he’s laughing with his friends, and prevent herself from crying again. It was until Sirius couldn’t bear him to seeing her red and puffy eyes anymore and knowing he’s the reason; and when they left the Potions classroom together again, she grabbed her arms and pulled her into a hug, rubbing soft circles on her back while she was crying into his chest.

As students started to fill the corridor again, Sirius led her into an empty classroom. She wiped off a last few tears, looking up at him. He sighs, running his fingers through his hair. “We can keep it as a secret.”

She’s gaping at him, not really believing what she just heard. “But… I thought… That would be okay for you?”

He walks closer, cupping her cheeks. “I wish you could just ignore them, like me. But if that’s the price… then yes. It’s okay.”

Her eyes gleamed up but not from the tears, and as she starts smiling, Sirius spoke up again. “But you know we can’t do this forever, right?”

She wraps her arms around him, nodding with closed eyes. “I know. I just… need some time. My parents won’t be happy.”

“That’s an understatement.” – she snorts. “They’ll murder me. And then you. Or maybe only me, and you’ll be just kicked out.”

Her growls turns into a soft laugh as she buries her face into his neck. “Yeah, that’s much better.”

Sirius lightly chuckles into her ear, and in his arms she’s finally feeling herself safe; the emptiness vanished and her heart filled with joy again. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it.



‘… my parents with their pure-blood mania, convinced that to be a Black made you practically royal … my idiot brother, soft enough to believe them … he was younger than me, and a much better son, as I was constantly reminded.’