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Good things about ADHD:

-hyperfocusing lets you forget your anxiety and have fun with something you enjoy without getting distracted for literally hours

-you’re always making yourself laugh bc of some dumb meme you just remembered

-your brain is a constant source of entertainment bc it never shuts up

-you tend to be pretty creative

-it’s pure bliss when you’re super interested in something

-when you’re motivated you can get so much done in one day bc of an overflow of energy

-people think you’re funny

Bad things about ADHD:

-hyperfocusing means you completely lose track of time and suddenly you haven’t eaten for six hours so you feel terrible and also you’ve forgotten to feed the cat and do the dishes and study and

-you forget everything. EVERYTHING.

-your brain is a constant source of pain bc it never shuts up

-RSD is literally the worst thing that’s ever happened

-the lows are just as big as the highs so depression is very deep

-when you’re not interested in something it’s torture bc boredom is torture

-when you’re not motivated or interested it’s incredibly hard to get anything done

-when your family/friends/anyone doesn’t take ADHD seriously and doesn’t understand how much you actually suffer

( this is obviously just my own personal experiences )

Soul Purpose of Moon signs 

Moon in Aries: To direct intense emotional energies into the mental body so fresh, intuitive ideas can be generated, like a flower springing from wintery darkness. The crisis is channeling confusing emotions into the mind. The moon is ultra spiritually active in Aries 

Moon in Taurus: Expressing pure creativity that satisfies material and spiritual desires. Personal emotions have admirable empathy and generate marvellous creativity that shapes the nature of Gods and Goddesses 

Moon in Gemini: The mental and altruistic awareness of emotions becomes a gateway for the creation of relationships. The mind is intensely spiritually alert and establishes new harmonic patterns between people 

Moon in Cancer: Turning back time, the individual remains partly in past lives. The goal is to materialise a cradle to protect, nourish, and nurture like the Mother Goddess. This is to use the illumination of the moon to radiate pure, unconditional love 

Moon in Leo: Self awareness and identity emanates from grandiose emotional activity. Feelings about themselves are based on their opportunity to give and receive love passionately and intensely 

Moon in Virgo: Christ inside, the individual is a sacred world server, spirit’s child. The individual activates all vibrations of love on behalf of whole humanity and all of earth’s minerals, plants, and animals 

Moon in Libra:  The creation, facilitation, and growth of love and relationships is the Moon in Libra’s soul plan. Bringing and reuniting souls on their journey together. Turns ego-driven need for relationships into spiritual love for all beings

Moon in Scorpio: To resist the ego’s need for isolation and separation. To generate the sacred, healing power of the spiritual self and dissolve destructive and karmic emotional activity and impulsive action. This facilitates soul level transformation

Moon in Sagittarius: The emotional nature is nourished and sustained by physical experience, to wander the temple of earth. The generation of ideas and vision that benefit the collective spirit and body. Submits the physical nature to something higher 

Moon in Capricorn: To direct and arrange personal vision and goals from being physically and materially based to wholly spiritual pursuits. To facilitate safety and spiritual nourishment for collective humanity 

Moon in Aquarius: Tremendous spiritual responsibility is born with Moon in Aquarius. Powerful, vibrational love is directed into the mind and as a matrix for wider humanity, immersing every soul like air droplets. To dissociate from the bias of human emotion and judgment to radiate the essence of higher beings, angels, pure unconditional love 

Moon in Pisces: Powerful soul work is activated with Moon in Pisces. The will of God is bought forth through the vessel of bright, loving illumination. Potent, universal compassion nourishes the soul of the world



☁️ Bullet Journal Inspiration Spread ☁️ 

Here’s a little spread of bullet journal accounts I absolutely adore and am continually inspired by: 

(in order from left to right by page)

 @holylantern - Just pure creativity. I love that it’s just drawings and no decorations (at least of the ones I’ve seen so far ^.^). Each spread is so unique. 

 @j-christabel // @eggtabel - Mainly drawings as well. Honestly, one the most unique bujos I have seen. I adore her use of colour and doodle, but it still manages to be so minimal.

@lycheestudy - Love how minimal and functional her spreads are, but still so so pretty. 

@studypetals - Amazing use of images, stickers, and lettering. I love the mood she creates with each spread. 

@smoinerd - Winnie! Ah, where do I even start? Absolutely in love with her spreads. There’s so much going on from gorgeous lettering to images of Junjin lol, but it’s still so organized and calming to look at. 

@unicaffe - I was in awe when I saw the spread pictured in the post showed up on my dashboard. Honestly so calming to look at and the gorgeous drawings and minimalistic look just *o* 

@journalsanctuary - I honestly love looking at her feed on Instagram. Layout and feed goals as well as her amazing bullet journal. The themes of her spreads are so pretty and natural. 

@studyrose - Goals, goals, goals. From feed to bullet journal to amazing personality, just everything <3 (I steal a lot of ideas from her when I stage my photos lol). 

@productiveflower - This girl right here actually inspired me to start my own studygram account. Although she says she’s not a fan of her own spreads, I’ll always be her fan. Adore her aesthetic as well as her sweet personality. <3

@eintsein - Love her use of different types of decorating elements, but still maintaining a cohesive and calm theme. Loving the blue, white, and green tones in this spread especially!

I wish I could have fit more on this inspiration board because there are so many wonderful bullet journals to share. Please sure to check each and everyone of these accounts out. Here on Tumblr as well as Instagram (if they have one)! :)

I also can’t help but be in awe of the bullet journal system. It allows creativity and accommodates so many different styles, but in the end, it is still a planner, and is practical to use. 

I wanted to correct some things and explain everything

Aries is of course full of heart, Mars rules the blood and desire and passion, the Aries is lead by the instincts of heart, purely innocent and childlike, unashamedly devoted and loyal, the heart of a child 

And Venus is ruled by Taurus, the heart could only be overflowing, to full, because everything is pure, sensual love reflected back at Taurus

And Gemini is full of love because there are two in there, two people full of love, double the heart 

Compassion, motherly love, and devotion guides Cancer, they have romantic and sensitive hearts, they see soul and innocence in everybody, they want to repair everyone’s heart 

And Leo rules the heart, the Sun rules Leo, everything orbits the sun, which is the heart of the solar system, the Leo vibration is the pure, creative love of God

Virgo’s soul ruler is the moon, the motherly love that transcends all space and time, Virgo operates on behalf of others, devoting themselves to larger-than personal causes, their labour is that of pure love

Libra is of course, the pearl of Venus, the radiance of love, acceptance, kindness, and relationship. Libra is the channel of heavenly love, a romance with angels

There is nothing Scorpio approaches without heart, its so powerful and intense it consumes and devours anything tempting, love, passion, people, the heart’s desire expands infinity 

Sagittarius exhibits the heart of the universe, God’s secret lover, they fall in love with everything, they make love with sunrises and salt water and culture and music 

Capricorn exhibits the noble heart, devoted to larger-than personal causes, a motherly heart that is programmed to beat o behalf of others, brave and big, innocent 

Aquarius is the heart of humanity, the lover of the natural kingdom, mystical life, and the collective, there is so much love in Aquarius that it must be bottled, preserved and scattered across humanity 

Pisces is the vibration of pure love. Neptune is the spiritual sun so Neptune is the beat of the heart drum that echoes through the whole universe, Pisces finds true love, pure true love, with anything and everything, love surrounds Pisces when they truly cherish those soul eyes…


So many people want to “stunt on” their peers that they fail to realize working with one another can be the foundation for everyones success. Feeding off of pure creative energies with people grinding just as hard as you is what’s going to not only get you further but also broaden your artistry. It’s more than one spot at the top, lose the crab in a barrel mentality.
So who’s tryna work?!

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aries rising: matchstick heart coloured in black and white. as young as the morning with creative vision ingresses into the future
taurus rising: slow to love and sprout as daisies over the winter. but from a pure venus heart. affection is enduring. five key senses
gemini rising: as bright and cheerful as the sun, as changeable as the moon, as mischievous as mercury, as curious as pluto, as logical as saturn, as hilarious as jupiter
cancer rising: a cardinal inferno snowflake blowing in the winter winds, a warming embrace, a channel into pure creative essence, they peel the tapestry of life to reveal true beauty
leo rising: eyes and heart are wide open, sensitive, and ready to be touched, cherished, and adored. mango swirls of naked sunshine, every corner is an alter, every star is a spotlight
virgo rising: sacred geometry joins every scar and freckle like constellations of maths and magic. the mercury lamp, swift and sweet, humble and modest
libra rising: wind blows through a dandelion, planting flowers in peoples hearts like strawberries and cream splendour, writing lyrics in every crevice 
scorpio rising: a gemstone carved in the underworld sparkling with esoteric wisdom and longings. a bound presence, like being tightly wrapped in infinity. she will blow the particles of your body away until the soul shrieks nakedly
sagittarius rising: an ocean bathe, a mountain wind, a universe kiss, thread lovingly with woven laughter, glow, jupiter philosophy, and fortune cards
capricorn rising: resplendent and quaint, a wavelength of ambition and inspiration, earth bound architect, a celestial CEO with the heart of an old soul
aquarius rising: an electric blue dance, losing yourself in the sway of held hands and psychedelic beats, time traveling light years away to reunite you with your existence on many dimensions
pisces rising: tear stoked and a heart coloured in idealism and spiritual worship, wind chimes of delicate soul paint and a vessel back to heaven


If you have your Moon in a Water sign, you are porous in nature, often taking on the happiness and sadness of the people around you with no filter, which can be joyous, but also leave you feeling saturated in more than you can take at that moment. Emotions flows out of you like a stream, as does a strong intuition capable of picking up even the most little of fluctuations in your surroundings.

You may feel the need to retreat at times, to get a hold on yourself and only yourself, to bar the windows just for a little while so you can find your own sense of center once more. Your subconscious is full of creativity, pure knowing and emotional intelligence, and with this, you are truly gifted.

Love Emma x

anonymous asked:

I'm a technical theatre major, I don't perform on stage or anything so purely creative, however I do get to design light shows and create buildings that all at once seem more and you know it's only plywood held together by re-used screws. I know the magic inherent in the building and the ritual of taking down and, seeing the posts about The Play. I feel the technical side of the the theatre is fully aware and never truly takes apart those sets and props so they're there to reuse at any time.

From the mythos of the Theatre as it’s been cobbled together here from stories and asks, I think you’re right! I think in a lot of ways, theatre majors are among the most prepared out of any on campus, regardless of whether they actually understand what’s going on. It doesn’t always help them, but they understand the power of ritual and belief in a very, very immediate way.

Libra and Pisces 
The Artists of Apparition 

Libra and Pisces are Venus lovers. Libra is floating through Aphrodite’s clouds, the priestess of Venus, reigning in on her classical intellect. And Venus exalts in Pisces, the cheeks wet from the heartache and general melancholy of Pisces, but the universal love that raises the whole collective, dwelling in the sea clam. But Libra and Pisces can live in a dream, contact lenses infused like Neapolitan ice cream across the skyline, painting romance and infatuation, sweetness and illusion. Libra and Pisces are illustrious dreamers, people capable of creating realities sketched with idealism, creativity, and fantasy. A romance novel come to life, Libra and Pisces are pure artists, Libra the creative lyric of the mind, the basking of femininity through musical intellect, and Pisces wielding the waters of impressive imagination with esoteric sensitivity. A landscape of illusion bought to life, suggestive and vulnerable, yet drifting through worlds inaccessible to most. Neptune is the dreamer of dreams, and Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. And Pisces, now you see her, now you don’t. Hiding behind fantasies and unrealities. Libra wings fly into Aphrodite’s clouds, ascending on the waves of creative imagination. 



Was machst du, wenn dir langweilig in deiner Wohnung ist?

Was machst du, wenn alles für den Tag erledigt ist, bzw. du keine Lust mehr auf Verpflichtungen hast?

Was machst du, wenn du dich alleine fühlst?

Was machst du, wenn du dich einsam fühlst?

Redest du? Erklärst du?

Lachst du? Weinst du?

Fragst du dich dann, wo die Vergangenheit geblieben ist?

Fragst du dich dann, was die Zukunft bringt?

Oder lebst du dann im Jetzt?

Oder lebst du dann im Hier?

Was machst du, wenn dich jeder Mensch langweilt?

Was machst du, wenn dir jeder Mensch die Einöde gibt, die der davor auch schon brachte?

Was machst du, wenn du dich hilflos fühlst und eigentlich so viel machen möchtest?

Was machst du, wenn du die Welt bewegen möchtest?

Mit Emotionen.





Oder einfach nur mit der Liebe zu jemandem.

Oder etwas?

Was machst du dann?

Sun in Aries in the 1st house: Uses Aries energy and vitality to fight for themselves, their right to live and exist and stand resolutely as themselves

Sun in Aries in the 2nd house: Identifies with what they own, directs Aries energy and vitality into acquiring and accumulating heart’s desire 

Sun in Aries in the 3rd house: Explores the environment with striking reactivity and curiosity, energised by new learning experiences and talking about them

Sun in Aries in the 4th house: Valiant and justice seeking Aries qualities are directed through the family and home, there is nothing they won’t do for them

Sun in Aries in the 5th house: The inner child of Aries is exuberant and reckless in the pursuit of indulgence, the self expression is pure creativity 

Sun in Aries in the 6th house: Fierce and explosive energy is contracted and focused mentally and into work, into attempting to settle inherent restless activity

Sun in Aries in the 7th house: The qualities of Aries are enriched and generated through relationships, assertion and inspiration is drawn from social encounters, loved, shared experience, conflict, and heartbreak 

Sun in Aries in the 8th house: Combusting Aries energy is directed into invisible sources, courting the experience of life and death without fear or hesitation

Sun in Aries in the 9th house: Vitality, energy, and enthusiasm is focused on learning and piecing together the world so they can piece together an identity 

Sun in Aries in the 10th house: There is unrelenting stamina for standing against authority and proving themselves amongst the wolves. They want to be unstoppable 

Sun in Aries in the 11th house: Energy for life is felt most powerfully in group experiences with friends and competitors, the valiant, justice seeking Aries fighter is activated on behalf of humanitarian and social causes 

Sun in Aries in the 12th house: The Aries energy is nocturnal here, internalised and unrelenting in its pursuit of evoking the dream and idealised experience