pure ear candy

Song: Guuurl
Artist: Lapalux
Year: 2013
Why it’s Dope: Heavenly synths that transport you to the warmest beach imaginable, solid percussion that has presence without killing the vibe, an interesting vocal sample that is psychedelic and vivid, and melodies that are pure, scrumptious, ear-candy.

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Song: Disparate Youth
Artist: Santigold
Year: 2012
Why it’s Dope: Beautiful lead synth melody that is pure ear-candy, smart lyrics that are confident and rebellious, solid grooves that provide a good backbone for the instrumental, and warm vocals from Santigold that remind me of a sunny day on the beach.

Song: Evil Coast
Artist: The Mary Onettes
Year: 2013
Why it’s Dope: Rich production that is vivid and gorgeous, desperate, drained vocals from Philip Ekström, instrumentation that is pure ear-candy, and an overall vibe that is chilled-out, beach-y, and intoxicating.

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