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#wentworthmiller. The most courageous and fearless person I have ever met. A man that shuns adulation and the glare of celebrity a private man who  has zero interest in affirmation of any kind. He doesnt need it he knows who he is where he’s going. He stands true to himself regardless of the consequences. His integrity is unmatched his desire to follow his own path his way is truly inspiring I haven’t seen anything quite like it. I’ve learnt so much from my bro. People ask us constantly whats the reason behind our on screen chemistry. It’s impossible to articulate but what I do know is, there is zero #ego between us never has been. We care for one another deeply; yes like brothers and simply want the best for one another. He is like a brother to me a dear friend that I would do anything for as he would me. Love ya mate. Thanks for this crazy fucked up amazing journey we are experiencing together. #legend- Dominic Purcell

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What's the difference between classical liberalism, modern liberalism, and neo-liberalism?

Classical liberalism involves the original values espoused by the bourgeois revolutionaries of the 18th and 19th centuries, an elevation of liberty and freedom of speech and stuff. Nine times out of ten, advocates aim for a representative political system and a market economy with “little to no government involvement” (i.e. little to no democratic economic presumptions or social welfare reforms that could help tip the scale of power towards labor and away from capital). In this way, it really is the complementary ideology of the capitalist system – an ideology that seeks out “liberty” to the extent that capital can still remain firmly in charge of society. Some people, like Noam Chomsky for instance, believe that the actual logical conclusions of classical liberalism now imply libertarian socialism, since material conditions have changed a good bit since CL’s conception. I’m skeptical of this idea – I think it’s a very capitalist framework. (This isn’t to say that I don’t think a libertarian socialist society shouldn’t champion many of this things classical liberals champion, like freedom from political tyranny and a great respect for the individual. I just think that classical liberalism stops way short of a more holistic conception of “liberty, equality, solidarity” that achieves ACTUAL human liberation, something that libertarian socialism is actually consistent on via economic democracy and the abolition of class domination.)

Modern liberalism generally implies some degree of social liberalism, which in turn is an ideology that takes many of the assumptions of classical liberalism for granted and further argues that greater equality is needed before liberty can be fully utilized. This is why modern liberals/social liberals will generally approve of welfare policies and some concessions for workers’ rights; working- and middle-class social liberals usually support these policies from a genuine perspective to bring about more equality, but upper-class liberals will support them to an extent that capital still remains firmly in charge and class stratification becomes normalized. That latter point is important – nominally about equality, social liberalism is structurally about “reforming so that you can preserve”, essentially passing bigger and better-tasting scraps down to the masses so that they feel more content with their position in life (i.e. still lacking fundamental control at work and in living arrangements, still having to foot colossal bills, but receiving nice benefits and some social prestige).

Neoliberalism is a set of policies and practices that seek out the privatization of economic utilities – a “new liberalism” that essentially just repackages the old ways of pure class domination from capitalists. Neoliberalism took form in the late-70s and early-80s under Reagan and Thatcher and others, and it was mainly a ruling-class response to the 30-year period of social liberalism after World War II. Trickle-down economics, “free trade”, job-outsourcing for cheaper labor, the War on Drugs, etc. – these are all policies that the ruling class pushed to undo any progress being made, especially after the growing revolutionary attitudes of the 1960s. By no means is neoliberalism limited to Republicans; Democrats will happily embrace it, from Bill/Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. Some say neoliberalism is on its last legs now that Trump and other proto-fascists are gaining power around the world, giving way to a new divide between populists on the left and the right (rather than the old 40-year divide between Whole Foods neoliberalism and 700 Club neoliberalism); I’m not entirely sure about this claim, but my instincts are telling me it might be the case.

Capitalism is now pushing two phenomena that will ultimately lead to its own destruction if we’re sufficiently organized: automation and global climate change. Proto-fascist right-populism can’t address these problems (since it’s merely a front for elite domination), but a socialist left-populism can. Harness the automation for human need/use rather than elite profit, put an end to the unceasing accumulation of capitalism that’s accelerating climate change. All of this taken together might mean that liberalism itself is on its way out. Only time will tell in that regard.

Hope this was informative/answered your question sufficiently!


Marvel NSFW FanFiction

Some of my storyline FanFiction does have smut, but these following FanFictions have no real storyline. Just–smut. 

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as a brown middle eastern woman, i’ve recently been thinking a lot about how people go about drawing the overwatch ladies. these are some of my thoughts from my main art twit regarding the overwatch artists’ community in some problematic portrayals of the brown ladies; this is specifically addressing fanart portrayals i’ve seen of pharah, esp in comparison w mercy in a lot of pharmercy fanarts.

this also reflects why i’m uncomfortable with the vast majority of pharmercy content. i’ve had enough representations of pharah as a brutish/manly/dirty/submissive figure to mercy as the pure/femme/clean/dominant figure. its 2017 and some of y'all still don’t know why thats problematic and gross as hell

About why INFPs aren’t always pure and sometimes downright dangerous

I usually don’t post anything about MBTI on this blog, but there’s something I really need to get off my chest about INFP.

I’m INFP myself, and what I hate the most is that we’re mostly portrayed as kind, daydreaming beings, too good for this world, too pure. No. We aren’t.

Our dominant Fi means we’re lead by our own ethical agenda and our corresponding emotions - in a lot of cases, this makes us understanding, peaceful, and mindful of others because we believe that’s the right thing to do. We are perceived as Good Beings™ because society values compassion.

But remember, it’s because we believe in this agenda, and made it our very core.

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Omg bernie on this very day criticizing Hillary's campaign and the democrats when will he shut the fuck up

He’s not gonna coz he thinks that’s what he needs to do to stay relevant, and to keep booking cable news gigs and sell his book

Event - the Columbine High School massacre
  • date: 20 April, 1999
  • time beginning: 11:19
  • time ending: 12:08
  • fatalities: 15 people
  • injuries: 24 people (21 were shot)
  • attackers: Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold


Saturn square Neptune:

Neptune is considered to be the planet of delusion, and Saturn is negative thoughts. The two attackers, mostly Eric Harris, had mental problems, and both had an obsession with a movie where someone is considered to be superior to the human race, and they were bullied by the jocks of the high school. On the date of the event, they decided their plan to rule the world would start - going to target the school first. They thought they were superior to everyone, and they planned to blow up the canteen with bombs they created. Luckily, the bombs did not go off. They did have this god complex, where they considered themselves to be better to everyone else - they stated they were after jocks - identified with white baseball caps - but they did not primarily impact jocks, but rather people who had nothing to really do with them. A lot of the injuries took place in the library - unfortunately where a LOT of people were located at the time. By the end of their massacre, they killed themselves in the library.

Neptune sextile Pluto:

Neptune is, as I have stated, considered the delusional planet, and Pluto is the darker, more controversial planet. Sextiles are positive aspects, but with these two planets going hand in hand, the aspect can be just as bad as a square. Before the event, both of the attackers were mentally ill, and both of them were bullied for looking different - trench coats. However, Eric Harris was reported several times for sending death threats to a girl that also attended the high school. This was likely building up into the massacre, as they were also people who enjoyed shooting and making videos with friends where they would kill them at the end, or were implying an inanimate object was a human. At the time of the event, Jupiter also trined Pluto - this would have made the impact of Pluto significantly larger.

Other interesting factors:

none of the houses were intercepted. I also compared this to other events, and two of them were the same - no intercepting houses.

Retrograding planets = Pluto and Mars. When you compare the two, you can conclude that both of these aspects could also have made the impact just that much worse - more violent and immoral.

Another thing I did find was that all of the events I analysed to do with terrorist attacks and massacres like this one is that the sign of the ascendant and the midheaven were both in the same modality. This may be a coincidence, but I still find this interesting. In this situation, the signs were Cancer ascendant in the 2nd decan (Scorpio influenced to an extent) and Aries midheaven in the 1st decan (in a way pure Arian energy). In another, more recent event I will not name, the rising sign was 1st decan aries (pure arian energy) and Capricorn midheaven ,1st decan (pure Capricornian energy).

Mars dominant (15%).

A T-square was also seen in the chart, between Neptune, mars and Saturn. This would have joined the trio of planets together to make an event as terrible as this take place (delusion, destruction and negative energy).

Imagine Kylo Ren getting really turned on while training you because you are so naturally skilled with the force, and he finds it fucking hot.

A/N: Here it is, my dudes, the actual written imagine! I hope you guys like it! <3

Rating: M

Word count: 1717

Warnings: Violence and smuttiness 

The crackling sound of light sabers clashing relentlessly filled the training room, punctuated by grunts and growls of effort. The room was hot, but the breeze afforded by the brisk movements each side of the duel had to administer in order to keep up with the other kept at least some air flowing.

Your master, Kylo Ren, was being relentless in his efforts to subdue you in this mock battle, his muscles flexing tightly as he brandished the training saber. He twirled, he jabbed, he swiped, all in an effort to get the upper hand against you but you were so focused, so tuned into his movements that you blocked every one of his shots. His ferocity only got more intense as the training session drilled on, and eventually, the two of you were nothing but a flurry of red light, heat, and elaborate maneuvers.  

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Yes Sir: AU (Dirty) Daddy!Dean Part Two

Title: Yes Sir: AU (Dirty) Daddy!Dean Part Two

Read Part One Here: xxx

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,309

Warnings: LITERALLY PURE SMUT! Spanking, domination, oral sex (male and female), and SMUT!!

Kinks: Dom!Dean, Daddy!Dean, Babysitter Kink, Older Men Kink, Doggy Style Kink, Spanking Kink

A/N: Enjoy! A cold shower might help after ;)

              Have the kids getting ready for bed at 7:30 and in bed by 8. No more than 3 books tonight.                             –Dean

You looked to the top of your phone, 7:20. You listened to the kids running around in the playroom as you typed back a quick ‘sounds good.’

It had been two weeks since that mind blowing night with Dean and he was acting as if it never happened. You had shown up the next day and tried to brush past him as you had a million times before only to have him completely side step you. His energy had changed. You weren’t sure if you had done something wrong but you were starting to get annoyed. Who did he think he was? Did he seriously think he could just fuck you like that and walk away?

Your heart started to race when you heard the garage door opening. If you were going to do this, you had to do it now and you had to commit. One way or another you were getting yours.

Dean’s POV

Coming in through the mud room, you shrugged off your jacket and loosened your tie. Suddenly you were being pulled back as something covering your eyes. You spun nearly knocking the person over but caught them and swiftly pinned them to the wall. As the scarf settled from flying in the air you saw Y/N, wide eyed and breathing heavy under your large hands.

“What do you think you’re doing.”

Y/N’s mouth curved into a smirk, “just trying to play daddy,” your cock immediately hardened at her words.

“You know better than to take control from daddy”

She dropped her head, her lips grazing the top of the hand you held at the top of her chest. Fuck those lips

“Daddy needs to punish you now.”

Her eyes came up, full of excitement that turned to need as you leaned forward, your lips just inches from hers. “And don’t you dare scream,” you leaned back.

“Can’t wake the children.”

Releasing her from beneath your hands you stepped back and took in the full sight of her. Her face was flushed as her chest rose and fell with exaggeration. Your eyes bore into her curves as you traced every inch of her body. Her loose clothing hid her beauty well but you knew what was there. You knew the deliciously maddening body that stood before you and your cock twitched.

You turned on your heel beginning to head up stairs, “come Y/N, we have work to do.”

Her words stopped you dead in your tracks.


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I really like your lay smut. Using Yongguk was jjang!!! Can I request the same thing but this time Yongguk is your boyfriend and lay is the best friend ? Please and thanks ❤️❤️

Sure Love^^~

“Jagi where are you going?” Yongguk asks you as he sees you putting on some tight red skinny jeans that have rips and tears on them. You put on your crop top that says Love on it the white shirt with red letters showing off your pink bra.

“Out with Lay. You know that.” You say eyeing him as you go into the bathroom doing your makeup. He follows you inside looking down at you with a frown on his plump lips.

“What that outfit on?” He asks grabbing at your ass and you moan swatting his hand away.

“Yongguk stop it.” You warn as you do your makeup and fix your hair.

“Jagi these jeans are so tight. I can see the outline of your panties. And it you even bend over they will rip.” He says pulling you to him and you roll your eyes looking up at him.

“Baby you go every where looking every way. Girls are always over you and I don’t complain much. And lets need not forgot that you have a female best friend whose always to close for comfort. Calm down. Lay is my friend.” You say pushing him softly as you kiss his lips.

You grab you white chucks putting them on your feet after you slide on cute little footie socks. You lace them up walking out the room and down the hall. Yongguk follows close behind you as you move around the house getting your keys and phone. You hear the car horn of Lay’s car and you smile hugging Yongguk quickly so wound up on getting to Lay that you didn’t notice he was trying to kiss you.

“YIXING!” You shout as you run to his car hugging him who holds his car door open for you.

“Hello love.” He greets you his dimples popping out. You both laugh and hug again before he’s putting you in the car driving off with you.

You guys end up spending the day at an amusement park a surprise for you but it made since why he wanted you dressing comfortably. When you guys first get there you take pictures on your phone of you and him posting them on social media’s before you put your phone up noting that it’s on 5%.

You hold his hands throughout the day letting him play in your hair and touch on your cheeks. You show him affection back kissing his cheek every now and then sharing ice cream with him, you both blushing when your tongues get to close. But Lay is practically family. You’ve been known each other all your lives so you never consider the skin ship as nothing more then friendly.

You guys hold onto each other while you get on scary rides and water rides. He even wins you a big teddy bear that you name gunny before the smile reminds you of Yongguk. Soon the day is winding down and you guys are getting in his car to go home. Yixing drives you home deciding to record videos of you guys singing and holding hands because that’s what friends do.

When you get home you bid him goodbye kissing his cheek which he takes a picture of before you get out the car.

“Bye love!” You shout to him as you leave the car going to you and Yongguk’s home.

When you get in you take your shoes off smiling and singing soft little tunes as you walk down the hallway to your room. You open the door to find Yongguk siting on the bed phone in his left hand drink in his right hand.

“Oppa?” You ask him softly and he looks up at you scoffing as he downs the last of his drink.

“What’s wrong?” You ask him quickly putting your shoes in the closet so that you can go back and talk to him.

“Did you have fun with your boyfriend?” He asks you as you sit in front of him and you roll your eyes.

“We’ve talked about this before. Your just being over protective.” You defend crossing your arms.

“You know what maybe I would believe that. But I’ve been calling and texting you and no response. But I get online. And I see all pictures. Him holding your hands. Him holding you by your waist. You kissing his cheek. Sounds like things lovers do.” He says as he lays dark eyes on you.

“Best friends can do it!” You say pouting as your face heats up.

“So if I hugged Song like that you wouldn’t mind?” He asks cocking his head to the side as he watches you. You bare your teeth glaring at him her mere name pissing you off.

“That’s different.” You say through your teeth.

“Bull shit.” He retorts back and you stand it up.

“It is totally different! Besides she’d put her hands on you and try to get with you.” You say as he stands up.

“And your doing better? Let’s test your theory. I’m going to call Song and ask her to hang tonight. Since that’s what best friends do.” He says pulling his phone out of his pocket.

As soon as you hear a dial tone you snatch the phone from his hands.

“– give it back.” He warns stepping close to you and you shake your head backing up.

“No.” You say softly.

“Are you disobeying?” He asks his eyes starting to have a dangerous glint and you feel yourself starting to get turned on. Why not push his limits tonight? Sex would do you both some good.

“If you want it come get it.” You say smirking as you slip the phone into your panties resting right against your pussy.

Yongguk lunges at you crashing his lips against yours as he knocks you against the wall roughly a thud sounding off in the air. You whine out from the pain and Yongguk slips his tongue into your mouth quickly dominating the kiss as he nips and tugs on your tongue with his teeth.

His hands grab at your ass pulling you flush against his body and you can’t help but to tease. You raise a leg up and wrap it around his waist grinding up into him and he places a hand at your throat breaking the kiss as he looks down at you. You open your eyes wide when you see the look in his. Pure dominance. Pure coldness.

“You fucking bad girl. Disobeying me and teasing me? Daddy’s going to punish you tonight.” He snarls biting hard on your bottom lip until its bleeding and your whining pushing at his chest. He thrusts his hips down hard against you before he backs up letting your neck go so you can breathe.

Yongguk picks you up throwing you on the bed. He goes into the closet coming back out with red rope and you swear under your breath.

“D-daddy. Please. I’m sorry.” You whine putting your hands up in surrender. Yongguk shakes his head looking down at you.

“I warned you before. And you kept doing it. Strip and get into position.” He says leaning against the dresser.

Your groan getting on your feet deciding not to piss him off anymore. You take off your shirt dropping it to the floor biting on your bottom lip as you take off your bra palming your breast playing with your nipples.

“Pet.” He warns and you nod your head hooking your fingers around the buttons on your pants unbuttoning them and pulling them down off your body. You pull your panties down blushing at how you expose yourself to him. You get on the bed with your ass facing him, getting on your hands and knees. You lay your chest against the comforter placing your hands behind your back.

Yongguk comes up behind you binding your arms and hands together with one long red rope. He sighs parting your legs before his fingers trail up and down your soft skin slowly. He slowly slides his hand up the inside of your left thigh to your pussy lips before he trails it back down the right side.

“You know the routine. Count them out.” He says and you nod your head.

Yongguk raises his hand, quickly sliding it down to land on your ass. You jump a weak ‘one’ leaving your lips as your ass cheek stings a bit. Yongguk doesn’t play fair. He delivers ten hits to one cheek before he even goes to the other side to do the same thing.

You bury your face into the bed shutting your eyes tight your nails digging into the palm of your hand as he kneads your ass and glides his fingers over his hand print. He moans as he slides his fingers up and your slit feeling your wetness on his fingers.

“I forgot how much you like this shit.” He says as he starts to slap your ass again and all you can do is count out numbers.

After a while of knees digging into the bed with arms stuck in the same position you start to feel tears slide down your cheek. Your pussy dripping with want and need. You love when he spanks you. You don’t know why but it’s so worth it when your ass goes numb and the pain turns to pleasure.

“Now what are you going to do from now on?” He asks as he gets the belt starting to spank you with it drawing more yelps of pain from your lips.

“S-skin ship!” You whine out your voice breaking as fresh tears roll down your face.

“Good girl.” He says stopping. He kneads your ass again feeling a bit bad for you as you lay under him on your stomach skin red and he knows your ass is hurting.

“You took that so good. Do you want a reward now?” He asks you stroking his hands up and down your bond arms.

“I just want daddy inside me.” You say looking back at him.

“No tongue today?” He asks you as he strips out of his clothes slowly revealing his nice abs and tattoos that your mouth longs to taste. You shake your head your eyes running down his body to land at his now exposed leaking member.
He nods his head grabbing your hips and he scoots you down the bed some.
He grabs your hips pushing into you both of you releasing a moan of pleasure as he buries himself inside of you.

Yongguk waits for you to adjust as he leans over pressing his chest against your bound arms and back nudging your head to the side with his so that he can suck at your skin under your ear.

“Guk.” You moan softly clenching and unclenching yourself around his member. He hums pulling out of you and he slams back into you making a moan erupt from your lips as he pushes all the way back into you.

“Daddy’s girl is alright so tight.” He moans as he bites on your ear pulling his thick cock out of you slamming back into you.

“FUCK!” You shout out your eyes shutting closed as he rocks into you slow and hard each thrust seeming to be harder then the first his balls slapping against your ass with every thrust.

Yongguk reaches around your waist to hold you flush against him as he pounds harder into you whispering dirty words in your ear. You throw your head back mewling as he rocks into you a growl escaping his chest as he watches you come undone under him.

Yongguk pulls out of you as picks you up making you straddle him as he lays on his back. Yongguk lifts you up by your hips. His smirks at you before he pushes you down on his cock hitting your spot as soon as he grinds his hips into you.
You throw your head back bucking your hips down taking him deeper as he starts to bounce you on his lap. He watches your breast bounce up and down as he fucks up into you roughly the headboard knocking against the wall.

He lets your waist go on purpose making you fall against his chest and he laughs sliding hands around your waist to grab at your ass.

“Lay still baby. I’ll make you cum.” He promises pulling out of you and slamming back into you.
A shrill cry of pleasure leaves your lips as he starts to brush his cock against your spot over and over fucking you into oblivion. The only thing you can muster out is daddy and occasionally his name.

You feel your orgasm approaching you slowly, your hands digging into the ropes as you tighten up around him and he groans knowing your close. He encourages you while talking dirty into your ear mumbling things about how you love his cock being buried inside your walls and how your such a slut for him.

“YONGGUK!” You shout out throwing your head back as you feel yourself cumming.

“–!” He shouts at the same time filling you up with his warm cum holding you against him. He bounces you a few more minutes before he pulls out of you placing you on your stomach.

Yongguk lets your arms and hands go as he gets some lotion rubbing your ass to soothe the pain. He lays beside you and you drape your body across his playing in his hair.

“Forgive me?” You ask him looking up at him through sleepy eyes.

“I already have jagi.” He says giving you that gummy smile making your heart melt as you drift off to sleep in his arms.

How They React When You Ask Them To Eat You Out (GOT7)

Requested by the same anon who wanted the bts one <3

Feel free to send in requests guys! I do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell me who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

JB: mmmm. MMMM YUP. Yes, he would most def 100% agree and wouldn’t waste a minute pinning you down to get at ya. Pure aggression and dominance, no doubt. He’d prob leave bruises, but he wouldn’t apologize for it, knowing full well how much pleasure came with the pain.

JR: He’d be a tiny bit surprised (but not much) and he’d immediately say yes. Being the first time doing this for you both, he’d be the complete opposite of Jaebum and would want to be really gentle and sweet. He’d be constantly making sure your comfortable and enjoying yourself. Absolute care package.

YOUNGJAE: This baby boy, he would be IMMEDIATELY down once you asked him. Like, immediately, he’d be super excited and turned on. He would’ve been wanting to put his mouth to better use.

JACKSON: “Why didn’t you ask me sooner, baby?” would prob be something he’d say honestly. He would’ve wanted to offer it to you from the start but wasn’t sure if you’d be down for it or not, so when you’d ask him he’d be like fuck yeah I’ll eat ya baby get up on that dinner table

MARK: He’d be excited AF, not even low-key. He’d be kinda like JB and pin ya ass down (not as aggressive though, I think) looooves to take his time, so you’d have to clear your whole schedule for that week day.

BAMBAM: Mmm hmm the dab king would def be into it. I could also see him trying to fuck with you though, trying to make a deal out of it (even though he would most definitely do it for nothing in return) and even see if your willing to 69 (can you imagine)

YUGYEOM: Precious, precious maknae, I see you. He doesn’t fool me for a second, you’d prob think this would be his first time doing something like this, so you wouldn’t expect much. BOYYY would he prove you wrong. He would show you just how much of an expert he is between your thighs.

(sorry its a little late!)

common bagginshield character tropes

- never there
- super supportive
- vague
- probably hiding an illicit love affair with radagast but otherwise just tells one party or the other that they’re hopelessly in love and can’t see it

- absolute mother hen
- ori do not tell me you are courting that, that thing
- likely attacks dwalin

- definitely attacks dwalin
- thief with a good heart
- wants the best for ori
- dwalin, however, he is still debating about being the “best”

- tiny and knits
- actually precious
- probably the bird child of the group
- learns how to clean weapons of dwalin and gives him hundreds of sweaters and mitts
- sassy every durin’s day or so

- thorin’s right hand man
- explains dwarf culture to bilbo
- “thorin… ur gay”
- my majesty my ass
- is so done with them

- loves ori
- will fight anyone who stops him and ori from being the most sickeningly sweet shits ever
- fears dori more than smaug
- gruff n’ ruff but a big teddy bear

- loves his brother
- also kicks his brother’s ass
- mother you won’t believe this
- helps his uncle woo the fair maiden bilbo
- gets his ass kicked by his uncle because he doesn’t want to woo fair maiden bilbo no definitely not

- too cute to get his ass kicked
- usually, that is
- is loved more than life by company
- actual lost puppy
- sometimes gets swayed by tauriel if she exists and gets distracting
- otherwise spends most time trying to seclude uncle and bilbo in sexually frustrating and forcefully gay situations

- likes medicine
- healer
- tiny too
- not much information on this one, lowkey angsty

- that’s it
- that’s his entire arc

- ???
- who???
- like, i am not sure how often he shows up but
- not enough for me to give any descriptors

- again with the no info
- i feel
- like he sometimes supports thorin
- but maybe he has only that job

- large and physically dominating but pure and happy
- eats a lil too much
- helps with the idea of love

- emotionally constipated
- gets grumpy easy
- pathetically pines the entire time
- but also
- it’s like a competition for what he loves more
- but in the end
- it’s always bilbo <3

- loves to garden
- could go on for h o u rs about it
- doesn’t notice thorin’s affections like ever
- needs company help
- fili and kili are of no help
- someone save this poor child he just has a minor major crush on his majestic leader but can’t understand it

- hilarious
- SAV a g E
- kicks her brothers ass
- rightfully, of course
- caused a lot of PTSD for thorin probably
- fixes everything
- you endangered my children and now im going to endanger your chance of having future children :)
- halfling. be… be a good suitor. my brother needs it

Lecture Hall - Taejin x Reader (smut)

Actually, it was supposed to be part of the drabble game, but since the name numbers were requested for both Jin and Taehyung, I thought I would combine it in a nice threesome. have fun :)

Group : BTS

Members : Kim Taehyung, Kim Seokjin

Genre : smut, fingering, blowjob, threesome 

Word Count : 3K

Description : pure smut of a threesome between you, Jin and Taehyung, who are attending the same university. Who decide to stain an innocent lecture with a certain, explicit smell… 

requested : 10“Go faster” | 11“I have some dirty thoughts about you and I’m not even sorry”


Originally posted by jiminb

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