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Greatest/sweetest ranking of BL movies/series that you don't wanna miss!!

UPDATED: As of August 6, 2016 !!!!!
Hi guys!!! been addicted by Bl movies/series/webisodes/ and even short movies and these are my rankings of it from best to worst xD

  1.  Takumi-kun series movies - especially series 2,3 and 5. A big DaiMao fan here xD
  2.  Love Sick Series 1&2 - PerWin, PhunNoh, and OmMick are my ships
  3.  Make it Right the Series - Very Funny and Sweet!! Kyaa! TeeFuse and BookFrame are my OTPs very much like Lovesick!
  4.  Love love you (Love’s Coming 2) - haven’t watched this yet, but the trailers are just, ooommph! If ever you have a copy PM me XD
  5.  Like love Series 1-2 -I love the uncut scenes the most. And the story gets better xD
  6.  Junjou Pure Heart - sweeeeteeest ever!  really, those awwww moments xD
  7.  Waterboyy the movie - a must watch especially to those fans who have been missing love sick series xD Ngern-oppa is sooo hot here.
  8. Uncontrolled Love *** - Finally, Master x Servant BL!!! the uke is soo cute and seme is sooo possessive can’t wait for the second part!
  9.  Counter Attack Web series - QingYu for the win xDD. they are sooooo married. I also recommend their photoshoot sessions, more kissing scenes than the series xD loving the doctor’s cow licked hair, kawaiiii xD
  10.  Addicted/Heroin Web Series - Sweetest punk I ever watched really. I wish for uncut scenes! and I demand a continuation!
  11. Yandaixie No.10 *** - honestly, the story has a lot of promise! it was ver good but I dodn’t like how the first season ended being them still in bad terms…then hearing that there won’t be a second season!!!! or so i heard.
  12.  Love’s Coming - Nai x Gump xDDD
  13. Love Place 2(Shiawase no Katachi) *** - A continuation of Love Place 1. Finally an English sub that I’ve been waiting! Typical BL story, most of the time you can read in a manga but you can feel the characters feeling very deeply!
  14.  Grey Rainbow - Has every thing I want in a BL,marriage, sweet moments and even a kid! and it also has something I didn’t like…death! why!?!
  15.  Doushitemo Furetakunai - the story is great and is really based on the manga. Loved the characters. this is my first BL ever just forgot to post teehee :P !!!
  16.  To you for me–chocolates - I laughed at this BL so much. It really portrayed the case of miracles to two people that should be in love. wonder when it will end?
  17.  Paternity Leave - you’ll love it, Mpreg xDD
  18.   eCupid - movie about the greatest app for semes who take advantage of their uke’s love xD
  19.  Just Friends? - hottest and sweetest forbidden love I have ever watched!! sadly it was tooooo short for a very good plot movie xD
  20.  Udagawachou de mattete yo - sooo cute! as in supeer!!! one of the best live action next to Doushitemo Furetakunai <3 <3
  21.   Two Weddings and a funeral - I loved the comedy aspect of it. It mainly focused on the life of gays and how the ‘two weddings” conquered it with love. but why Tina !?!?! why ?!?!?!
  22.   My Bromance - I love the on-relationship scenes but I just hope the ending was not when one dies. I bawled for this one,it’s like rising you up,then pulling you dooown,why!?!?!?waaah! But the story was really good! (I recommend you watch “My Bromance: The Reunion” afterwards) 
  23.  Happy together - loved the couple sooo much! being 6 years together, those fights and make-ups seems like a typical married life 
  24. Oppressive Love *** - half-horror and half BL and they actually became a couple! to bad the older brother had to possess him…ooops spoiler ;-P
  25.  Ai no kotodama 2
  26.  Takuya and Joon jae “the lover” - you may be a bit disappointed because it is missing some smexy moments like kissing and “you-know” but the story is great with lots of laughs and sweetness. hoping for season 2 
  27.  Docchi mo Docchi - may be low budget, but that romcom theme was perfectly executed xD sooo funny xD
  28.  Itsuka no kimi e - loved the story so much. It was like reading Junjou Pure Heart again xD soooo cute! Wishing for more kiss scenes though. 
  29.  Ai no kotodama 1
  30.  Seven Days Monday-Thursday, Friday-Sunday - perfectly executed as of those of the manga
  31. Hollyoaks (Ste and Harry) - lots of problems; closet gay, HIV, parents are against, even teachers then there are also cocaine involvement. wut?! haha but the story and how they still get back together is what makes it great. 
  32.  Diary of Tootsies - Very very funny!! as in very funny! but they left Gus and Top’s story hanging, which is what I’ve been waiting…sigh
  33.  Fujimi orchestra live action - it’s like the BL version of Nodame Cantabile. the movie needs a sequel. it’s not that they did not end up together but the movie ended with the seme still pursuing the uke xD 
  34.  Go go go G boys - very funny, packed with hot bishies. Last part after credits is a must seen
  35. Farewell my ghost boyfriend - short movie. I’m not on vote on the new ship. i still wish there was some kind of miracle for the ghost. huhu 
  36.  Love Place - I preferred the part two (2) than the first one, more Bl action, though it is still not translated
  37.  Boku no Kareshi wo Shoukai Shimasu - was hoping for more kiss scenes xD
  38.  Gloomy Salad days - ep13-14 only. Hidoku Shinaide story, bully and the bullied. You’ll be hoping for more.
  39.  Love of Siam - honestly, a good plot, really. It just needs some tweaks on that bad ending,urgh. Hoping for season 2 to change it.
  40. I’m yours *** - a one-sided love of a robot to a human and he’s quest to help the guy to achieve love. it was badly cut, I don’t know. it was missing some parts when I watched it so I am still heavily confused.
  41.  Love next door 2 - Watched XD but still looking for subs. but very promising especially in terms of comedy and hotness.
  42.  Mr x and I - First Season: First and Second story only, the other two has horrible ending, I advise this to those who do not wish to see a sad ending. Second Season: Loved the ending, hated the hetero guy, urggghh
  43.   Princess Princess D - actually, this is a live action adapted from a shoujo manga. full of fanservice and crossdressers and will leave you laughing at the clichès and corniness. 
  44.  Love next door - the story escalated quickly and the ‘love’ (sweetness) I was searching for was too short in the plot.
  45.  A Pair of Love - so-so xD
  46.  Time line - Watch the first couple only, and/or the last one. never ever the second one, it still gives me goose bumps till now
  47. Me my familiar people *** - uhhh…actually I didnt quite get the story. it was soo confusing. its like he has s*x to another then I don’t know maybe his bestfriend too?
  48.  Teacher and student - because I was expecting that light, romantic theme I was deeply disappointed by that twist as it turns out to be too psychological. One of my least favorites next to Kindan no Koi. 
  49.  Kindan no koi - simple……i hated it. the plot twist at the end was just tooo much, really, too much. Still a good movie though, but definitely my least favorite.

This is an edited list XD those with *** are newly posted as of August 6. Will update for more lateerrr! Ask me for links if ever you are interested xDDD hehehe

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Midnight today,
I’ll be submitting my paper,
Then after that,
I’ll be enveloped in my thoughts,
Enveloped in his arms,
My love..

I am so pathetic!
We have only seen each other three times!

I explained it to my sister,
She said I am weird,
Only after 3 meetings…
What can I say?
I am idiot,
who is sprung.
My feelings lead me,
My feelings…
will eventually make me numb.
Until then,
I will bask in these feelings,
Pure euphoria,
Rainbow residue,
pure bliss,
my addiction,
my love muse?

  • Me, a compulsive reader : *is dead*
  • Police officer : sir, what is the cause of death?
  • Doctor : Sleep deprivation. She tried to read the All for the Game serie by Nora Sakavic as fast as she could while working two jobs and being on a diet.
  • Police officer : was it painful?
  • Doctor : Yes
  • Me : 189%

Belated Fuel the Fire Challenge Day #3: Favorite Female Character and their Strengths

I decided that I’d do whatever it takes to be the person I want to be and not what everyone else wants me to be, even if it means hurting some people I love along the way.

- Willow Moore, Whatever It Takes

Toxic Love Teaser

A/N: So you guys asked for it! This is my new Jensen series based on this imagine. Just tagging a few of you who commented/inboxed me about it! If anyone else wants to be tagged let me know. 

Tagging: @taylorlaurenthomas @dean-in-the-devils-trap @mysticalelf18

Jensen was in love with his wife, at least he thought he was. But that didn’t stop him from being drawn to you. 

To him you were his own personal drug, intoxicating and addictive, purely being around you was enough to make him high. 

At first he tried to his best to stay away, to push his feelings down like they never meant a thing. He wanted to do the right by everyone, be an honest husband, a father that provided a stable home but you were captivating. No matter how hard Jensen tried, his attention always landed back on you. 

It was the way his name sounded as you whispered it, the way the moans fell from your perfectly sculpted red lips that had him in a trance. Your eyes were hypnotizing, he had every flicker of colour memorised, he could spend hours getting lost in them. Lost in you and the way you looked at him. 

If he closed his own eyes he could see your body, imagine your curves. He could feel the silk like touch of your skin against his, smell your unique scent, hear your angelic voice. 

Jensen often found him self craving you, more times than he’d like to admit. He knew the whole thing was wrong, knew that he should know better but that just made him want you more. 

And the worst thing about it?

He knew you felt exactly the same. 

Please let me know what you guys think!


Since I met you I forgot how gravity works
I’ve been on cloud nine
As long as I’m high on you I don’t know how to hurt
You are the novacane that sained me,
I mean saved me
So I need a dose of you, daily
Don’t walk away, please
I’d go back to the way I was, crazy
Plagued with love withdrawals,
headaches and heartbreak
Cold sweat
When ever your gone
So please don’t stray.
I’m just a bit addicted to your love
And that’s ok.

Cj Carr