pure coconut oil

My Body Care Routine

Hello lovely people! Today I’m sharing  my Body Care routine :) 

You might heard before that skin is your largest organ. Whatever you put on your skin it absorbs by your body meaning it goes through your liver and other major organs. So, you don’t want to put toxic body lotion or use chemical soap to wash your body! Body care product should be always as pure as possible! I think its even more important to use natural body products  then your face care products. Both ofcours is better.

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So I found some coconut oil for white people

While looking for some online and I came across a company named Kopari. Kopari apparently is a beauty cream made from coconut oil..

$34USD for 7.oz??? This is cocaine prices. Do you people not know you can get a jar of coconut oil for $6. A JAR  So i felt like maybe I was overreacting a jumping to conclusions. Maybe its more than coconut… PEOPLE, THIS IS JUST COCONUT OIL!

Thats right… $8.60 PER POUND for pure coconut oil. if we say there are 16oz in 1lb, thats $0.54 an ounce. So at the sizes offered we are talking about $3.75….  Kapri is up selling this stuff 900%!