pure black inc

Last fall, I completed the starting over tag for makeup products (which vary slightly now and I should probably update), and I thought it’d be fun to do it with nailpolish! Obviously, it’s a personal style preference, but I believe if I had to drastically cut my nailpolish collection (currently at 142) down to 10, these would be the ones I’d pick:

Nails Inc - Mayfair Lane
China Glaze - Tip Your Hat
Sally Hansen - Wine Not
Essie - Wicked
Pure Ice - Black Out
OPI - Frog in my Throat
Sally Hansen - Grease Lightning (which although I wore probably 20x this winter, I apparently never got a proper swatch photo of)
L’oreal - Pop the Bubbles
Pure Ice - Midnight Magic
Pue Ice - Studette

Consider yourself tagged: If you had to limit yourself to 10 nailpolishes, which ones would you pick?