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ronan lynch is a very intimidating type of guy until you find out he wanted a lil brother so badly he accidentally dreamed the sweetest one he could to keep him company and i’m sorry but if u don’t think that is the most heartwarming & cutest thing in the world u are really wrong, sorry i don’t make the rules


Endless List of Favourite Things:

/ male characters / Richard Gansey III
ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠᅠ « They were always walking away from him. 
ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠᅠ ㅤ But he never seemed able to walk away from them. »  

MBTI and Fitness?

So I’m currently obsessing over Pure Barre after having Soul Cycle withdrawals. I was just thinking it would be really interesting to see what exercise habits might occur over MBTI. I know that it’s more or less behavioral, but I think there’s something about the regimented, structured classes of Pure Barre and Soul Cycle that I love while someone who isn’t a Te-dom might prefer a more free spirited workout. 

So just reblog or answer with your MBTI type and what kind of exercise you enjoy/prefer. Running? Barre? Zumba? Yoga? You can even tell me you hate exercise! I’m just really curious and would love to have enough data to make a post about how workouts might correlate with our cognitive functions and personal biases/motivations!

So – how do you like to get fit?

- ESTJ Mod

my first prompt for the kiss art challenge! just going super simple with this - i told myself i was just gonna do linework, but of course i had to go and lay down some quick colors. this whole challenge is basically just an excuse for me to practice drawing interactions between characters without being as much of a crazy perfectionist as i usually am in my finished/polished pieces (and also, bonus, i get to draw cute people kissin’ each other). so thanks for sending me prompts, everyone!

this one was requested by the lovely @andrewminard, who wanted to see noah and gansey for #12 - a kiss on the hand. :’)

Ronan was on the roof of one of the small equipment sheds. It was as high as he could get on short notice without wings. He didn’t lower his arms. Fireflies and baubles and his dream flower were glowing and swirling all around him, and they kept sweeping by his vision as he gazed up at the pink-streaked sky.

“the raven king” by maggie stiefvater 

in which ronan is an actual disney princess


Adam and Ronan spend New Year’s Eve together at the Barns, and it’s a dream come true.

general audiences
3.8k words, set post-trk
(read here on ao3!)

anonymous asked:

Full Blown make out session with Allen, Lavi, Tyki. PLEASE Contain the next day, how they find hickies on their necks. they reactions.

(I’m assuming the “they” for the reactions are from the boys themselves.)

hOO bOY this is really long with enough sin for tonight


  • Probably after a long time without seeing each other where he claimed to be “hungrier” for something else
  • Very vERY aggressive and completely dominates you against a wall or the door of his room
  • Won’t stop until he’s satisfied like one hour later
  • Bites and hickeys anywhere and everywhere near your lips, not just the neck (collar, shoulders, etc.)
  • You covered it up until you went to bed, but the next day, you forgot about them while brushing your teeth (Lenalee tried dragging you to the infirmary to treat your “bruises”)
  • Allen found you before you made it to the infirmary and managed to take you away from Lenalee after hearing about the “bruises” on your neck from fighting
  • “Let’s go eat breakfast!” “But what about these? They’re so obvious!”
  • Pushing you against the pillar, he smirks dangerously before leaning closer to your ear
  • “They’re only just the beginning. There will be something better for us tonight”


  • Doesn’t need an occasion to want to make a mess out of you but he doesn’t do it often
  • Will literally wait around for you to walk down the hall and then bO O M, suddenly Lavi’s pressing you against the wall and claiming your lips
  • He makes very obvious hickeys in the places you cannot hide (his favourite: the upper parts of the neck)
  • He will literally memorise all the places he’s ever placed a hickey on (and has actually recited all of them just to tease you)
  • He loves to make you moan into the kiss and doesn’t care if someone hears
  • Would walk off like nothing happened and tease you lightly as you follow him
  • The next day, when they’re really prominent, he checks on them (he doesn’t want them infected or anything)
  • After checking on them, he wraps his scarf around your neck (he always does)
  • “I’d like to be more gentle, but where’s the fun in that?”


  • Every make out session becomes WAY too intense
  • He’ll either make out with you with a reason or without, there’s no in between with this man
  • Loves to watch you dominate him before dominating you again (it’s just an endless cycle of pure joy for him)
  • Surprisingly doesn’t like leaving obvious hickeys and likes leaving them at the base of the neck instead where you can hide them
  • “I like being able to see them when I undress you.”
  • He leaves a handheld mirror at his side table and after every session, he makes you look for all of them (since he counted them all)
  • “Do I count six of them, Tyki?!” “There should be seven of them in total.”
  • The next day, he’ll tone down the intensity and give each hickey a kiss or two
  • “Maybe next time, I should give a few more and hide them a bit lower.” 

- Admin Katsudon