pure imagination,


if you want to view paradise,
simply look around and view it
anything you want to, do it
you can change the world,
there’s nothing to it.

Pure Imagination

(Performance done within the estate of @palazzoaldenard! Link to the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOfagBBxrfs)

As the gentle, serene sounds of the instrument reverberated into life, the visage of a short, well-endowed seeker of particular fancy hat took center at the top of the stairs.

Releasing a small breath between her full lips, a warm, sweet semblance took over her features, a hand gracefully extended forward in an inviting gesture to the audience. ♪ …Come with meee, and you’ll beee, in a world of Pure Imagination! ♪

The arm that was extended elegantly moved, motioning to the environment that surrounded all of them, the kind smile that embellished the seeker’s visage growing warmer. ♪ Take a look, and you’ll see, into your imagination… ♪ the colors that painted the floor, walls, ceiling, decorations, even clothes, grew brighter and livelier, dour shades slowly driven into a corner before being completely banished.

Lips parting into a precious grin, the girl took her time, elegantly descending the stairs with small, daint steps, a precious, carefree spin made during her balletic descent. ♪ We’ll begin, with a spin, traveling in the world of my creation! ♪ As her heels clicked on the floor, she spread her arms to both of her sides, exuding a sunny vibrance. ♪ What we’ll see will defy… ♪

♪ Explanatioooooon! ♪

A small giggle follows as she gracefully orbits around the center stage, small, colorful patches of grass and roses borne under her feet with each step of hers, surrounding the stage with green, whites and reds. ♪ If you want to view paradise? Simply look around and view it! ♪ as she spoke, the small patch of greenery that surrounded the stage began to expand, steadily but surely taking over the wood floor, replacing it with a soft carpet of grass.

Reaching for both of <t>’s hands, Leanne ushered another beautiful grin, pearly whites shining as she slowly spun them in place, bright motes of light coming to life between the two of them. ♪ Anything you want to? Do it! ♪ Want to change the world? There’s nothing to it… ♪

As the music lowered, the cheerful girl blew a kiss in <t>’s direction, releasing them from her gentle grasp as she took a step away, allowing her gold, vibrant eyes to roam over everyone, looking at each one in equal kindness. ♪ There is no life I know! To compare with Pure Imagination! ♪

Climbing the stage, Leanne spreaded her arms, grinning vibrantly. ♪ Living there, you’ll be free…if you truuuly, wish to beeeeeee!! ♪ The instruments swelled in joy at her words, the walls and ceilings of the manor melting off in the eyes of everyone, trees and bushes taking their place alongside a beautiful blue sky, with a vibrant golden sun at the very top. It was like they were in the middle of a colorful meadow, its center stage being a large tree stump of thick roots.

A small blue bird descended to the skies they were blended in, taking perch on top of Leanne’s hat. Lifting a finger, the seeker gently nuzzled its little belly with it, prompting the small animal to chirp alongsider her syllables. ♪ If you want to see magic lands? Close your eyes and you will see one! ♪

Returning her eyes to those that surrounded her, Leanne beamed brightly. ♪ Want to be a dreamer? Be one! ♪ she nods in affirmation her words, before allowing herself a small giggle. ♪ Anytime you please, and please save me oooone…~ ♪ she winked playfully before chuckling.

As the bird flew away back into the skies above, her feet began to meander across the surface of the stump, small, flighty steps, hips swaying alongside the serene, melodic rhythm. ♪ Come with meee, and you’ll beee, in a world of Pure Imagination! ♪

Motes of light began to form along the colorful rhythm, peacefully floating between the crowd, as if they were a part of the audience too. ♪ Take a look, and you’ll see, into your imagination… ♪

As Leanne shook her head, she elegantly shed her hat off, golden irises brought upwards to the skies above. ♪ There is no, place to go, to compare with your imagination!! ♪

Her hands, as if on a whim, slowly began to float up high, as far as they could go, music following the cue and raising itself in volume and power, as her finger seemingly try to reach for that beautiful sun. ♪ So go there, to be free…if you truuuly, wish to beeeeeeeee!! ♪ All instruments stopped abruptly…

…And then continued in its gentle sounds, as girl slowly lowered her hands, the vibrant illusion she had casted over everyone’s eyes likewise, slowly melting away, bringing them back to the manor they all currently resided. ♪ Living there, you’ll be free… if you truuuly, wish to beeeeeeeee…. ♪

Lowering herself to a knee, Leanne took back her fanciful hat, feather fluttering in its rise as she stood up. As the song came to an end, an elegant, graceful bow in given to those to heard her, in genuine appreciation and thankfulness.


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72oM5cTvnIs)

Amazing find on the tube! 


Kelli O'Hara singing Pure Imagination from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the MCC Miscast Gala 2017


rafaelcasal: Anyone who has spent enough time around me knows how often I randomly break out into this song extra sarcastically, but Gene Wilder’s passing reminds me why I fell in love with musicals - largely because of him. Beautiful songwriting that was a chapter in a fantastic story, one that only a Gene Wilder could pull off. Bravo actor, bravo performer, bravo writer, thinker, artist. Thank you for unlocking my imagination.

This is just so insanely gorgeous that it could make a person cry. Melancholy, passionate, and chockfull of gut-twisting emotion. Talent, friends; take a good, long look at it.

Make sure to watch the full(ish) version here on his Twitter, as well as another cut here on his IG.

ETA: Annnnnnd boy can HIT THOSE HIGH NOTES.